Victoria secret angel credit card customer service number

victoria secret angel credit card customer service number

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Victoria Secret Credit Card Login Tutorial

Victoria secret angel credit card customer service number

Contacting Victoria Secret Credit Card

How to reach Victoria Secret Credit Card customer service.

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General information about Victoria Secret Credit Card

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Victoria Secret Credit Cards Customer Service

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Victoria Secret Credit Cards Customer Service

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Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login and Payment

Customers can use the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login page to log into their account using the information given below and they can pay their bills, dues, payment, upgrade to VIP, check rewards, shopping, checking balances, managing angel credit card , updating personal information and many more.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Login Steps

For Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login and managing your account you should go to the official website by via this link. Now Give your username and the password of it and after filling all fields please click on ‘sign in’ button.

Victoria secret angel credit card customer service number

Forgot your username or Password?

If somehow you have lost your password or forgotten your username or password, then you just need to click on ‘Forgot your user name or password?’ link which is above sign in button as seen in above picture. Now you will be asked to provide below details

  • Credit Account Number or username ( in case of lost or forgotten password).
  • Zip Code / Postal Code.
  • Identification Type (Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number or any other identification).

You can also Call the Customer Service at 800-695-9478.

Victoria secret angel credit card customer service number

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Payment

There are many Payment options available for paying the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card bills. you can pay your bill either online or offline.

  1. Go to Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login page.
  2. You will see many options.
  3. Now go to the online payment page.
  4. Now enter the amount to be paid and click pay now.
  5. Now select the payment source and type.
  6. Complete the Payment process.

Via Victoria Secret Stores:

You can pay for Victoria;s Secret Credit Card via many Victoria’s Secret Stores located at many pats of the country. Just go to any stores and ask them that you want to make a payment for your credit card. You can pay by cash, check, draft, money order etc.

via Victoria’s Secret Customer Service

Please call the Victoria’s Secret phone number 1 800 695 9478 to pay the bill by phone. Please have your US bank debit card details ready and they will guide you on how to pay for your credit card. Please not that you will be charged an extra $15 service charge fee.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Card PHONE NUMBER For Payments

To process a payment over the phone, call Victoria’s Secret angel credit card at Tel: 800-695-9478. You will need a U. S bank account or a debit card for this transaction. Please be reminded that there is a $15 fee for this type of payment.

Please send you draft or check to the following Address

Apply For a Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Online

Victoria secret angel credit card customer service numberCan you adore the tasteful lingerie and clothing you could just find at Victoria’s Secret? If so, you might want to make an application to get a Victoria’s Secret Angel Charge Card. The credit card brings several advantages to you. It’s possible for you to apply for this online, the program procedure is easy and quick.

With every dollar spent at Victoria’s Secret, you earn a point as a card holder. You’ll be able to redeem to get a $10 benefit after gathered 250 points. Furthermore, it is possible to receive special offers, early access to new things and sales, as well as a surprise birthday gift.

    1. You must have a pc with access to the internet. 2. Necessary information that is vital for the Credit Card registration

Step By Step Guide

    1. Visit the Victoria’s Secret Angel Charge Card web site (associated link 1 below), click the button marked “Apply Online.” 2. Follow directions to submit the application form. Wait for the application after finished.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Payments

Victoria’s Secret is the premier retailer of women’s lingerie and sleepwear in the United States. Due to the popularity of the chain, the company offers a credit card to its customers which is called the Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card.

Online Payments for VS Angel Credit Card through

Victoria’s Secret cardholders will have to register their credit cards online before being able to sign in and submit a payment online. This can be completed at the Victoria’s Secret Angel card registration page. After going through a handful of questions and creating the login credentials to sign in to the online account, cardholders can make an online payment be following these directions:

  • Navigate to the web address
  • Enter your user name and password. To save your user name to the Comenity website for Victoria’s Secret, check the box by “Remember me”
  • Click the “Sign in” button

Victorias Secret Angel Credit Card Login Click to Enlarge

  • In the Account Center, go to make a payment
  • Select how much you are going to pay toward your Victoria’s Secret credit balance
  • Enter you banking information
  • Submit your payment

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Phone Payments

Phone payments on Victoria’s Secret Angel store credit cards are available through both an automated system and by speaking with a live customer service representative from Comenity Bank. For both of these phone payment methods, card users will call the same phone number, which is (800) 695-9478. The automated phone payment and account management system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the other hand, to speak with a live customer service agent, you will have to call between 8 am and 9 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Victoria’s Secret Store Credit Card Payment Mailing Address

To submit a payment on your Victoria’s Secret credit card through the mail, prepare a check or money order made out to Comenity Bank and write your account number on it. Mail the payment method, along with the remittance slip if you still have it, to the following address in a stamped envelope:

In-store Payments for Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

Credit card payments for the VS Angel card are accepted at every Victoria’s Secret location. To make a payment on your account at a Victoria’s Secret store, take the card itself to one of the cash registers and inform the store employee that you would like to make a payment. They will then help you get the transaction processed. To find a Victoria’s Secret near you, you may look up their locations on the Victoria’s Secret website’s Find a Store page.

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