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How to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to Mac

Lory Gil on February 12, 2015

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In my line of work, I constantly need pictures on my desktop or laptop that I’ve taken on my iPhone. I personally use iCloud Photos because the images immediately appear on my synced computers. However, there are a number of different ways to transfer pictures to your desktop or laptop, which also makes it much easier to delete them off of your iPhone, freeing up space.

We’ve got a basic how-to guide for transferring photos from your iPhone or iPad Photos app to your Mac using a few different options.

Transfer iPhone or iPad photos using Photos app

Users who are running an older version of the Mac operating system may not have the new Photos app, but the older iPhoto instead. Note that the steps are almost identical to import your iPhone or iPad photos to your Mac using iPhoto or the new Photos app.

There are two ways to transfer pictures from your iOS device using iPhoto on Mac. The first requires you to connect your Mac to your mobile device. The other relies on iCloud.

To transfer images to your computer using a USB connection

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your Mac using the USB to Lightning cable.

Step 2: The Photos app should open automatically, but if it doesn’t open the app.

Step 3: Under the Import header in the sidebar, click on your iPhone or iPad. For example, in the screenshot below, you’d want to click on “iPhone 7 seb”. Select the pictures you wish to import, then click on “Import Selected,” or select “Import New” if you want to import all the pictures.

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Tip: You may want to check the “Delete items” checkbox before importing the photos if you want to delete these photos from your iPhone or iPad after the import.

Transfer photos to your Mac using My Photo Stream

As I mentioned above, I use the Photos app connected to all of my iOS devices through an iCloud feature called My Photo Stream. When enabled, pictures taken with your iPhone or your iPad will automatically appear in the Photos app, no matter where you are, as long as your devices are connected to the internet and can sync with each other. Concretely, when this is enabled, if I snap a photo on my iPhone and then launch the Photos app on my Mac, that photo should appear almost instantly.

Step 1: On your iOS device, open the Settings app, then go to iCloud > Photos.

Step 2: Turn on My Photo Stream on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 3: On your Mac, launch the Photos app and go to Photos > Preferences > iCloud > and make sure My Photo Stream is selected.

Step 4: To view these pictures, select My Photo Stream from the sidebar to see pictures that are automatically synced from your iOS device.

Transfer photos from iphone or iPad using Image Capture

If you want a “lighter” option than Photos, you can import pictures using Image Capture instead. This method allows you to select where you want to save the pictures on your Mac.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your OS X computer and open Image Capture.

Step 2: Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the list of connected devices. For instance, in the screenshot below, you’d click on “iPhone 6s” in the sidebar.

Step 3: Open the drop down menu next to “Import To” and select the folder you want to transfer pictures to. If you don’t see the folder on the main list, select “Other” for more options. In our example below, pictures will be imported to the Desktop.

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Step 4: Select the specific pictures you wish to import and click Import, or select “Import All” if you want to import all of them at once.

Transfer iPhone or iPad photos with AirDrop

Apple’s AirDrop was updated for iOS and macOS to make it possible for you to share files from your mobile device to your desktop or laptop wirelessly. Admitedly, this method is best used when transferring a small amount of photos. You definitely wouldn’t want to move hundreds of pictures over AirDrop, but it is an very good way to move a handful of pictures from your iPad or iPhone to your computer.

First, you will need to make sure AirDrop is set up properly on your Mac.

Step 1: Open Finder and click on AirDrop in the sidebar.

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Step 2: Make sure AirDrop is enabled by selecting either “Contacts Only” or “Everyone” from the dropdown menu.

To transfer photos from the Photos app in iOS to your Mac:

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Step 1: Open Photos, then select the album and the photos you wish to send to your Mac.

Step 2: Select the Share icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Select your Mac computer from the list of devices that appear in the AirDrop section. The photos will automatically transfer to the downloads folder on your Mac.

That’s all there is to it. Now you can quickly share photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac computer.

send my photo

Send my photo

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Photo upload - Frequently asked questions

It's basically an "all win" situation. You're a winner because you get to show your work to the world. is currently the largest aviation related website in number of visitors. Tens of thousands of people pass though this site every day. I'm sure you'll have a hard time getting this good publicity for your photos anywhere else for such a good price (free). Also, many companies use this site to find good aviation photos they need for their publications or presentations. Our photos are regularly used (with permission of course) on various TV channels like CNN, BBC, ABC News, Discovery channel etc. So if your photos are good, you might earn some cash and recognition.

The Internet community wins. The more photos, the bigger chance that John Doe finds just the photo he's looking for. It's a great feeling for you as a photographer to be able to display your photo collection and bring joy to people from all over the world.

This site wins. We get a bigger database -> we can serve our visitors better -> more visitors -> more photos -> bigger database and so on. has over 7 million visitors monthly and it's pretty safe to say that they are all interested in aviation photography. By sending us your photos you can reach all of these people and show them your work. If someone wants to buy your photos they simply contact you using the e-mail form that is linked to from each photo.

Do you have a webpage? When you have uploaded your photos to us you can put our search engine on your own homepage and let it display just your photos! And remember, there are no space limitations as on your own homepage. You can have as many photos as you wish in our database.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

No! You must have photographed it yourself and own the copyrights!

Uploading photos that you do not own the copyrights to is a violation of international copyright laws and are subject to fines or prison depending on severity and country.

If you have uploaded photos that you don't own the copyrights to contact us ASAP and let us know about it. We usually don't make a big deal out of it if you contact us yourself.

If you would like to send us photos taken by your friend or similar you must contact us prior to uploading them and give us some sort of proof that you have permission from the copyright holder to send them to us or they won't be added.

The photos need to be aviation related. We currently accept military aircraft as well that will be added to the new database.

Very important! We only accept the best and a very high percentage of the photos that are uploaded are rejected due to low scan or photo quality. A few pointers: Use a good camera and scanner. Spend time finding the best DPI and other scanner settings to get the final image to look as good as possible. Also get a photo manipulating tool like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop (or some similar software that came with your scanner) and use the "Sharpen" feature when needed. The most frequent reason a photo is rejected is due to a blurry look. Furthermore the photos need to be bigger than about 1000x667 pixels. Keep the format at or near 3:2 aspect ratio, or larger if using a 4:3 ratio camera. Anything bigger than 1600x1600 will automatically be resized. For portrait format photos we recommend the longer side to be 1000 pixels at least.

Important. We reject photos of low esthetic qualities (bad angle, included window reflections, pictured just a part of an aircraft, out of focus or similar) and photos picturing an aircraft far in the distance. Spend time finding the right light and angle, never shoot from behind a window, the shadow side of an aircraft, always hold the camera straight (in a straight (90 degree) angle to the ground) etc. Since we added the "Tail and Winglets" and the "Nose Close-ups" sections, we have received a large amount of such photos. Please refrain from sending in such photos just to get them added into those categories. We will reject unmotivated close-ups. The best views are always clear shot of the entire aircraft even though we don't have a special section for such.

Also, please refrain from sending many photos that look pretty much the same. If you got three shots taken with a seconds interval each, just send us the better looking one.

As many as you want. The more the merrier. We do recommend however that you start with sending in one or two. If they pass the quality check, you can go ahead and send in more. If not, you haven't wasted an afternoon sending in a bunch of photos that were all rejected. It's not that fun for me either, knowing you spent all that time uploading, and I'm forced to deny every single one. Instead, send in one or two and wait for the confirmation message that will be in your mailbox within a day. If the photos were rejected, improve on the reasons for the rejection (mentioned in the confirmation e-mail) and upload them again. If they pass you have a general idea on what we ask for quality-wise and you can go ahead and send in bigger volumes.

Our scripts can only handle the jpeg format (.jpg) and we just don't have the time to process them manually. If your photos aren't in jpeg format, use any photo manipulating tool out there and make them jpeg. The filename of the photo you upload must end with .jpg or .jpeg (ex. b737ba.jpg) or our scripts won't be able to handle it correctly.

Yes, filenames may only include A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the '-' and '_' sign. No spaces or plus signs. They must also end on .jpg or .jpeg. Please make sure that your filename is a unique one. Dont use the filenames of your digital camera for example or filenames containting only the reg (oe-lao.jpg) or just simple numbers (01.jpg). Theres a high chance that someone else uses the same filename and the uploaded picture gets overwritten.

This is because we have javascript and a file upload feature that only works on these newer web browsers.

If you are using an old browser and hesitate downloading a new, please let me assure you that the whole web experience will get enhanced. Not only will this site look better but the whole web will. If you have a slow Internet connection and are worried about the long download times, you can have a CD-ROM containing the browser sent to you for free. Click on the above links to read more about this.

You keep the copyright on all the photos you send in to us. You may not send us photos that you do not own the copyrights to.

How do I know if I own the copyrights to my photos? If you have photographed them, you own the copyrights. There are no forms to fill in or anything like that. All images photographed by you are copyright protected and owned by you.

Unfortunately we do not have the time to add photos manually. We used to be able to accept photos by e-mail but our workload is just too big nowadays.

Everyone can use the upload page, all you need is a 4.0 or higher web browser.

Do not use all CAPITALS and type all info in English. There is a Help link beside each entry. Read it. If you fill out the fields incorrectly chances are we will not add your photos to the database (read why below).

The photo info is saved in a SQL database. If people do not use the same format, there's really no point in trying to categorize them for us. It's simply impossible. For an example, lets say everybody use the format 'Boeing 747' on the aircraft field but you feel that you want to use 'Boeing B747' (with a 'B' in front of the version designation). Your photo would automatically be ordered in a category of it's own and not be displayed together with the other Boeing 747's. Yes, we could fix this manually but we really have better things to do with our time. To see further reasons why this is a problem, have a look at how the Advanced Photo Index on the front page works. This also applies to Location, Airline, date etc. This is why we tried to add as many pulldown selection menus on the upload page as possible (instead of letting you write the names yourself). Always use the fields for registration and location on the top of the upload page. Click on the "I feel lucky" button placed beneath those fields and our scripts will check the database for existing entries and if there are any they will be displayed for your selection. By using this provided search results you will have to spend less time selecting the entries from the pulldown selection menus and it will save a lot of time for our database correction team.

Always use English. Do not type in all CAPITALS and don't use the field for praising your photos ("A lovely photo!" and things like that). Instead supply as much info as you can (within reasonable limits) about the photo and the aircraft pictured. The Registration Number is important although not necessary.

Yes, if the info is incorrect or if we or someone else has [relevant and important] additional information. We reserve the right to make changes as we see fit. However, we go by the motto: The info supplied by the photographer is always correct until proven wrong.

No. Please remove that "feature" or use a different camera. Photos with such dates added are usually rejected.

Yes, but you'll most likely just make me and the screeners very irritated as well. If you have a point to make - make it, but don't call us names and use harsh language, that really doesn't help your case. Instead, read the confirmation e-mail thoroughly, take an objective second look at your rejected photo and read the upload-FAQ twice (the document you're reading right now). If you still have a reason to contact us, please do. We're only human and can make mistakes (although not very often). If you are a first class member you also have the possibilty to post a link to your rejected pictures in the aviation photography forum where you might get useful tips how to improve the quality of your photos or scans. But make sure to post there in a proper manner and dont call us names and dont use harsh language there either

Definitely. We don't have the same high standards for old photos, accident related, unusual aircraft/airlines or other special motives. Don't forget to mention why your photo is so special in the Remarks field though.

The photos will be added within two weeks from when you uploaded them and you will receive a confirmation e-mail the second they are added. In the past, they were normally added within a day or so but the large amounts of photos uploaded todays makes that impossible. I assure you we are working on improving this and our goal is max two days. To view your photos (after having received the confirmation email), type in your name in the 'keyword' field on the frontpage of and select "Phtographer" from the pull down menu next to the keyword field. That will display all photos in the database taken by you (sorted with your most recent additions first). Please check your photos regularly for errors or doubles. If you find anything wrong use the "correct" link situated beside each photo in our database.

Well, naturally it's in our interest (and yours as well if you think about it) to keep the database quality high. If we choose to deny one or more of the photos you upload, you will receive an e-mail describing what photos were not added and the reasons for it. Please do not take it personal if we choose not to add one or more of your photos to the database. We receive many hundreds of photos daily and reject about 50 to 70 percent of them. The most frequent reasons are bad scan quality of different types (blurry, dark, small size etc). Dont try to reupload photos that have been rejected by our screening team without any changes done to improve the quality. Our screening team checks all uploads against recent rejections and if there is no change noticeable than the photo will be rejected also. Doing reuploads without any changes might result in a temporary ban from the site. If you dont agree with the screners decisions please use the appeal link provided in the E-mail you have got. I will then decide about addition into the database.

We have increased our quality rejection level many times since we started out. We accepted almost any photo that was sent to us a few years ago and has since then increased our standard and now only accept photos with high quality. This means that there might be photos in the database that was added some time ago that would not have passed the screening process today. We try to delete any low quality shots that we find but it's a lot of photos and I'm sure there are still some in there.

We also have lower rejection levels for very unusual photos as well as older ones.

Finally, have you checked the color depth and resolution of your monitor lately? If you do not use true color (32bit) and at least 1024x768 pixels resolution you won't see the photos as they are meant to be seen. You will not be able to see any difference between a badly scanned photo and a perfectly scanned shot with high color and DPI settings. This is of critical importance. If you cannot see the difference you will probably not use the best settings on your scanner and your photos will not be looking their best. Ask your local computer guru how to change the setting on your computer.

The reasons described in the automatic e-mail are not always exact. I've tried to make it capable of including the most frequent reasons of rejections and warnings but it's impossible to include all. Don't just upload the photo again (It's bound to be rejected again) but instead really try to improve the photo. Have a look at other photos already in the database and compare them to yours.

I've really worked hard on making the confirmation messages as detailed as possible. But the fact remains, all I know is what I see. There is really no way for me to know if the problems are caused by the camera, scanner or your neighbours cat.

I try to be as fair as possible. Believe me, I've been doing this for a while now and I know what I'm doing. If your photo was rejected, there was probably a good reason for it. Read the confirmation message and make that change. And no, to get your photos rejected does not mean you are a bad photographer. Most of the professional photographers with photos in the database have got one or more of their photos rejected at some time.

That is not true, every photo is rated on the same scale, we do not favor anyone. These issues are discussed in detail in the Aviation Photography discussion forum. You can find a post with photographers expressing such concerns and my replies by clicking on this link

When you upload photos to they will be freely displayed to people from all over the world. This means that Mr. Bad Boy, an evil gangster from a far away country can download your photo, print it and sell to people claiming to have photographed it himself. He can also use it in his publication "Gangster Daily" and so on. Now, you annotating your name and a copyright sign on your photo will hardly keep him from doing it. He can either cut the photo so your copyright is removed or use a photo manipulating tool and simply remove it. You can get around this by choosing not to upload it or put a large copyright sign covering all of the interesting parts of the photo. In both cases it would be of no interest to Bad Boy. And everyone else. Do note that you face the same problems if you publish your photo in a book or magazine. Anyone with a pair of scissors can cut it out and use it in all the wrong ways. However, 99,99% of our visitors are law abiding citizens/companies and some would even contact you before putting your image on their own computer as a wallpaper. They would also have no interest in using the photo you uploaded to us in their publication as the quality of an jpeg file is way too low. They need to buy the negative from you to be able to use it. Fortunately, this applies to Mr. Bad Boy as well. Basically, the smaller the copyright text you have on your photo and the higher quality your photo has, the happier everyone gets. Needless to say, the aviation enthusiast will enjoy it's esthetic qualities. The better the scan and size, the higher the chance that someone who is interested in buying a photos choose yours over other similar. Actually, you don't have to add any text to your photos at all. All photos that are uploaded are annotated with a black field at the bottom of the photo stating "photo by yourname" and that it's licensed to The back field is added below the photo covering no part of it and is therefore of no annoyance to our visitors. We recommend that you let that be the only text on the photo but if you want to add your own name and e-mail as well, that's ok as long as it isn't too large and not visible on the thumbnail version of your picture which will be displayed on the confirmation page of the upload process.

Can I put my Web Address, phone nr, sisters phone nr, company name etc on my photo?

I can only find some of the photos I've uploaded in the database. Where are the rest??

How can I get my photos added to the Editors Choice section?

Anyway, the answer to the question is to take really great, original photos and spend time to get the scanning perfect.

Well, if it comes to that we'll remove them.

Just don't leave them empty. It's better that the photo is categorized as some aircraft and airline instead of not being categorized at all (if you leave it empty). I suggest you fill in the name of the aircraft closest to the camera. Do not fill in "Various" or "727, 747 etc" or something similar that isn't included in the pulldown menus. If you want to name every aircraft in the photo (which I appreciate if you do) just type them in the Remark field.

Click on the "Correct" link beside the photo and make the changes you would like to have made. If you would like to change your e-mail address or other personal info you'll need to e-mail us the changes.

It is very important that your e-mail address is working and up to date. If you change your e-mail address we would like to know ASAP. We are forced to remove entries with non-working e-mail addresses.

If you want to update the photo with a better quality one, go here.

We've had a few problems with this. Companies and individuals have used the easy access to e-mail addresses for mass sending of unsolicited e-mails. A few photographers have also requested that their e-mail address remain private for different reasons, most frequently because they work for an airline/aircraft manufacturer and have shot some unflattering photos of the company's aircraft (incident/accident shots etc).

A simple solution to both these problems were to create a form that allows people to send you a message by e-mail without knowing your e-mail address. Your address is safe from unsolicited mailing lists and kept private. Only if you choose to reply to an e-mail will your address be revealed. The message will also inform of what photo the person who sent the message was looking at as well as provide a direct link to it.

The best digital cameras are now very good and if you can afford one of the best, I recommend you buy one. Standard cameras can give even better results but remember you need a scanner to match and getting the best result out of a scanner can be difficult.

Sure! Here are some examples put together with the kind help of Gary Watt.

No, sorry. I am not a photographer myself nor do I own a scanner. Please ask your fellow photographers on Find a photographer whose photos you think are of high quality and use the "Contact" link beside each photo.

You can also use the links in the question below, those sites are very good.

There are many good sites on the Internet where you can learn more. One good example is that has a lot of info about scanning, file formats and photography techniques. Do note that even though that site has a rather large digital camera section, does not recommend that you use a digital camera (read the above question). Another good site is that contains excellent equipment reviews and How-To's.

I've done my very best to reply to every e-mail I've received but it's been harder and harder as the site has grown. I have come to realize that I simply cannot reply to all e-mail I get. Even if I did nothing else 24 hours a day, I wouldn't be able to keep up with the new mail coming in every day. The sad thing is now-a-days I can't even reply to many of those I consider important.

As a photographer, your e-mails are important and get a priority treatment. Unfortunately that rarely means you'll get a reply within a week or even a month. To make this more efficient, please consider these options:

I do not reply to e-mails on the subject "Why won't you accept my photos, they are better than others" and similar. Please post such issues in the Aviation Photography forum. I can better help you there and you'll get constructive criticism from other photographers as well.

If you would like to update some info supplied together with a photo, please use the "Correct" button found beside each photo in our database. If you would like to update the photo itself or your e-mail address, please read the relevant questions above.

Before you send me an e-mail on some other issue, please double-check that I haven't already answered in on this page.