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Walmart moneycards

Walmart moneycards

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Submit a comment using your Facebook ID. – Activate Your Walmart Prepaid Debit Card

It is very easy to activate Walmart MoneyCard, issued by GE Money Bank through its official website It is good for users who do not like to carry cash when going out due to risk of stolen or fall as Walmart has launched their money card which can be used anywhere Visa(R) debit cards are accepted. Also cash will be loaded onto a Wal-Mart MoneyCard with no loading fees.

Wal-Mart is always working hard to satisfy consumers all over the world with all kinds of consumption demands as one of the leading and best department store group in the world. One of the online service platforms built by Wal-Mart is WalmartMoneyCard. People can get a special credit card here that can be used to do extreme consumption in all the stores of Wal-Mart. You can apply for the Walmart Money Card and activate it online, only if you submit the number of their sales receipts or accounts in Wal-Mart.

For many purposes, Walmart Money Card can be used like:

  • Cash from ATMs around the world
  • Pay bills including cable TV, telephone and other
  • Direct deposit of your salary on paper
  • Cost of gas, food and much more
  • Use for buying in restaurants, hotel reservations, airline tickets
  • Follow-up expenses and the balance e-mail/SMS Alerts
  • Shop anywhere Visa is accepted, including Internet and

There are numerous types of cards to have a choice on WalmartMoneyCard that are introduced in details, like the way to get them, their usage, as well as the access to reload them. Moreover, Wal-Mart will also provide with an advanced locator which is known as “Green Dot MoneyPak”. Find out any Wal-Mart store or reload station easily with such a locator. If you desire to have a full enjoyment of shopping in Wal-Mart, then better get a Walmart Money Card at once.

You can buy a temporary Wal-Mart MoneyCard at any participating Wal-Mart store locations in USA. There is no need to have a bank account or credit check to qualify. By just a call, your card will be activated. You can reload your personalized Walmart MoneyCard for infinite amount of times. Just visit to any participating Walmart stores and go straight to the cashier and swipe your Card to load with cash or you can cash a payroll or government check and load part of all of that check onto your MoneyCard.

Walmart MoneyCard will never contact you by email, text or fax and ask you to reactivate your card as they want to help you protect your card and personal details. If you receive this type of request then call on 877-937-4098 and speak to a specialist. Activate Walmart MoneyCard

When you visit, you will find main six navigations on top of the homepage: Account log-in, Get a card, Card activation, Add funds, About the products and Help. Refer detailed description about these topics below.

1. Account log-in: Log-in to access your account by entering card number, expiration date, password, enter code as shown in the box there and press log-in button.

2. Get a card: You can get your card with no insurance fee, no overdraft fees and no check or bank account required. Use your card at where Visa debit is accepted, as well as ATMs. Please fill up the form provided in this section by giving few necessary details like name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. Then tick mark on the box to agree the terms and conditions of the cardholder agreement and press ‘Get a card’ button. You will receive the card in just 7-10 days.

3. Card activation: You can activate Walmart MoneyCard from this section. Follow just 5 easy steps mentioned here to activate your card online and enjoy all the benefits of a prepaid card. In the first step, you have to enter Activation Number from Sales Receipt, Enter Last 4 Digits of Your Temporary Card, Enter code as shown in the box there and press ‘continue’ button to follow the remaining steps.

4. Add funds: Refer 6 ways/methods mentioned here to reload your Personalized Card.

  • With cash at Walmart
  • By check at Walmart
  • Direct Deposit
  • With a MoneyPak
  • With an Online Bank Transfer
  • With Walmart MoneyCenter Express

5. About the products: Start using your Walmart MoneyCard today to get 1% cash back for gas purchases countrywide through 12/31/10. View all the key features in this section.

Your cash will be added to your Card balance on the last day of the billing cycle. On your Transaction History, it can be found as a posted credit, titled ‘Credit For Gas Purchases’ and it will be categorized as Gas/Fuel.

How can you pay for gas with Walmart MoneyCard?

Use your Walmart MoneyCard like all prepaid cards; to buy gas you have 2 options:

Pay at the pump: You’ll require at least $75 on your Card and your PIN (it was set when you activated the card).

Pay inside: Pay the precise amount to the attendant inside; there is no minimum balance necessary.

6. Help: Read FAQs (frequently asked questions) in this section. There are several questions and answers mentioned here related to the Walmart MoneyCard so refer it as it will be helpful to you.

Walmart Card Review: All About the MoneyCard

Walmart moneycards

  • Reasonable monthly fee
  • Free services including money transfers and a savings feature, but there’s a fee for buying checks
  • Up to $75 in cash-back rewards a year

Here are more details about the Walmart MoneyCard’s fees and services.

The Walmart MoneyCard charges a monthly fee, but it’s on the cheaper side. If you stop using your card, you still have to pay up to two extra monthly fees. There is no fee to close the account.

  • $5 monthly fee that can be waived
  • No purchase fee when you order the card online, but $1 fee in stores
  • No fee to close the account
  • A steep load of $1,000 is required to waive the monthly fee
  • If you stop using your card, you'll still get charged the monthly fee for up to two months

The Walmart MoneyCard doesn’t charge fees for making purchases, but it does for ATM transactions. You can withdraw money for free at Walmart customer service desks as well as get cash back with purchases you make at certain retailers. The card can be issued as a Mastercard or Visa, so it’ll work with merchants that accept whichever payment network your card is in.

  • No fee for PIN-based or signature-based purchases
  • Free cash withdrawals at over 4,500 Walmart locations
  • Ability to receive cash back from card at retail store checkout (when available)
  • Cash-back rewards of up to $75 a year: 3% cash back at, 2% at Murphy USA and Walmart fuel stations, 1% at Walmart stores
  • $2.50 fee for bank teller and ATM withdrawals, plus any third-party fee charged by a bank or ATM operator
  • Cash-back rewards get cashed out only after 12 consecutive months

You can reload money onto the card several ways for free, but there’s no way to avoid fees for depositing cash at Walmart stores or elsewhere. For depositing a payroll or government check in a Walmart store, you pay a fee for cashing the check but nothing to load that money onto the card.

  • Free direct deposit of payroll or government benefits
  • Free online bank transfers to the card (but your bank may charge a fee)
  • $3 fee to reload cash at Walmart checkout, known as Walmart Repaid Reload
  • Up to $4.95 to reload cash at retailers in the Green Dot reload network
  • Costs 95 cents to deposit a check using the mobile app

The card offers a mix of bill payment and savings features, so you can effectively use it as a checking account substitute in those respects — or even just a money management tool.

  • Free online bill pay and free money transfers between friends and family
  • A fee of 70 cents for a money order, which is cheaper than at banks
  • People can move money into a free savings feature called the MoneyCard Vault, which offers cash prizes to promote savings
  • Free customer service line
  • Second card available for $3 (but no monthly fee)
  • Pack of 12 checks costs $5.95, which breaks down to 50 cents per check
  • A fee of 50 cents for ATM balance inquiries, plus any ATM operator fee

Good for Walmart stores, limited elsewhere

The Walmart MoneyCard, unsurprisingly, provides the most perks to people who manage money and shop online, especially at Walmart. There are some free services, including online transfers, a savings feature and customer service support, in addition to annual cash-back rewards.

Walmart moneycards

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Walmart Has a Sneaky Way of Tricking Customers Into Saving More Money

Think of all the reasons you go to the bank.

What if you could do all that during your weekly run for groceries, diapers and windshield washer fluid at Walmart?

Maybe you can. Walmart has offered the Green Dot prepaid debit card since 2007, but a newer savings program tied to the card offers an extra money management incentive.

Building your savings through your MoneyCard could come with a prize of up to $1,000.

How to Win $1,000 With Walmart’s MoneyCard Vault

The Vault feature on the MoneyCard smartphone app offers 500 cash prizes each month : a $1,000 grand prize and 499 prizes of $25.

Each dollar a customer deposits into their Vault account via the MoneyCard app counts as an entry into the monthly drawing. Users get up to 500 entries per month, and the prizes are deposited into their Vault accounts automatically.

Walmart launched this program in August 2016, and it told The Atlantic that by December, more than 100,000 users had started using Vault to save – and get a chance to win. Further, the average savings for Vault users has grown from $413 to $572 since.

Given how many Americans would be unable to cover even a car repair or a $100 unexpected medical expense , it would seem Walmart’s MoneyCard Vault program is a valuable tool to help people save, whether they have a traditional bank account or not.

The “chance to win” element of Walmart’s Vault program gamifies saving in a way few typical savings accounts do. For those who remember earning more than 0.25% on their savings accounts before the recession, t he idea of potentially winning extra savings is more attractive than watching your money grow at a minuscule rate.

What Else Does Walmart’s MoneyCard Do?

The MoneyCard Vault doesn’t pay interest, but MoneyCard users can earn 3% cash back on purchases at, 2% at Murphy USA and Walmart and 1% at Walmart stores, for a total of up to $75 per year.

Users can have their employer direct deposit their paychecks onto their MoneyCards.

Loading cash onto your card at Walmart costs $3 per load, but the card otherwise works like a bank-issued debit card. Users can swipe the card anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard, deposit checks via the MoneyCard app and pay bills. And since it’s prepaid, there are no overdraft fees.

No overdraft fees and a chance to win extra cash for your savings? Doesn’t sound like a bad option.

Your Turn: Have you tried Walmart’s MoneyCard Vault feature? Has it helped you save?

Lisa Rowan is a writer and producer at The Penny Hoarder. She remembers once earning 5% on a savings account, a long time ago.

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