Walmart moneycard balance

Where can I check my Walmart money card balance?

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You can check the balance of your Wal-Mart Check Card online at

Call the costumer service number located on the back of the card and they will provide the information.

For Walmart gift card Visa's cardholder customer service, call 1-866-633-9096 The number should be on.

Look on the back of the card. The number should be there.

Is there a number on the card that you can call?

WalMart sometimes has issues processing things online, and they don't seem to place a premium on ensuring.

I have a prepaid walmart money card.The type that charges a $3.00 monthly fee. I used it on a cruise recently.It was loaded with $600.00 and I spent $319 on the cruise. I used the card eating out as well and when I last checked the balance it was around.

They send it to a collection agency. They don't forget about it.

So, I went to the self-check out walmart line. There were like 10 people in line behind me. I'm 16, and I was talking on the phone with a friend and as I was checking out, I realized that I only had $10 cash with me, but the total was $14.21. So, I used.

You have to talk to your bank and explain all the details. They will confirm it (if it actually happened.

can you still use your Walmart/Sams's Club Money Network card even after you've quit working for the store. I can still log in to my account and check my balance and the dashboard was different considering I have no money i was wondering if i could still.

Simple answer. YES 🙂 As a customer service associate I see many past employees use their card after.

Hey I had a Walmart Money Card and i closed the account to the card around 8 bussiness days ago and I was wondering if they are going to send me a check in the mail with the remaining balance? Also, how long will it take? Please help if you have experience.

walmart moneycard balance

Easily manage and access your money on your Walmart MoneyCard at any time.

View balance and transaction history

Find nearby Walmart stores and ATM locations

Stash money in the Vault

For Cardholders with the NEW Walmart MoneyCard with Cash-Back Rewards, also:

• View Cash-Back Rewards balance

• Deposit checks using your smartphone

• Order and pre-authorize paper checks

• Shop online or in-store everywhere Debit MasterCard® or Visa® debit cards are accepted in the U.S.

• NO overdraft fees

• NO minimum balance or credit check to get a card today

Questions about your Walmart MoneyCard?

Call us at the number on the back of your card (24/7 support).

Or log in to & email us through the Contact Us page.

ATM access only available on personalized cards. All ATMs will incur a $2.50 charge, $0.50 for balance inquiries, plus any applicable ATM owner fees. Visit for more info.

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