Why haven’t i gotten my tax return yet

Havent Received State Tax Refund

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Haven't received your I-T refund? | Business Standard News

(Sun, 27 Aug 2017 19:52:00 GMT) Read more about Haven't received your I-T refund? on Business Standard. Go to www.tin-nsdl.com to check the status if you don't get it within 90 days


(Sun, 27 Aug 2017 04:57:00 GMT) California Republicans launch cease-Trump effort In a letter from Sheri Dillon and William Nelson launched by Trump's marketing campaign Wednesday night time, they write that his private federal tax returns "have been underneath steady examination by the Internal Revenue Service since 2002, in line with the IRS ….

I Haven't Received my Sales and Use Tax Refund

(Mon, 28 Aug 2017 17:56:00 GMT) We carefully review all refund requests submitted to the Minnesota Department of Revenue before deciding if you are eligible for a refund. There are several types of Sales and Use Tax refund requests, each with its own form or filing method.

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Worry If Your Tax Refund Is Delayed .

(Tue, 31 Mar 2015 16:23:00 GMT) When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Worry If Your Tax Refund Is Delayed If you've been waiting and waiting on a check from Uncle Sam, don't always assume the worst. By Molly McCluskey, Contributor According to the IRS, refund information is available as soon as 24 hours after an e-filed return is received, while the status on a mailed return takes about three to four weeks.

Taxes - I haven't received my check/draft what should I do?

(Sat, 26 Aug 2017 12:58:00 GMT) Should I file an Individual Income Tax return (MI-1040) or a Michigan Business Tax return (Form 4594) What if I have a filing requirement with Michigan, received a refund check and have not filed my return yet? What is income tax related identity theft? I haven't received my check/draft what should I do? What should I do if my check has been paid and I did not cash it?


(Tue, 22 Aug 2017 14:07:00 GMT) Tax terrorism versus tax haven The multinationals that at the moment are protesting the supposed return of tax terrorism are recognized to keep away from taxes by leveraging on low-tax nations and jurisdictions similar to Ireland, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Singapore and Continue reading →


(Sun, 27 Aug 2017 11:38:00 GMT) WHY HAVEN’T I RECEIVED MY STATE TAX REFUND. GOP chief says House contemplating broader use of gross sales tax (AP) – The Republican chief within the Pennsylvania House says finances negotiators are contemplating whether or not to use the state's gross sales tax to extra items or providers as a part of an effort to finish a H-month-previous stalemate.

12 Reasons Why Your Tax Refund is Late | MyBankTracker

(Sat, 04 May 2013 08:47:00 GMT) You may be wondering why you haven't received your tax refund yet. MyBankTracker lists 12 of the main reasons tax refunds are delivered late.

My refund was authorized but I never received the check. What do I do .

(Sun, 27 Aug 2017 11:38:00 GMT) My refund was authorized but I never received the check. What do I do? First, check the timeframe to process your tax return. If the timeframe has passed and you still have not received your refund, please call during business hours.

8 reasons you haven't yet received your Income Tax Refund - ClearTax Blog

(Thu, 24 Aug 2017 05:51:00 GMT) 8 reasons you haven’t yet received your Income Tax Refund. By cleartax-team on February 25, 2014 in Income Tax Refunds. First and foremost, Click here to check your income tax refund status now; Keep your PAN number and the Assessment Year for which you want to check refund status handy. Step 2: If you received a notice saying your refund was rejected,

I haven't received my state refund yet. It's been over a month .

(Fri, 11 Aug 2017 23:17:00 GMT) I haven't received my state refund yet. It's been over a month. Just want to check on it. I got my federal promptly. Still waiting on state. I filed on January 30th.

Check your Income Tax Refund Status Online - ClearTax

(Tue, 29 Aug 2017 05:31:00 GMT) Check your Income Tax Refund Status Online. The Income Tax Department offers an online facility for tracking your Income Tax Refund and its status. Taxpayers can view status of refund 10 days after their refund has been sent. You will If your refund status is "Refund Paid", and you haven't received it yet, here's what you need to do:

Haven't received your I-T refund? This is what you must do - Rediff.com .

(Fri, 05 Jun 2015 08:09:00 GMT) Check the status and immediately act on it | Haven't received your I-T refund? This is what you must do

I mailed my return and haven't heard anything. Should I send a copy of .

(Mon, 14 Aug 2017 21:40:00 GMT) mailed my return and haven't heard anything, Should I send a copy of my return?. Skip to Main Content. Menu. MyFTB Account Search. State of California Franchise Tax Board. Search FTB Current Content . Search Submit. Do not send us a copy of your return. Go to Check Your Personal Income Tax Refund Status to get information about your refund. If it is past the current return processing timeframe and you still have not heard anything, then visit our Tax Assistance page for

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Still Looking For Your Tax Refund? Errors, 4464C Letters And Other .

(Mon, 19 May 2014 23:56:00 GMT) Still Looking For Your Tax Refund? Errors, 4464C Letters And Other Explanations. Even so, taxpayers who haven’t yet received their refunds have expressed frustration at the wait with some reporting to me that returns which were filed as early as February have still not resulted in cash in hand. Offset occurs when you owe money for a federal or state obligation.

Still haven't gotten Alabama tax refund? Possible reasons. - WSFA.com .

(Sun, 14 Sep 2014 23:52:00 GMT) Tax time has come and gone, but some residents are complaining that they still haven't gotten their tax refund from the State of Alabama. A check with the Alabama Department of Revenue yielded a fe

Where Is My State Tax Refund? | PriorTax

(Tue, 29 Aug 2017 07:25:00 GMT) 51 Responses to “Where Is My State Tax Refund? If you haven’t received your South Carolina refund yet you should try checking its status online here: https://www3.sctax.org/refundstatus/refund.aspx. Do note, however, that the site is down for maintenance today. If there is no information there, try contacting the South Carolina Department of Revenue directly. Reply.

Looking For Your Tax Refund? Here's What You Need To Know

(Sat, 30 Jan 2016 03:04:00 GMT) Looking For Your Tax Refund? Here's What You Need To Know. Looking for your refund? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says that it’s issuing 90% of taxpayer refunds in less than 21 days. That’s good news for most taxpayers. If you’re wondering about the status of your refund, If you haven’t received your refund and none of the above applies to you,

Why I Never Trust Myself to Save My Tax Refund (and Neither Should You)

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

Every year before I file my taxes, I take out a pen, draw out a plan and swear an oath.

“I, Stephanie, do solemnly swear that I will use my tax refund for the purposes I outline now, and will only spend within certain predetermined percentages regardless of the amount of my refund and no matter how many incredible sales are happening at DSW when my refund hits. So help me God.“

Seems like overkill. But I know if I don’t make this promise to myself, if I rely on “good intentions” and a “we’ll-just-see-how-much-my-refund-is-and-then-I’ll-decide-what-to-do-with-it” attitude, then I’m screwed.

The Trouble of an Oath-less Tax Refund

As a twenty-something and a fairly new member to the adult workforce, there’s nothing more depressing or sobering than seeing all of those nasty federal and state taxes coming out of your paycheck. If I’m a naive young professional earning $50,000 a year, I expect $50,000 a year, damn it. And it see otherwise in a paycheck just stinks.

The salvation to this depressing adult job rite of passage? A once-a-year bonus from the government, a.k.a your tax refund.

As anticipated as Christmas (or at least for me), it’s the one time of year when you actually have cash to spare. For once, you have extra money, sometimes the equivalent of an extra paycheck. As you piece together your W-2’s and 10&9’s for the year, as you trudge through screen after screen of TurboTax or H&R Block, the one thing that keeps you going is that promise of a refund. It’s that little ticker at the top of the screen, tempting you with a reward of $500, $1,000 or even $1,500 if you just finish your paperwork.

I’m drooling just thinking about it.

When I press the “Ready to File” button, I know I’m only days away from a fat deposit in my bank account. My mind starts racing with possibilities: an entire new wordrobe, extravagant dinners, luxurious vacations… It’s at this point that my Financial Conscience appears on my shoulder, reminding me how nice it will be to use my refund to pay off my student loans and contribute to my long-term savings goals.

But I know it’s the right thing to do. Maybe I’ll only use a few hundred dollars of my refund for the things that I want… the rest will go toward the future. I’ll be happier in the long-run.

A week later, the payment hits. Last year, a whopping $1,200 was deposited into my checking account. Cha-ching. Remembering that I should save some of this money for my savings account and debts, I vow to only spend a little on a pair of boots I’ve been eyeing.

But then there’s that trip to Seattle I was going to take in May… and I really haven’t bought a cocktail dress in a long time… and what about that new tapas bar I’ve been meaning to try…

Soon enough, the “couple hundred” I was going to spend on things I want turns into a pile of expensive justifications, with little leftover to save for the future.

Human Behavior” 1. Financial Foresight: 0.

My 3-Step Personal Tax Refund Contract

Given my track record and the fact that I am a human being full of flaws, I’ve decided to enter into a contractual obligation with myself each year as I prepare to file my taxes (I have to do this before I even begin to file… once I see even an estimated refund, I start spending that money in my head!).

Here are my three rules I stick to every tax season:

1. At Least Half of My Refund Must Go Toward Debt

This is a no-brainer rule for me, since I still have over $9,000 in student loans. Paying down my student loans is the most important financial goal in my life, so I’m going to allocate at least 50% of my refund to my debt.

2. At Least 25% of My Refund Must Go Toward Long-Term Savings

After paying down my student loans, it’s easy to take the rest of my refund and run with it. But I also have a lot of long-term savings goals that could a little boost. I’ve promised myself that at least half of my remaining refund (that’s 25%, if you’re keeping score) needs to go toward a 2-year-or-longer savings goal.

3. Spend the Rest of My Refund Judgment-Free

This is actually the hardest rule of them all. I’m still prone to judging every purchase I make, so the freedom of using a decently large amount of money for whatever I want feels really liberating. And it helps me indulge on a few impulse purchases that have been building up over the last few months

So if you’re gearing up to file your taxes or you’re already anticipating your refund, take a second to think about what’s important to you financially and where you would like (and need) this money to go. It’s easy to react on impulse and emotion when your refund hits, so prepare now for what you’ll do with that moolah later.

And I have a drafted contract, if you need one

Tell me: have you already decided what you’ll use your tax refund for this year?

Income Tax — IT returns refund not yet received

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

INCOME TAX REFUND — Yet to get my refund

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

While checking the status of my refund online, I am getting the following message.

If this refund has been sent by your Assessing Officer within the last week, you may wait for a week and again check status.

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

My PAN No. is AWKPR4386M

please do the needful

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

I have depositted it in my saving a/c and the cheque is cleared.

Hope you guys have to wait for few more days. India is improving in all the systems.

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

income tax return refund — Refund not received

I have not received the Tax Refund for the assesment year 2005-2006.

The amount is around 12750.00.

I have received the cheque for the year 2006-2007 cheque no. 875767

2008-2009 is due.

Please advice me how to pursue the matter?

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

Income Tax — Refund not returned

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

Why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

I have filed a Income Tax Return for A.Y. 2008-09 on 10th Dec.'2008 in Ward 9(4) Income Tax Office, Nigdi, Pune with Acknowledgement No. 0941033510.

I have a refund of Rs. 36, 410/- as per my Income Tax Returns.

I have enquired today regarding my Income Tax Refund at Income Tax Office at Nigdi, Pune, as per them the said cheque already despatched to me on 04/02/2010 for Rs. 37, 620/-, but as of today, I have not received the refund cheque.

Kindly give me the status of the refund cheque.

IRS Can’t Process My Tax Return?! Ah, Excuse Me?

Being contacted by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) is scary. So when I opened my inbox this week to see an email from them, I about fell over. What in the heck! I thought, “Why is the IRS contacting me?” And before I knew it, a Facebook friend received the same email and unknowingly downloaded a virus. She publicly apologized to her co-workers for spreading the email further than her own machine.

The email dubbed “IRS Notification letter” claims to be unable to process my tax return. (Wait a minute, isn’t this June?)

It said I needed to provide them with more information like a photo copy of the attachments they sent me and a copy of my ID. The attachments on the email were a JPEG and a zipped file. Now, why the IRS would need to send me a photo of themselves—or any photo for that matter—I have no idea. Glad I didn’t click to take a peek.

If you look closely at the email, you will see several grammatical and syntax errors. This is always a good indication that the email is from someone illegitimate. Personally, I imagine a hairy man in old gray sweatpants aggressively typing and muah-ha-ha-ing in a dingy basement somewhere, but that’s just my generalization of these hacking goons.

Besides lacking a spelling edumacation, another good indicator that the email is a scam is when they suggest to contact them, yet provide no actual contact information. For some weird reason, I feel like that information was left out on purpose.

Ok, now be honest, have you ever fallen for a phishing scam like this?

why haven't i gotten my tax return yet

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