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How do you check the balance of a Walmart Money Card?

Check the balance on your Walmart Money Card by sending Walmart a text message and waiting for the response. Unlike some other prepaid debit cards, the Walmart Money Card doesn't charge for checking the balance.

How do you view your credit card balance?

How do you check your Walmart gift card balance?

What are the advantages of the Walmart Discover card?

  1. Enter a text message to Walmart

Check the last four numbers of your Walmart Money Card. If the last four numbers are "1234," enter a text message that reads "Bal 1234." Substitute your own last four numbers.

Send the text message to "96411," which spells "WM411."

After a few moments, check your messages for a text from Walmart that shows your current debit card balance.

Activate Walmart Money Card Account Online

There are many benefits to having a money card with Walmart. This card is a prepaid card that is also reloads able. It’s kind of like a gift card, except that you don’t have to throw it away when you’re done, you just put more money on it and spend away! Plus, there are some cool features such as a customizable appearance – you can even get one that has your favorite team logo right on the front! You can pick one up at your nearest participating store. Once you have one, though, you can only take advantage of the full range of features is you activate it online.

  • Begin by typing into your internet search bar.
  • Click “Activate” button to activate your card.
  • Enter two pieces of information on this page. First, enter 16 digit card numbers, making sure every number matches up and is in the right order. Next, enter the 3 digit security number.
  • Then enter all of your personal information, including your address, ensuring that everything is accurate. Changes from this point forward will require additional verification.
  • Finally, enter your contact information. This is important to have on file as it will be the contact material associated with this card and the way in which an associate will contact you if necessary.
  • After everything has been filled out click “CONTINUE”. This will finalize your money card activation. Congratulations!

  • Check your balance often to keep tabs on how much is on your card so you can reload it when the funds get low.
  • Keep your card in a place that is memorable and easily reachable, such as your wallet or purse. If you lose it you may lose out on the funds you could have used at a nearby store!

You can breathe easy knowing that your card has been activated and that you are ready to enjoy the convenience that comes with the card. Happy shopping!

walmart money

I received a $25 walmart egift card, but I needed a physical card for purchase in store (I have no smartphone or printer to bring the egift card to the store). So I used the $25 Walmart egift card to buy a $25 physical gift card on, but the order was cancelled,

because your payment could not be verified

due to an error processing payment information

  • the processing system takes out $1 out of the egift card to verify it, and the remaining $24 not enough to cover the purchase, or
  • Walmart doesn't allow using its egift card to buy its gift card, or
  • .

Their customer service is unable to explain why. So I have to ask if someone knows about it.

Many e-commerce stores don't permit using a gift card to purchase another gift card for the same store. I don't, however, see it expressly noted in their Terms and Conditions. The T&C page also lists an email and phone # dedicated to gift card purchasing questions, so you may want to ask them rather than in-store customer service or the general help contact information.

Their FAQ does state that you can print the eGift card and take it into a store with you to redeem. Because you don't have a printer, the easiest solution may be to ask a friend to print it for you. Staying at a hotel anytime soon? You could use the business center to print it. Or, go to a library and print it (what is it now, $0.10 per page?)

Their T&C page also states that you can combine gift cards by using multiple gift cards to purchase a single gift card. This can probably only be done in-store as it refers to them as gift cards rather than eGift cards.

Consolidating Walmart Gift Cards. If you have two or more Walmart Gift Cards, you can consolidate them by using them to purchase one new Walmart Gift Card that has a balance equal to the sum total of the Walmart Gift Cards you currently have.

Activate A Walmart Money Card Online

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MasterCard or Visa card is a form of Money card anyone can get the Money card online and also through the Wal-Mart store anywhere. First of all, when you get the card in your hand, you need to activate your card by following a simple process which involves certain information regarding your card information for confirmation of the card. After completing the required information, you can easily activate your card online. After activation, you can use your money card for online shopping and can purchase anything from the Wal-Mart Stores.

Activate A Walmart Moneycard Online

Walmart issues moneycard for the benefit of its customers. Different types of cards are issued and each of them have their own special features. In order to find the card that is right for you, visit the official website of Walmart Moneycard. In order to activate the card you have purchased you should visit the official website and enter the menu that says ‘Activate Card Received’. At this stage, you will be required to fill an online form. You need to enter the details about your card and once you are done with your form, your card will be activated. And once your card has been activated you can view the details of your card by simply logging into your online account.

Walmart is America’s biggest retail corporation and it has around 8,500 departmental stores in different parts of the world. It is a family-owned company which was founded in the year 1962. It is the biggest retailer and it employs more than 2 million workers. In United States, these departmental stores are popular by the name Walmart. However, in other nations they have different names. Walmart offers lots of discounts on their products. Perhaps this is the reason behind their success and growth. The company offers money card for its customers that allows them to use the card for shopping. These cards are given by Green Dot Bank.

How To Activate A Walmart Moneycard Online?

In order to activate your Walmart Moneycard you need to visit their official website and follow the instructions offered therein. The steps for registration are explained below.

  • Visit the official website of Walmart Moneycard.
  • On the home page you will be able to view different menus.
  • Click on the menu that says “Activate card received.”
  • This will take you to the activation page.
  • You will have to fill the online form by furnishing proper details.
  • You should enter your 16 digit card number, expiration month as well as expiration year of your card.
  • You should enter the 3 digit security code which you can find on the back of your money card.
  • Next, you need to type in the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter a card PIN. This is like your password. You should create a 4 digit number as per the instructions given in the form.
  • Once you are done, you can proceed to the next level and get your card activated.

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