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    Paying Your Sam’s Club Credit Account

    Sams credit paymentsSam’s Club is a warehouse store that requires a membership to shop at. Like its direct competitor Costco, they feature the sale of bulk goods that are normally available for purchase by restaurants and shops. In many cases, this can lead to some interesting impulse purchases on our (as shoppers) part, as products like a case of Snickers bars or twenty pounds of chicken wings are readily available to buy. Still, with provisions available like that, families can stock up on their favorite items while saving a ton of money in the process.

    With these large-box products on store shelves (that reach as high as the massive ceilings), it’s really no wonder why so many Americans have Sam’s Club credit cards. And, with more warehouse stores available to shop at in the United States than any of their competitors, those Sam’s Club credit cardholders have ample opportunity to use them.

    If you’re looking to make a payment on your Sam’s Club credit card, there are a number of options available to you.

    Making your way to the credit account portion of the Sam’s Club site requires a number of links, this will show you how to get there:

    1. Starting at, click the link at the top of the page that says “Sam’s Club Credit”

    Sams credit payments

    1. On the Sam’s Club Credit screen, find and click the textual link that says “Pay My Bill” in the box that says “Current cardholders:”

    Sams credit payments

    1. You should now be on the page titled Sam’s Club Credit Online Account Management page. Click the orange “Login” button below whichever type of account you have (in most cases, you will click login under Consumer Credit Account” which is marked with a circle in the image below)

    Sams credit payments

    1. On this Sam’s Club Consumer Credit Login page, enter your user ID into the box and click the “Secure Login” button. If you want the login page to store your login information, click the box next to “Remember me”

    Sams credit payments

    1. After entering your user ID, a prompt will appear that shows an image that you personally chose upon registering for online access. If the image shown by the system matches the one that you chose, enter your password and continue into the site. From there, you can view your balance, pay your bill and more

    Phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses

    Since Sam’s Club offers a whopping five different available store and credit cards. And, since they’re offered by different places, the pay-by-phone and pay-through-mail information is different for each of them. Luckily for Sam’s Club cardholders, they have a page set up that’s perfect for your needs, available by clicking this Sam’s Club address list. Or click this picture:

    In case of any concern or bill payment misunderstanding, contact Sam’s Club bill payment team at-

    Making Sam’s Club Credit Card Bill Payment

    Sams credit paymentsSam’s club is a membership-only retail chain based in the United States. Being a subsidiary of Walmart and named after its founder Sam Walton, it is probably the largest membership-only retail chain across the United States. It has more than 47 million members registered across US, Puerto Rico, Brazil, China and Mexico. Across 48 states of US except Oregon and Vermont, it operates more than 615 membership warehouse clubs. It has also international warehouses at more than 25 locations.

    A membership retail chain operating at such a large scale is incomplete without credit options. Sam’s club provide credit cards for two types of credit account: consumer credit account and business credit account. The credit card options include Sam’s Club Credit card and Sam’s Club MasterCard. These credit cards are offered by Synchrony Financial.

    There is also an online platform at, where you can manage your credit account and pay your credit bills online. This tutorial is to help you in doing so by creating an online account, logging in, and finally, paying your Sam’s credit bill.

    Getting Started with Sam’s Club *

    Type in your web browser and press “Enter”. This will take you to the online store of Sam’s Club. You can also make purchases here and across all categories.

    Sams credit payments

    Now, click “Sam’s Club Credit” in the main navigation bar of the page. The new page will give you all the details and know-how of Sam’s Club credit card.

    Sams credit payments

    In a box on the right titled “Current cardholders”, you will find a number of links. Click “Pay My Bill” to proceed to the login page from here.

    The new page will show you to choose between two login options – Consumer Credit Account and Business Credit Account. To proceed with any one of the option, just click the “Login” button below that area. For our purposes, we choose Consumer Credit Account.

    Sam’s Club Credit Card Login, Bill Payment, Customer Service

    Sams credit payments

    Sam’s Club Credit Cards are offered to Sam’s loyal customers, and Sam has partnered with the Synchrony Bank to issue the card. Cardholders can pay bills online, or via mail, or by phone, or in store. Here is a list of ways to pay:

    If you hold customer credit card, you can

    Sams credit paymentsPay online. Click here to access your Sam’s Club online account, enter your account number and password, and make your Sam’s Credit Card payment.

    Sams credit paymentsPay by mail. If you are accustomed to paying bills by mail, you can send your payment to the following address:

    For Sam’s Club MasterCard, the mailing address:

    Sam’s Club MasterCard

    Orlando, FL 32896-0013

    For Sam’s Club Store Card, the mailing address:

    Sam’s Club Credit Payment Processing

    Atlanta, GA 30353-0942

    Sams credit paymentsPay by phone. If you hold the Sam’s Club Mastercard, the customer service phone number is (866) 220-0254. If you own a Sam Store Card, you can call (800) 964-1917.

    Sams credit paymentsPay the bill in store. Is there a Sam’s Club Store around your home? That’s great, you can pay your bill at any Sam’s Club Store. If you are not sure the location of the Sam’s Club Store near you, you can use Sam’s Club Locator.

    If you hold business credit card, you can

    Sams credit paymentsPay online. Click here to log in to your account and make a payment.

    Sams credit paymentsPay through the mail.

    For the Business MasterCard, you should send payment to the following address:

    Sam’s Club MasterCard

    Orlando, FL 32896-0016

    For the Sam’s Club Business Credit Card, the mailing address:

    Atlanta, GA 30353-098

    For Sam’s Club Direct Credit Card, the payment address:

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