Value city furniture payment plan

Value City Furniture Bill Payment Options

Value city furniture payment planValue City Furniture is a furniture retail store in the US. Established in 1917, it is now a part of the Ohio based furniture company American Signature Inc. Value City Furniture has stores throughout the country and you also have the option to shop for their products at

How do I pay for my purchases at Value City Furniture?

On making your purchase at the company’s store, you have the following Value City Furniture Bill Pay options during checkout –

Credit Card: You can use your credit card to pay your online shopping bill. Accepted cards include Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Value City Furniture credit card. Only credit cards issued within the United States or Canada will be accepted.

Gift Card: If you have received a gift card from your loved ones, you can use it to make payment for the purchased products. If your shopping bill is higher than your gift card value, then you must pay the excess by credit card or cash. For example, if you have received a gift card worth $50 and you make a purchase worth $55, then you can use your gift card to pay for the $50, but you will have to pay the remaining $5 using cash or credit card.

I have a Value City Furniture credit card. How do I pay its monthly bills?

As a card holder, you have the following options to pay your monthly credit card bill –

Same Day Payment: You can make a one time payment against your credit card bill through the internet. To do so, you must first open an online account as shown below.

Remember to keep your credit card account number, last 4 digits of Social Security Number and the date of birth handy while registering for the account. Once registered, you can then login and make your payments. Through the online account, you can also opt for paperless statements and view your transactions.

Scheduled Payment: You can schedule your payments for upto 12 months through your online account. This is a very good option in case you are looking to make a fixed payment each month over a time period.

Auto Pay: This is the easiest of all payment solutions. Under this method, your monthly bills are automatically debited from a pre authorized payment source, month after month. You only need to set it up once. And then, you can be rest assured that your bills are always paid on time and you do get charged of any late payment fee

Mail: For those who wish to pay through check, send in your payments to –

Value City Furniture Credit Card,

Orlando, FL 32896-0061

Remember to ensure that you have enough funds in your bank account since a returned check can cost you a penalty of up to $35.

Who should I call if I have any payment issue?

If you need help with paying your shopping bills, you can call at 888-751-8552. However, if you need help with paying your credit card bills, then you can contact GE Capital Retail Bank’s customer service at 866-419-4096

Top 193 Complaints and Reviews about Value City Furniture

Value City and acceptance now are ripoffs. I had purchased in cash a sofa. Within 60 days the thread started to unloosen. In addition, I had financed a bed, mattress for myself and bed and mattress for my child. Upon delivery I was not totally satisfied of the quality of the furniture. It DID not look exactly as in the showroom, however, it looked nice in my home. As days went along, I saw my daughter’s bed was ripped; couch thread is coming a loose and my king mattress thread is unraveling around the perimeter of the mattress. Called value city a couple of weeks ago to complain, they sent a technician out and he agreed the furniture is not in great shape and he had received several complaints from other customers regarding the quality of my furniture and it needs to be replaced/Repaired. The tech informed me value city will call me in a few days with instructions.

I should mention, the location is located in falls church, va. I specifically picked this location because I felt I would have a great customer service experience, boy was I wrong. This place preys on people looking to finance so they can rip them off. “Maha” from their customer service department called me and advise I can come pick out a new couch, my daughter’s bed rails were ordered for replacement, however, they cannot replace the 60 days old mattress. I was instructed to cut the thread around the mattress.

At this time, I am concerned of their customer service abilities and how they do not strive to keep customers happy. I am not cutting any thread from a brand new mattress, literally threads were coming out the entire perimeter and tip of the mattress and I do not have time to cut nor want to, which could lead to other issues such as holes and tears. Maha told me she would give me a discount. No I want the new mattress, I had ordered, not a discount. I had asked for the manager, he came over to introduce himself, listened to my concerned, then pulled by another customer. He never came back and left me standing there for 45 minutes.

I went to the acceptance now office and spoke to emily and she informed me she would inquire that I can return the mattress with them; she got back with me the next day and told me her manager “porsha” said I cannot return the mattress only, I need to return my entire order, I found this unheard of and asked to speak with the district manager chris **. Chris called me back after several days later to tell me acceptance now has nothing to do with the quality or warranty of the furniture to go back to value city to demand help.

As of now no help or resolution has taken place after 3 weeks of going back and forth with no results and I owe acceptance now a payment for furniture I am not happy with. I am reaching out for legal advice. Acceptance now has these crazy terms. If you are a day late, a late fee with be charged. They have me at their mercy and they are not willing to help. I DID not want to return my entire order but obviously considering it, however, my daughter will be disappointed. Acceptance now and value city need to be shut down, they prey on disadvantage customers and consumers have rights.

Furniture Click For Details Value City Furniture Credit Card Payment

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We have an collection of Furniture Click For Details Value City Furniture Credit Card Payment in various styles. Here is some inspiring pictures about Furniture Click For Details Value City Furniture Credit Card Payment. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Furniture Click For Details Value City Furniture Credit Card Payment interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.

Furniture Click For Details Value City Furniture Credit Card Payment Gallery

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