What does pnc stand for in pnc bank

What is the full form of PNC ? | What does PNC stand for?

PNC is an IATA code of Ponca City Muni airport situated in Ponca City in Usa.

PNC » PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (The) NASDAQ Symbol PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (The) is symbolized as PNC which falls under Finance sector of Major Banks industry. The market share of PNC is $49.88 billion as in mid 2015. PNC » Perl Newbie Comment Internet Slang PNC is a slang used over the internet to refer Perl Newbie Comment PNC » Private aNd Confidential Internet Slang PNC means Private aNd Confidential which is an internet slang. PNC » Preservation NC Organization NGO Preservation NC may be abbreviated as PNC which is located in Raleigh, United States.

PNC full form Meaning of PNC What does PNC means

PNC Online Banking – Access PNC Login Page

PNC Bank is a subsidiary financial institution of ‘PNC Financial Service Group’, which is an American financial services’ corporation. The Bank has been established in 1982. Since then, it has been established as a leading banking institution across the country. The total assets of this bank made this as the sixth largest bank in the United States. PNC is the smallest form of ‘Pittsburgh National Corporation’.

PNC Bank Online Banking Service

PNC offers free-internet based banking service to their customers. It has removed all nuisances and invite their customers to access their bank accounts comfortably. If you are too busy to go to your bank, don’t be tensed. With the help of PNC Online Banking (Internet Banking), you can complete all your banking tasks from the place where you are staying right now. Checking account information, paying bills, and transferring money to others can be done instantly. Also, there are many rewarding options for the constant PNC Internet Banking users.

What does pnc stand for in pnc bank

Features of PNC online Banking:

PNC has added lots of features for the comforts of internet banking users. Among these features, the most 3 important features are:

  • PNC Bill Pay Service helps to reduce your labor of standing in a long queue. You can pay bills within few minutes without visiting their bank branches.
  • PNC eStatement provides up to 7 years bank statement, so that you can check your account’s balance, account’s transaction history, and account’s deposit history.
  • PNC Quick Bank option can manage your account quickly to create your future budgets, plan for spending money, track your whole account data, etc.

Where and How to Logon for PNC Internet Banking?

If you are an existing PNC Online Banking Service user, you can logon to your account from here: https://www.pnc.com/webapp/unsec/Homepage.do?siteArea=/PNCCorp/PNC/Home/Personal

Or, you can go through the PNC bank’s website, and find out the “Online Banking Sign On” button to access your account. You just have to enter your PNC Customer ID in the blank box and click on the Log On button.

How to Sign Up for PNC Online Banking?

If you are an existing PNC account holder, but did not subscribe for PNC Online banking yet, read the below instruction to SignUp for PNC online banking.

1) Open PNC Bank’s web page into your browser, find out the ‘Get Started Now/Sign Up’ button and click on that.

2) A blank page will be disclosed that will ask to enter your PNC account number, Social Security Number/PNC Visa Card number. Complete all necessary fields and click on the next button.

3) You will get a Sign Up credential and a page for setting your security number. Configure all security options that you want.

4) Then, you will get a “Service and Terms” statements. Read the statement and confirm that you are agreeing with those terms.

5) Finally, you will see a review page to confirm that you have entered the right information. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button. Thus, you can complete your sign up process with PNC online banking.

PNC Online Banking Contact Information:

If you have questions about your personal account, call at: 888-762-2265, 888-762-4727.

For the Business Account information: 877-187-2654

If you want to find out a bank branch in your state, then check this link:

PNC Bank – discriminates against poor people - PNC Bank

Filed On: June 21, 2013

Rating: 1 out of 5

PNC Bank – discriminates against poor people by holding deposited checks for over a week, and asking personal questions which are not their concern.

This happened at PNC Bank, Kenmawr Plaza, McKees Rocks, PA 15136. beginning on the Twelfth of June 2013.

I was told later by a PNC employee that the teller’s name is Wendy Jones.

12 June: I walked into the bank to deposit a $3000.00 check in my account. It was a check from a reputable business, with my name and address printed on it, drawn on Bank of America. The teller asked me some strange questions about the check, (that were NONE of her concern) such as “where did you get it”, and “what did you do for it”. I thought it a little strange, but really didn’t pay much attention to it. I went home and set up an online transfer to put $2900.00 into my Paypal account, which takes 3-5 days to complete.

13 June: In the morning, I checked my PNC account online, and it showed the deposit in my account and the transfer as pending. That afternoon, I checked my account again before going to the bank to withdraw some, and I found out that they had frozen my entire account. I called PNC customer service, and was told the check was flagged as possibly fraudulent, and it could be 5 days on hold.

I went to the PNC branch where I made the deposit the day before, and spoke with a different teller. Wendy Jones was at the drive-up window with her back turned to me. As soon as she overheard me describing the problem to the teller, she spun around and (almost cheerfully) volunteered “that was me”. I was given more excuses my everyone at that branch.

Over the next several days, I called PNC to ask about the status of the check, and the person in that department is always not answering their phone, or out of the office.

On one of those calls, I spoke with a very nice PNC employee named Faith who told me that it was FLAGGED by a TELLER named Wendy Jones.

19 June: Today, a week later… I still have an available balance of zero, even after another call to PNC.

I FIRMLY believe that:

1: that check is good

2: I was discriminated against because of:

A: My appearance when I walked in the bank. (I had been working around the house that day, and had a dirty shirt on).

B: My financial status: (I struggle for money, my account never has much in it (she could see that on her computer) but I DO NOT write bad checks.

I obviously don’t have money to hire an attorney for this, but I will try to find a free one who will take my case. IF ANYONE READING THIS HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE WITH PNC, WE SHOULD START A CLASS-ACTION SUIT! I would like to escalate this to the highest possible level because of the stress this has put on me. I could lose my car insurance because of not having this money. I could even lose my house. Most of that check was to be used to pay back property and school taxes.

This complaint is against:

PNC Branch at Kenmawr Plaza

Teller Wendy Jones.

*** UPDATE*** Today, the 20th, I received a phone call from a Greg Schafer from PNC who asked me to FAX in proof that I am associated with the company that wrote the check, and he said it is because my account has been “inactive” for a while. This is absolutely insane.

I have recorded proof of this. They record all their calls, so it’s perfectly fine for me to record them.

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