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Sams club take visa credit card

Sams club take visa credit card

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Sams club take visa credit card

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Sams club take visa credit card

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Sams club take visa credit card

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Sam’s Club Taking Visa Credit Card Payments from February

Sams club take visa credit cardAn announcement has been made by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and credit card payment giant Visa confirming that Sam’s Club will accepting Visa credit card payments starting from the beginning of February. Sam’s Club, which is the eighth largest retailer in the United States is part of Wal-Mart Inc. and has more than 650 clubs across America and Puerto Rico. The announcement about the agreement was made by Wal-Mart and Visa last week and everything is set for Sam’s Club to start taking Visa credit card payments from 1st February 2016.

Although Sam’s Club does already accept Visa credit cards at its gas stations in America as well as online, its clubs currently only take payment via Visa debit card or prepayment cards, which is something that limits customers who want to use credit products. In addition to its plans to now accept Visa credit card payments at its clubs it has also been announced that consumers will be able to benefit from using Visa Checkout online with Sam’s Club.

Giving consumers more choice

The move to start accepting Visa credit card payments will enable consumers who are shopping at Sam’s Club locations to benefit from greater ease and convenience when it comes to making payments. An executive from the company, Tracey Brown, stated that Sam’s Club was eager to do more to benefit members, which included providing them with more options when it came to payment methods that would be accepted.

Brown added that the company also wanted to enhance the value of being a member, and this was one of the ways in which it hoped to achieve this goal. She stated that by enabling members to use Visa credit cards from February the company was able to provide them with more choice, more ways to shop, and a greater level of convenience.

An executive from credit card payment company Visa also spoke about the agreement with Sam’s Club. Ramon Martin, who is the senior vice president for merchant solutions at Visa said that the service provider was delighted to be entering into the agreement with Sam’s Club. He added that Visa was keen to ensure that payments were speedy, secure and simple for all cardholders whether they were shopping via the internet or in person. Visa, which is a global service provider, now operates in more than two hundred countries and territories around the world.

Sams Club Credit Card Payment Methods – How To Make Your Credit Card Payment

Sams, or better known as Sams Club is a chain that is owned by Walmart and are in short a membership only retail company and were founded in 1998 by the creater of Walmart himself. Their locations are pretty much a one stop shop for everything that you may need, for examples some of the things that they sell are; food, jewelry and designer products, they have pharmacy at most locations, a tire and battery shop, photo development, floral, glasses center among many others.

They also provide financial services that gives you the opportunity to apply for both a personal and a business credit card through their Sams Discover Card which is accpeted at any Sams Club location as well as anywhere in the world where Discover is accepted. Some of the main benefits of having a Sams credit card are:

  • You can receive up to 2 percent cash rewards on your purchases
  • Very low annual fees for your credit card.
  • Perscriptions are discounted when using the Sams credit card where you are able to get up to 40 percent off when buying perscriptions.
  • Extra savings are provided to card holders as soon as their card is swiped at the check out stand.

Sams Club Credit Card Payment Methods

By Mail – You can pay your Sams Club credit card payment by mail by sending it to one of the five mailing addresses that fits you particular card type, which the addresses include:

Orlando, FL 32896-0016

  • Consumer Credit

    Atlanta, GA 30353-0942

  • Consumer Discover

    Atlanta, GA 30353-0930

  • Business Credit

    In Store – You can also walk into any Sams Club locations and make your Sams Club card payment at the Sams Club Member Service Desk or at any register in the store. Same day payment processing applies.

    Walmart – You are also able to pay your Sams Club credit card payment at any register at any Walmart location as well. Same day payment processing applies with this method as well, which it should be known that both Direct Accounts as well as Premier Line of Credit Accounts cannot use this method of payment.

    Online – If you would like, you can pay your Sams credit card payment online through their Sams Club Credit Online Account Managment system, where you will visit the Sams Club online credit center, where you will be presented with two log in options, those being “Consumer Credit Account” as well as “Business Credit Account” where you will want to click log in for whichever one applies to you. You will then be redirected to a page where you can either log in if you have an account or create one, both of which are on the left hand side of the page. To create an account you will want to look for: First Time Users: Register Here, which you will then click “Register Here”. You will then be taken through a series of steps that walks you through the creation of your online account, which in the process you will then create and a User ID that you will then use to Log In, on the same page where you first clicked the registration button. Once you enter your User ID you will then be taken into the Sams Club credit card payment online page where you will be able to enter in the amount you wish to pay, which you will need to look for ” Make A Payment” or something similiar.

    More Information On Sams Club Credit Card Payment & Other Benefits

    There are many benefits that customers can enjoy when it comes to their Sams Club credit card payment each month, here is a small list of some of the great parts of the plan

    • The first great aspect of the credit card payment is that they provide a host of online services that make your credit card monthly payment simple an easy. All you have to do is create an account online and enter in some of your personal information like your name and address among others, then your account will be activated an you will be able to pay your bills everymonth. Whic means you will nver have to mail a payment ever again.
    • You can set you monthly payment on autopilot and have it come out of your bank account each month whether you remember it or not.
    • You can also request a higher limit in your credit line if you need to make a larger payment.
    • There is a zero fraud liability for your Sams Club credit card payment whether paying your monthly dues or dinner or gas, the payment software they employ is the best of the best and will keep your card 100 percent fraud free.
    • Your Sams Club credit card payment system will also allow you to view your financial history online at all times as well as 24/7 customer service in the event that you have a questions about anything.

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