Second chance bank accounts california

second chance bank accounts california

C-Plant Federal Credit Union’s 2nd Chance Banking C-Plant Federal Credit Union is reported to offers second chance checking accounts for the members who have been listed by Chexsystems or have troubled banking history in the past.В

TX Non-Chexsystems Credit Union – Austin Telco Federal Credit Union

Austin Telco Federal Credit Union’s Fresh Start Checking Austin Telco Federal Credit Union comes as a good alternative option to Nn-Chexsystems banks for those who may have a negative history with ChexSystems or TeleCheck.

CA Non-Chexsystems Bank – Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union

Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union’s Healthy Start Checking Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union’s Healthy Start Checking is designed for the members who have been marked by Chexsystems or have previous checking problems. So, you can use the credit union as…

second chance bank accounts california

2nd Chance Checking Accounts are available for people with previous bad banking history. If you have overdrawn an account in the past, there are very few options to enjoy the benefits of an active checking account.

According to the FDIC report, over 25% or 60 million American Adults are un-banked or under banked. In today’s economic climate, a working and accessible checking account provides many resources that are absolutely necessary to maintain financial security.

Our objective is to provide the best resources for people that have difficulty opening new accounts. Since the average consumer may not know where to discover the all information on how to find or open a second chance account, we will guide you with free information specific to your personal banking needs.

What is a Second Chance Account?

A 2nd Chance Checking Account operates similar to a regular checking account. Features include: direct deposits, a debit card, routing number, and may or may not include paper checks. Due to the fact that banks may feel a risk when opening new accounts for those they may feel “un-creditworthy” There may be a small monthly fee and or account limitations associated with these accounts.

Who needs a Second Chance Checking Account?

The #1 reason why someone needs this service is because of an overdrawn checking account in the past and having the account closed with a negative balance. In this situation, the money still owed to the bank is kept on record and the person with that debt is reported to an agency like Chexsystems.

Other Terms used for 2nd Chance Bank Accounts

Second chance checking accounts can also be referred to as “fresh start checking account” “last chance checking” or “opportunity checking accounts” The name of the program will differ depending on which bank is used. Usually terms and conditions of all these types of accounts are fairly similar and are still designed for those who have had previous banking issues.

Over 80% of banks in the U.S. use Chexsystems to verify new accounts. When listed in the Chexsystems database, it may become very difficult to open a new account. It is very common for someone who is listed for owing a debt to a bank to be denied when trying to open a new account due to being on the Chexsystems list. Once reported to Chexsystems, the applicant’s name and negative banking history will be recorded for 5 years. During that time it can be an uphill battle to find a bank that will let that person open a new account.

EWS (Early Warning Services) is another credit reporting and fraud prevention service similar to Chexsystems that is also used by banks to check an individual’s past banking history. EWS was formed by 5 of the nation’s biggest banking corporations including Bank of America, BB&T, Chase, JP Morgan, Wachovia and Wells Fargo.

Telecheck is another agency very much like Chexsystems and EWS that can also be used by some banking institutions to discover if someone has had past banking problems. Keep in mind, if you had an issue with a checking account in the past, it is very likely that your name is recorded negatively on one of these 3 databases. In that case it is usually an uphill battle trying to find a bank that will accept your business.

Locations of Banks that Offer 2nd Chance Checking

Sometimes second chance bank accounts might not be readily available in local areas. In this case, the best option might be to look for an online bank that offers second chance checking. Even with past banking transgressions, there are many ways to open a new account.

second chance bank accounts california

Were you looking for a second chance checking account? Banks with a second chance checking account are tough to find. Some financial institutions will even charge you up to $300 for bank approval. Our exclusive relationship with an FDIC insured bank will guarantee 100% approval for anyone searching for a second chance checking account.

This is an Guaranteed Checking Account with every feature that a major bank provides, including:

Free MasterCard Debit Card (works anywhere MasterCard is accepting, including ATMs!)

  • NO ChexSystems, TeleCheck or Credit Verifications

  • This is a FULL BANK ACCOUNT, not simply a prepaid card

  • Since our bank is not associated with chexsystems, we can approve your application even if your local bank cannot. We take the time to understand that bad things happen to good people and specialize in assisting people and businesses no matter what their situation is.

    O nce you get a second chance checking account account, you'll be able to utilize your account like you would with any other bank. Since a second chance checking account issues a real routing number and account number, you'll have the option of receiving direct deposit from your employer so you can save on check cashing fees from places that charge high fees just to cash your check.

    *The USA PATRIOT Act is a Federal Law that requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. You will be asked to provide your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you in order to be approved for your 2nd chance checking account. You may also be asked to provide documentation as proof of identification. "100% Approval " and "Guaranteed Approval" is contingent upon successfully passing this mandatory identification confirmation.

    A Second Chance Checking Account and Bad Credit Credit Card is available in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, United States, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

    A Free Helping Hand to find a Second Chance Checking Account

    What you should know about second chance banking

    Do you need to find a second chance banking account? Lots of Americans do.

    1 in 10 Americans now don’t have a banking account. This can make modern life extremely difficult to imagine having to try and manage your finances without access to a regular transaction and savings account. They have become known as the un-banked Americans.The top 5 unbanked states are Mississippi, District of Columbia,Georgia,Kentucky and Texas.

    The banks recognized this problem and many have now begun to offer what are termed second chance checking or second chance banking accounts.

    If you are trying to find a second chance banking account we can help you.

    Why can’t I get a regular bank account

    Generally this is because you have been listed with either Early Warning Services or Chexsystems.

    Who are Chexsystems and Early Warning Services

    They were set up to report on fraud in the banking industry and to help combat it.They are credit reporting companies that maintain massive databases of financial transactions by over 3 million bank account customers.

    Have you overdrawn your account, bounced too many checks, not repaid money owed and has this led to your bank account being closed. Then this will show up on your credit report with these companies. If it wasn’t much that you owed and you corrected the problem by repaying the sum you may be able to still access second chance banking. Second chance accounts generally come with higher fees and fewer options as the banks class you as high risk. So you may be better to look at a prepaid debit card and to look into repairing your credit history so that you can apply for regular banking in the future.

    How to get removed from Chexsystem’s List

    If you believe you have been wrongfully listed on the Chexsystem database you can apply to have this listing removed. It is apparently very difficult to get this done but if you want to give it a try here’s what you do.

    First get your checks systems report by contacting checks systems at the following address

    7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100

    The report should provide you with a form to fill in to have the items listed investigated.

    If they are not yours mail back the form and after some time for the investigation to take place they should mail you a new report with the corrected information on it.

    Some people advise simply filling out the form stating that the listed items are not yours and continuing with this process until all the items have been removed from checks systems. This is fraud and we would strongly advise you do not act in this manner.

    If you cannot get the items removed from your listing or if you are innocent but are getting nowhere in pursuing them to be corrected you may find the best choice for you is to look for a second chance banking account at either a local bank or credit union. Another option may be to apply for a good quality prepaid debit card.

    Debit prepaid card banking account – 100% guaranteed

    The ready debit prepaid card offers you one of the best alternatives at an affordable price available today.

    It is FDIC insured in the same way that your local bank is and allows you to pay bills online and make direct deposits. There is only a $9.95 fee per month which compares very favorably with most second chance bank accounts available. For further information click here.

    Why choose a ready debit prepaid card

    No credit check required (ID verification required)

    Online bill pay

    No bounced checks

    No overdraft fees

    No minimum balance required

    plus lots of other great benefits.

    As an alternative to regular banking or just in addition to a second chance bank account the ready debit prepaid card is a great option.

    Click here for 100% approval on the ready debit card now.

    Local banks offering second chance banking accounts

    The banks and credit unions below have been reported to offer second chance checking accounts. They have also been reported as being ChexSystems or Early Warning Services friendly.

    We do not have any control over the approval processes that each bank undertakes and so cannot offer any promises that they will allow you to open a second chance banking account at any of the banks and credit unions listed.

    Non ChexSystems Banks & Credit Unions in California

    Second chance bank accounts california Listed in ChexSystems or have bad credit? BBVA Compass approves customers in ChexSystems for their ClearChoice Free Checking Account.

    There is no monthly service charge plus you can enjoy online and mobile banking, free bill pay and unlimited check writing.

    Unlike most other banks and credit unions, BBVA does not run ChexSystems for customer verification.

    Use your BBVA Compass Visa® Debit Card fee-free at any BBVA Compass and Allpoint ATM's.

    Even if you have a poor credit history, BBVA will approve you for a Second Chance Checking account with the same great features for a low monthly fee.

    Right now, a guaranteed bank account at BBVA is the only trusted option for customers listed in ChexSystems or looking for a Second Chance Checking account. With a high approval rate and excellent features and conditions, this is a fantastic opportunity to rebuild your credit.

    Following is the web’s most comprehensive list of banks and credit unions in California which do not use ChexSystems and which may approve you for a bank account.

    Please note that any unsuccessful attempt to open an account may have a negative impact on your credit history and score.

    To avoid this, please check if our proven, guaranteed approval solution is available in your area (listed above).

    This list also contains email responses from banks as well as applicants’ personal experiences and comments. This page is updated regularly, so please consider adding it to your bookmarks.

    Debt to reporting bank(s) must be paid and report should not indicate fraud.

    Anyone in CA can get an account here. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works or worships within the counties of San Diego or Riverside. Those outside of the area may qualify by joining the California State PTA. A one time $5 membership fee is required to join, giving you access to all the benefits of membership.

    We do have a Fresh Start Checking account available to those who qualify for membership depending on what has been reported to ChexSystems.

    For example, we cannot open the Fresh Start Checking if you are reported for "monies owing" the other financial institution. We do have to verify membership eligibility to join the credit union, review your identification, as well as credit report and Chex Systems report to determine if a Fresh Start checking can be opened. Certain types of ChexSystems records and certain credit report information may prevent us from opening these accounts.

    The Fresh Start Checking does have a $7.50 monthly service charge and can be established with a minimum $25 to open the account. In addition a $5 membership fee is required to join the credit union as well. This product is now available at any of our branch offices.

    Email from person that got an account:

    I applied with 1st United Services Credit Union and was approved.

    Anyone who lives, regularly works, or attends school in Alameda, Contra Costa, or Kings Counties California, as well as any and all businesses, corporations, organizations, or associations located in such counties.

    Thank you for your email. Experian Credit report is run on all account openings and ChexSystems is run on all FICO score under 600.

    805 Marina Village Parkway

    Alameda, CA 94501-1035

    Oakland, CA 94607

    2175 Milvia Street

    Berkeley, CA 94704-1112

    Pittsburg, CA 94565-430

    3365 Castro Valley Blvd

    Castro Valley, CA 94546

    5901 Gibraltar Dr North

    Pleasanton, CA 94588

    5255 Mowry Ave, Suite N

    Fremont, CA 94538

    1380 San Pablo Ave

    Washington West, Suite 105

    600 Bancroft Ave

    San Leandro, CA 94577-2904

    Hayward, CA 94544-1224

    33131 Alvarado Niles Road

    Union City, CA 94587

    1225 Fallon St, Suite G14

    Oakland, CA 94612-4291

    It has been reported that if your report is 21/2 yrs or older, they will not even see it. If this is your situation you can apply online, if not, you would need to visit an “in store” branch.

    Most US banks “in store” branches are giving accounts to most people on ChexSystems. These are regular accounts, not 2nd chance checking. as long as you do NOT owe US Bank money and you are not reported on your ChexSystems report for any kind of "fraudulent activity".

    There are some branches that are still not using this policy so it might be a good idea to call a branch local to you and ask about their policy first before going in.

    Some “in store” branches have signs that actually says “ChexSystems? no problem!”… yet others will not open accounts at all. People are approved everyday.

    Thank you for your recent inquiry. For all new customer account requests, Union Bank of California processes a verification check with ChexSystems.

    If you have a record or a retail indicator with Chexsystems, Union Bank of California's guidelines is as follows:

    • Records older than 1 year, with repaid debt to the previous bank, will be disregarded.
    • Records older than 3 years, regardless if the debt was paid or not, and no fraudulent or criminal activity, will be disregarded.
    • If there is a "retail indicator", Union Bank of California will decline the opening of a new account.

    Note: Accounts will not be opened for records with fraudulent or criminal activity. No exceptions.

    Accounts opened through the mail or over the internet are also verified through a Credit Bureau. This is used as an identifying purpose only and the credit itself is not a factor.

    If your ChexSystems report is 3 or more yrs old and paid you can get an account. Report should not indicate fraud. Any member can get a savings.

    Anyone who lives, works, volunteers, worships or attends school in Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties is eligible to join Bay Federal Credit Union. Once you're a member, your immediate family becomes eligible for membership as well.

    You can open a savings account with us. If your ChexSystems record is not at least 3 years old, whether it is paid or not, you can not have a checking account.

    You DO NOT have to be military to get an account.

    FSNB is now open to anyone regardless of being in their location. Take advantage of this while you can. It may not last.

    ** FSNB now uses a credit report and many people have been turned down due to credit issues.

    ** They do not use ChexSystems or TeleCheck …most people are still being approved.

    FSNB charges $1 fee for not using one of their ATM's, plus any 'foreign' ATMs.

    You have to call them and ask for new accounts, telling them that you wish to open a new checking account application will be mailed out to you.

    We do offer Business Accounts, however you must be within 50 miles of one of our branches for us to offer these to you. The minimum deposit to open the account is $500.00.

    MAGTFTC Twentynine Palms

    Bldg. 1515 Brown Street

    MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA 92278

    California (Service Center)

    Servicing Camp Pendleton

    Mission Plaza Real

    3825 Mission Avenue

    Oceanside, CA 92058

    An account designed specifically for members who may have been unable to qualify for a checking account in the past due to a ChexSystems record. For a low monthly fee, you can take advantage of the following checking features:

    • Free ATM access at over 28,000 CO-OP Network® locations*
    • Free ehccu-online banking and ehccupay-bill payment
    • Free eStatements
    • Free in-branch and telephone transactions
    • Low minimum opening balance
    • Visa® Check Card
    • Free 24-hour Priority Line-Telephone Account Access
    • .50% rate discount on vehicle loans with direct deposit into an HCCU checking account and automatic monthly payments
    • Complimentary "Financial Fitness" consultation

    Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Sacramento or Placer County.

    Any resident of Kern County, CA

    Anyone who regularly works in Kern County, CA

    If you have a Chex System record you can still have a savings account without an ATM card as long as you qualify for membership.

    If you are wanting to establish a checking account, we would need to be provided with proof that you have paid your record in full. A manager will then need to review the information. It is solely up to their discretion as to whether or not we would be able to open the checking account for you.

    • These accounts do NOT come with an ATM card

    We do not offer checking accounts. To open a savings account we require two forms of identification. Usually a driver's license and social security number.


    To any person who Lives, Works, Worships or Attends school in, Businesses and other Legal Entities Located in the City of Antioch, California.

    If you are on ChexSystems, you would only be able to open a savings account with us and that has no ATM access.

    Report should not indicate fraud.

    People who live, work, worship or attend school in the Napa Valley, as well as employees of groups and organizations in certain geographic regions (within a 25 mile radius of a Silverado Credit Union Offices) are eligible to join our Credit Union. Additionally, Seventh-day Adventist Church members in the State of California or Idaho are also eligible to join.

    If you are in our field of membership you can join the credit union even if you have a chex-system history. You must live or work in Napa county in California or belong to an Adventist church in California to join. You would be allowed to open an account here and have a savings and checking account, but it is possible that you wouldn't be approved for an ATM card.

    Anyone who lives or works in Burlingame, California.

    You qualify for membership if you live or work in Burlingame or have family who are members of United Health Credit Union. We do open a savings account even if you have ChexSystems and we offer free assistance to get a "Renew Checking Account". This checking account is specific for people who may have a ChexSystems record and want to reinstate their checking privileges.

    Anyone with a membership can get a savings and if report is paid and does not indicate fraud, you might be able to open a checking.

    Membership is available to individuals who reside or work in the counties of Orange and Riverside as well as the cities of Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, and Cerritos (California).

    You may open a savings a savings account only. If you have a record but you do not owe any moneys to another financial institution, we may be able to offer a checking as well.

    They do use ChexSystems but offer opportunity checking for those reported.

    You live, work or worship within the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, or Ventura County in Southern California. Or you live, work or worship in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Walnut Creek or Pleasant Hill in Northern California's Contra Costa County.

    We offer an opportunity checking, how ever the record has to be paid in full and a year old from the date that it has been paid.

    ChexSystems report must show as paid and only as NSF. Can not indicate fraud or account abuse for Trial checking account (2nd chance checking).

    Altura Credit Union is a community credit union. Anyone who lives, works, attends school, or worships in any of the following areas can join:

    • Riverside County
    • San Diego County
    • Orange County cities of Anaheim, Garden Grove, Irvine and Santa Ana
    • San Bernardino County cities of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario and Fontana There is a one-time, nonrefundable, membership fee of $12 ($7 for members' equity and $5 for Altura's Scholarship Foundation.)

    You may submit an application online or visit your local Altura Credit Union branch so we may run your information through. We do offer a trial checking for 6 months that has a fee of $20 a month and you have to stay in good standings with no negative balance, to people who have paid closures with ChexSystems. However if it is reported as account abuse we will not open the account. It must show as paid and it can only say "NSF" or "overdrafts". We will decline membership if any other reason is given. Thanks!

    Live, regularly work or worship in the Counties of San Bernardino or Riverside. Be associated with the former Norton Air Force Base (retiree, civil service, Department of Defense, etc.) or any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces or Reserves.

    Yes, we have a checking account called Opportunity checking. It has a $20.00 a month service charge. Opening deposit is $100.00. You must have this account for 6 months with no negative activity and then we will convert it to one of our regular checking accounts. You will also be given a regular ATM card with a $65.00 a day limit for the 6 months.

    When the account is converted we will give you a debit card with a $300.00 a day limit.

    If you decide to join, we will need a valid form of ID with your current address on it. If it doesn't have your current address on it you must provide us with a current utility bill that shows your name and your current address. Please be sure to bring in the proof that the amount owed has been paid by whoever reported you to ChexSystems.

    There is also a one time $5.00 membership fee due at time of opening, along with your opening deposit.

    We do use ChexSystems before opening new accounts, and you may open an account with us if you have had no more than three account closures due to account abuse or NSF in the last 12 months, and no fraud alerts. Also, if ChexSystems indicates no more than three or more banks have inquired within the last 90 days, some further processing may be required before we are able to open the account.

    They use ChexSystems but anyone can get a savings only not a checking.

    You are eligible for membership in SMCU if you are:

    • A resident, employee, or student in San Mateo County
    • An employee of one of our partner companies
    • An employee of a company that belongs to the Golden Gate Better Business Bureau or one of the 15 Chambers of Commerce within San Mateo County that we serve A family member, domestic partner, or roommate of an SMCU member.

    You may be able to open a regular savings and we do have an account call a new-start checking account. This account has to be opened in one of our branches only.

    They do offer second chance checking, reporting bank(s) must be paid to qualify.

    Kern Central Credit Union welcomes anyone who lives or works in Kern County as a member.

    We use ChexSystems and AccurInt (which verifies your social security and address). If a person has been reported to ChexSystems and their dues have been paid, we offer a second-chance checking which is basically the same as our regular checking accounts except the individual would not get overdraft privilege until the 90 day probation period is over. During that 90 day probation period we just monitor the account making sure that it stays in a positive balance and that there are no problems that could potentially result in a loss for the credit union.

    Bakersfield and Lamont

    Membership at Butte Federal Credit Union

    Am I Eligible to Join Butte Federal Credit Union?

    You are eligible to join Butte Federal Credit Union if you live, work, worship, attend school or volunteer in one of the seven Northern California counties that we serve. These counties include: Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Plumas, Sutter, Tehama, and Yuba. Also, being a Grange member in one of the many Northern California counties that we serve outside of the ones listed above is another way you are eligible to join.


    2122 5th Avenue

    Oroville, CA 95965

    Marysville, CA 95901

    2201 Pillsbury Road, Suite #192

    See email below.

    If you reside or work in Humboldt, Trinity, or Del Norte counties, you're eligible for membership.

    As long as the Chex report shows the full amount has been paid, we will still open an account if you've taken a short course with Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS). I believe it's only a two-hour course and is usually offered on the weekends. If you bring us the certificate given at the end of the class, it will override any paid report you have on ChexSystems.

    For more information, your best bet would probably be to contact one of our New Accounts Representatives - there are two here at our Harrison Avenue location. They can be reached at (707) 445-8801, extension 342 (Sarah) or 341 (Kandis). They should have the most current info on CCCS courses and which one you'll need to take.

    2650 Harrison Ave.

    Eureka, CA 95501

    They offer second chance checking. Go here to see if you are eligible.

    Southland Credit Union is an unique financial institution serving all persons who live, regularly work, currently attend school, or currently worship in; Orange County, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, La Habra Heights, La Mirada, Norwalk, Artesia, Cerritos, Bellflower, Lakewood, Hawaiian Gardens, Paramount, Long Beach, and Signal Hill.

    The application would need to be reviewed because it really depends on the type of record. Usually, a Share Savings can be established if you have a record on ChexSystems, however you would have no ATM access or Shared Branch access.

    If the record is at least a year old and you have paid any balance owed, you would be able to establish what's called an Opportunity Checking Account.

    This account has a monthly service fee of $10 and the account needs to be established in person.

    8545 Florence Ave.

    Downey, CA 90240

    10701 Los Alamitos Blvd.

    Los Alamitos, CA 90720

    300 N. Los Angeles St. STE #4337

    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    There is a program called “Checkwise” that is now offered that replaces the “Get Checking” program. The Checkwise program is offered through Consumer Credit Counseling Services. This program is based out of Arcada, CA. The course can be taken online as well. The charge to take the program in person is $35.00 or $50.00 if you would like to take it online. Their phone number is 707-822-8536 or toll free at 800-762-7811 should you need more information from them.

    You asked if we would offer a checking account if this course was completed. We may be able to offer a checking account pending you can provide a certificate of completion of the course and you have paid all monies owed. The other contributing factor would be the reason as to why you were reported to Chex Systems. If you were reported to Chex Systems because you had NSF activity, then typically, we can open an account for you as long as the above items are satisfied. However, if there are other reasons that you were reported to Chex Systems, we would need to discuss those at the time of opening the account.

    There is a program offered online.

    The manager told me its called "Fresh Start". Your last entry into ChexSystems must be older than one year. Cannot say Fraud. $10 a month.

    If you’ve been reported to ChexSystems, this may help you.. As long as you do not owe checking funds to another financial institution and there is no fraud involved, you may qualify. Here's how it works:

    1. Go to Balance and click on "Checking Account Management" to take the online course on “Managing your Checking Account.”

    2. Bring in (or mail) your certificate of completion, the $25 processing fee, plus an opening deposit of $50 or more, and we’ll open your Second Chance checking account.

    3. If your account remains in good standing for six months, it will automatically be converted to Total Access checking.

    American First membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Orange County or 16 additional cities throughout the Greater Los Angeles area

    • Orange County
    • Corona
    • Chino Hills
    • Artesia
    • Bellflower
    • Cerritos
    • Hawaiian Gardens
    • La Habra Heights
    • La Mirada
    • Lakewood
    • Long Beach
    • Montebello
    • Norwalk
    • Pico Rivera
    • Santa Fe Springs
    • Signal Hill
    • Whittier

    • 2nd Chance Checking
    • Low $10 Monthly Service Fee
    • Free Overdraft Protection on Approved Line of Credit
    • Unlimited Check Writing
    • Opportunity to Convert to Our Other Great Checking Accounts After One Year with No Overdrawn Fees

    CoastHills Federal Credit Union is dedicated to serving the people who live, work, worship, or attend school in the Central Coast community comprised of San Luis Obispo and North Santa Barbara counties. Our boundaries include all of San Luis Obispo County. North Santa Barbara County is delineated on the west by the Pacific Ocean, east by Los Padres National Forest, north by the county line and to the south at Gaviota State Park.

    Deluxe Detect is part of EWS. If you have been reported to EWS, do not apply for this account.

    Membership in Safe 1 Credit Union is available to anyone who meets one or more of the following:

    Lives or works in Kern County, California.

    Lives or works in Tulare County, California.

    We use Deluxe Detect. We do not do credit reports unless you apply for a loan.

    • Bakersfield Mill Rock Way
    • Bakersfield Oak Street
    • Bakersfield Green Frog Market
    • Porterville
    • Tehachapi Delano

    Debt to reporting bank must be paid and not show fraud for the best results.

    FAST is a community credit union open to anyone who lives, works or worships in Kings County.

    One may qualify for membership if they live work or worship in Kings County. When our potential member applies we do run them through ChexSystems. If one has been reported and owes a dollar amount we can offer a savings account with a minimum of $25.00 to open. If you still wish to open a checking we can offer our member a New Beginnings account.


    If you have been reported to ChexSystems and TeleCheck, they do have a second chance account

    Trouble getting a checking account in the past? Get a second chance at BBVA Compass. They have options for everyone — even if you've been turned down for checking accounts due to credit problems or other reasons.

    No, this isn't one of those accounts that require a big cash deposit or has outrageous monthly fees. With Basic Checking* you'll enjoy features like these:

    • No minimum balance required
    • Unlimited check writing
    • $13.95 monthly service charge
    • Free online banking
    • Free Visa Check Card
    • Open your account with as little as $25

    Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Orange County, the San Gabriel Valley and the cities in between. See this page for list of eligible cities.

    I encourage you to submit a Membership application. In some cases we are able to make exceptions. I hope this helps!

    Anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in the following counties: Butte, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba.

    In the past we would not open accounts if you had been reported to ChexSystems but that has changed The City of Sacramento and Schools are working together to help low- and middle-income Californians establish banking accounts, build a credit history and gain access to lower-cost sources of credit.

    This program allows applicants with a ChexSystems decline score eligibility for membership. Applicants with ChexSystems records less than a year old are required to complete financial literacy courses and show proof of completion of the BALANCE Financial Fitness program. If you are interest in opening an account please visit any Schools location.

    They do NOT use ChexSystems but you must be eligible to join.

    The credit union was chartered in 1958 for employees of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare in three counties of Southern California. Over the years the credit union has expanded its field of membership to seven counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo. The field of membership includes employees of the Social Security.

    Adminstration, Office of Hearing of Appeals, Office of Education, Public Health Service, National Credit Union Adminstration, Headstart Program, and also the families of members, retirees, and organizations of groups in the field of membership.

    We currently use TeleCheck when opening accounts.

    You MUST be eligible for membership to get an account.

    • Advanced Industrial Care, Inc. (Office of Fred J. Vonstieff, M.D.)
    • Associates Printing
    • Better Homes Realty
    • Big C Athletic Club
    • Big O Tires - Concord & Pittsburg
    • Brenden Theatre Corporation – Concord and Pittsburg
    • Burton Real Estate, Inc.
    • Cal Engineering & Geology
    • California Signs & Graphics
    • Cal Neva Environmental Systems
    • Calvary Temple Church
    • Chapman University College - Bay Area
    • Christopher's Family Pizzeria
    • Church of Christ - Martinez
    • City of Clayton
    • City of Concord
    • Clancy's Precision Painting
    • Clayton Business & Community Association (CBCA)
    • Coco Copy
    • Community Youth Center (CYC)
    • CompuMail Information Services
    • Concord Caravaners
    • Concord Chamber of Commerce
    • Concord Child Care Center, Inc.
    • Concord Tongan United Methodist Church
    • Contra Costa Public Auto Auction
    • Costco Wholesale – Concord
    • Cushman Construction
    • D&H Enterprises
    • Dainty Center Willow Wood School
    • Diablo Valley Auto Connection
    • Diablo Valley Retired Teachers Association (DVRTA)
    • Dianne Adair Enrichment Programs
    • Digger's Diner
    • East Bay Regional Park District
    • East Bay RV
    • Ernie's Plumbing & Sewer Service
    • Farmer's Insurance District 98
    • Hyde Printing
    • i-Teknique
    • IQ Network
    • Jensen/Ptaszynski Architects
    • JD Fine and Company
    • J.R. Electrical Contracting
    • Knights of Columbus #6038
    • Knights of Columbus #2286
    • Legacy Park Central
    • Luigi's Delicatessen
    • Lumpy's Diner
    • Meadow Homes Good Neighbors Association
    • Mountain Mike's Pizza - Martinez
    • Mr. B's Birds
    • Mt. Diablo Silverado Council – Boy Scouts of America
    • Employees and all students of MDUSD (Mt. Diablo Unified School District)
    • Network IQ
    • New Connections Counseling & Recovery Services
    • New Hope International Church
    • NorCal Cleaning Services
    • North American Title Company - Danville
    • Pacific Auto Body Shop
    • Paddock Bowl
    • Pajama Factory
    • Panama Bay Coffee Company
    • Point Source Design, Inc.
    • Post Offices - Concord & Clayton
    • Post Offices - Pleasant Hill & Antioch
    • Post Offices - Brentwood & Martinez
    • Queen of All Saints Church & School
    • Robert Brown Construction
    • Saiva Siddhantha Ashram (Shiva Murugan Temple)
    • Sawyer-Linton Jewelers
    • Selene's Housecleaning
    • Seven Eleven - Olivera Road, Concord
    • Silverado Valley Electric
    • Starbow Studio
    • St. George Episcopal Church
    • Super Gas & Liquor
    • Tammie's Daycare
    • True North Financial Group
    • VIP Barbershop
    • Warehouse Demo Services
    • Waterworld USA - Concord

    If you apply online they will run ChexSystems but if you apply at a branch they will not use ChexSystems.

    Fresno, CA 93710

    1710 Clovis Ave.

    Clovis, CA 93612

    Fresno, CA 93650

    Reedley, CA 93654

    5775 E. Kings Canyon

    Fresno, CA 93727

    I called several locations today and they all explained to me the same exact thing

    1. they do not use chexsystems other than for identity purposes "sometimes"
    2. if you are reported to chexsystems it would not mean that you can't get an account anyhow
    3. they approve people on chexsystems all the time

    Bakersfield, California City, Clovis, Delano, Dinuba, Exeter, Farmersville, Fresno, Hanford, Lindsay, Porterville, Reedley, Tehachapi, Tulare, Visalia

    Need a second chance to work on your checking account history? We have just the thing—it’s called 2nd Chance Checking account and it’s designed to help members having a difficult time opening a checking account with another financial institution.

    We believe in second chances, that’s why if you maintain your 2nd Chance Checking for 12 months with positive account activity, we’ll automatically upgrade you to a regular checking account!

    • 50 free checks (initial order)
    • Unlimited check writing
    • Free direct deposit available
    • ATM/Visa debit card access (with Direct Deposit)
    • Free telephone access

    • Must be 18 years or older
    • Must not have FRAUD reported on ChexSystems profile

    Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in the Cities of:

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