Use credit cards

How to use Credit Cards Smartly?

In my previous post on Credit Cards Credit Card – SAVE while you SPEND , i highlighted, how a judicious credit card spending help in substantial saving over a period of time. In this post i will discuss, how we can increase our savings by juggling between 2 credit cards. Yeh Dil Maange More .

I am using the HDFC bank credit card from last 8 years & not using any other credit card as of now. Based on my research, i found that i can afford 1 more credit card without impacting my CIBIL score. Please note that if you have more than 2-3 credit cards then it shows credit Hungary Behavior which can impact your CIBIL credit score adversely so it is advisable to carry only 2 or max 3 credit cards.

Recession forced me to go ahead with Cash Back Card of Standard Chartered Bank (Please note Credit Cards of small players like Standard Chartered Bank, Kotak, ABN Amro etc comes with more benefits compared to big players like ICICI & HDFC). I will discuss more about selection of credit card and advantages of cash back credit cards in my future post.

Billing date of my current HDFC Credit Card is 15th of Month (Payment date is 5th of next month) and billing date of Standard Chartered Credit Card (SCB) was 25th (Payment date was 15th of next month). After few billing cycles i requested SCB to change my billing date to 30th (Payment date changed to 20th of next month) and they obliged happily. Point to note is that big players like HDFC and ICICI are very rigid in their approach. In past, i requested HDFC to change my billing date multiple times but despite being super premium customer they refused. They told me that billing date once fixed cannot be changed. Similar is the case with ICICI bank (I used ICICI credit card few years back and closed it due to inconvenient billing date). Small players are very flexible in their approach, which i realized late.

For my own benefit, i decided to divided my business between 2 credit cards to get maximum benefit & to save maximum during recession. All my purchases between 16th and 30th of the month are through HDFC i.e. i use HDFC credit card for 15 days from the billing date of HDFC (15th of Month) & all the purchases from 1st of month to 15th of month are through SCB credit card i.e. 15 days from the billing date of SCB Credit Card (30th of Previous Month). In short, use the credit card only for 1st 15 days from the billing date and ensure that billing date of 2 credit cards are approx 15 days apart.

Now you must be wondering, how i am going to gain out of it and answer is very simple that by doing this i am getting an xtra 15 days credit for all my purchases every month. In these tough times of recession and high interest rate 15 days xtra credit means lot of saving.

Lets take 2 examples to understand better

Scenario A: Assume i made a purchase on 5th of the month and i have only HDFC credit card. For this purchase my billing date is 15th of same month and i need to pay for this transaction by 5th of next month. In short i will get credit for 30 days on this transaction.

Scenario B: Now if pay for this transaction by SCB credit card then my Billing date is 30th of same month and i need to pay for this transaction by 20th of next month. In this scenario i will get credit for 45 days.

Therefore in Scenario A credit period is 30 days and in Scenario B credit period is 45 days i.e. Xtra credit period of 15 days, simply by juggling between 2 cards

Scenario A: Assume i made a purchase on 25th of month and i have only SCB credit card. For this purchase my billing date is 30th of same month and i need to pay for this transaction by 20th of next month. In short, i got credit for 25 days on this transaction.

Scenario B: Now if pay for this transaction by HDFC credit card then my Billing date is 15th of next month and i need to pay for this transaction by 5th of next to next month. In this scenario i got credit for 40 days.

Therefore in Scenario A credit period is 25 days and in Scenario B credit period is 40 days i.e. Xtra credit period of 15 days, again simply by juggling between 2 cards.

From Example 1 and Example 2, it is clear that if we have 2 credit cards with billing dates 15 days apart then we can simply time the swiping of each credit card to get maximum credit period for each transaction. If we assume revolving credit of 50k every month for 15 days & xtra credit of 15 days on this amount then annually you can save Rs 2250 assuming 9% interest on bank FD.

Credit cards, if used judiciously can help to save a lot but only word of caution is that credit card should be used only for necessary purchases not for impulse buying else it can land us in deep mess of debts.

Disclaimer: All the examples used in above post are for illustration purpose and to simplify the subject.

Copyright © 2011-2012 Nitin Bhatia. All Rights Reserved.

Create Free virtual credit card from Websites / Apps for Use in India

virtual credit card online: Hey Guys, In This Post, i will tell you about How to Create free virtual credit card , without paying even single Rupee. This Service is started by Pockets App, Which is powered by ICICI bank. If you want to use Card on Some Sites, but they are not trusted one, then you can use Virtual card in that sites, without provide your card details to them.

Virtual Credit card is a Service, Which Provides you temporary Credit card, for use in other sites, without providing them your original Card Details. These cards, will provided you by various online Sites or some apps. These cards are much safe way to transact online. also Checkout more about this on ICICI Site .

How Crazy if someone provide you Virtual Credit card for Absolutely free yeah, This Service is providing Pockets app, which is officially powered by ICICI bank, but don’t worry ! if you don’t have ICICI bank account, this app will work on other bank account’s too. So Checkout More Details about it from below & Download this app now.

How to Generate Virtual Debit Card from Oxigen Wallet app

  • At first, Install oxigen wallet app from play store
  • Login or sign up with your account
  • In Main screen of the app, you will see a option of Visa card
  • Click on that and you will see your virtual Debit card.

Use credit cards

How to Generate Virtual Credit Card From Pockets app for Free

  • At First, Download Pockets app from Play Store
  • Now, Login or Sign up with your Account in this app
  • Also you have to verify your Mobile numbber in this app.
  • Now, As soon you verify number, it will open Homepage of the app
  • Now, You will See your Virtual credit Card info here, Like Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV number etc.
  • No Need to add even single rupee for get your own Credit Card for free
  • If you want to use this card on some Sites, then add some funds in this card & use it.

How to get more Virtual Credit Card

  • At First, Get one Card
  • Clear Data of Pockets app, Register with another account
  • Follow Same Instructions again & get more Virtual cards.

How to Create Virtual Credit Card from Freecharge

Now, Freecharge is offering free virtual credit card for their users for use in India. You can use Credit card provided by Freecharge in any website. Freecharge is becaming more and more popular day by day. Now, they have started service of virtual Credit card, which is working really fine. I have tested this card, and it’s working without any issues. the best thing, is that They are providing credit card, which is more acceptable in many of the websites. So check it out now from below, that how can you create virtual credit card for free from Freecharge Website.

  • At First, Visit Freecharge Website from here – Freecharge
  • Now, Login or Sign up with your freecharge account from this Page.
  • Now, you nee to activate your virtual credit card from Freecharge, for do this, just open this link and it will activate Virtual Credit card.
  • Now, Enter 4 Digit MPIN here, and click on save button.
  • Now, Visit Freecharge Virtual Credit card page and then enter your MPIN, and you will get your credit card and expiry date and CVV code there.
  • You can use this card in any website of India, but it will not work outside of India. So guys, this was the easy way for get free virtual credit card from Freecharge.

Use credit cards

What is the Use Of These Cards

  • For Use in some Sites, which you can’t trust
  • For Use in Some Loot Offer like , Paytmor Freecharge site for get cash back on recharges, in those offer, in which they provide Offer only for once per debit / credit card.
  • For use on any other site, in which you don’t Want to show up your real credit card.
  • & much more benefits, depending on your Choice !

So Guys, This was the New Service of Virtual Credit cards, which is Provided on Pockets app by ICICI bank. Check that out. If you have some issues, regarding this post or have some suggestions, then feel Free to comment below. Thanks for visiting & keep visit here for get more cool stuffs like this.

10 Smart Ways You Should Be Using Your Credit Card

Credit card expert Beverly Harzog shows us how to work the system.

Use credit cards

We know: Debt is dumb.But breaking out the MasterCard doesn't have to leave you in the red. Credit—when used strategically, and paid off each month—can be smart. Here, Beverly Harzog, credit card expert and author of The Debt Escape Plan, gives us the rundown on the best ways to use the plastic in your wallet.

Assuming you've worked out any personal issues with spending, signing up for a secured credit card is a smart way to build credit. To get the card, you make a cash deposit in an account, where it stays as collateral. "You're actually buying things on credit and as long as that card issuer reports to the major credit bureaus, you're building credit," says Harzog, adding that when your credit score improves, so do the interest rates you're eligible for—on everything from life and car insurance to mortgages. There is no FICO score penalty for having a secured card and some issues do not even report the card as secured. "It could give a potential lender pause if they see a secured card on your report—they will know that you're in a rebuilding or establishing situation—but they'll respect that you're doing what you need to do," says Harzog. Want to check out the options? Check out Harzog's review of the best and worst secured credit cards.

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to transfer debt from a high-interest card to a card with a lower annual percentage rate (APR). "Credit card issuers know people overspend during the holidays and go into January in debt, so some of the best balance-transfer offers show up this month," explains Harzog. She likes the Citi Simplicity card, which offers 0% APR for 21 months, and Chase Slate, which waives its 3% balance transfer fee when you make the transfer within 60 days of opening your account. If you do have to pay a balance-transfer fee, "you'll usually still come out ahead because you're not paying interest" over the long-term, says Harzog. Once you've initiated the transfer, Harzog recommends following up on the old card to make sure there's a zero balance, to avoid late fees or other penalties.

Using a credit card for online purchases is the best way to protect yourself from data breaches, fraudulent charges, and disreputable retailers, says Harzog. Most major credit cards offer zero liability, but if a hacker gets your debit card number, they can drain your account. "Even if the bank assures you you'll get the money back, the process can take a while," says Harzog. "In the meantime, you have no cash." According to FTC consumer guidelines, if you report fraudulent ATM or debit charges more than two days after you learn of the theft, you could lose up to $500. (Report a missing or stolen card more than 60 days after your statement and you'll lose all of the money taken from your account!) "With a credit card you'll be covered and won't lose cash," Harzog stresses.

Credit cards can save you a lot of trouble when dealing with what Harzog calls "retailers that don't have your best interests in mind." Let's say you order a product online that never shows up or turns out to be a faulty. The return process in these situations is much easier if you've paid with credit because you can withhold payment, says Harzog: "With a debit card, they've got your money already."

5. Earn rewards on everyday purchases.

There are a range of rewards out there, from cash back on groceries to airline mileage, but the "best" perks depends on your lifestyle. For someone who drives a lot, a card that focuses on gas rebates is ideal. Parents of large families might want cash back on groceries, while those who like to travel may find that an airline miles card is a great value. Harzog likes the American Express Delta Gold card because it offers the opportunity for low-cost and free flights, plus intangibles like priority boarding. One note: Rewards cards often have high interest rates, so only use them for things you need and would buy anyway. "Once you start paying interest on purchases, you're negating the rewards," says Harzog. "Make a vow not to carry a balance." Ready to find a card that fits your lifestyle? Check out,, and NerdWallet, with a caveat: "Credit card issuers often pay for placement on these sites, so don't think a card is the best just because it's featured," Harzog warns.

Making everyday purchases with credit can also help you track, and budget for, expenses. Harzog recommends linking your credit card to a free online money-management tool like Mint. "It will pull your information and match it against your budget to let you know how you're doing against whatever limits you have set," says Harzog. "This is a fantastic tool as long as you're in charge of your card and not the other way around."

If you're in the market for a credit card and have an expensive household purchase to make (a refrigerator, for example), but not enough cash flow, look for a card with a 0% introductory APR offer. "With a card that's offering 0% interest for 15 months, you could make a big purchase, assuming you have the credit limit available, then divide the purchase amount by number of months in your intro period, and that would be your monthly payment," says Harzog. "But, this is not a good idea if you don't have a good-sized credit limit because you don't want to appear to be maxing out that card," which can damage your credit score.

8. Skip the rental car insurance.

Car rental companies want to sell you their own insurance policies (to the tune of up to $25 per day) but Harzog says that's usually not necessary if you charge the entire car rental purchase. According to CardHub, Visa, Discover, and American Express offer some type of rental car insurance on all cards. There are certain exceptions, like luxury vehicles, so be sure to check with your card issuer or read your card policy's fine print first. "When they ask at the counter if you want the additional optional insurance, say no—otherwise the company's insurance will override your credit card policy," says Harzog.

9. Say "no" to extended warranties.

Planning on buying something expensive on credit? Read your card policy's fine print and disclosure statement to see what kind of protections you get, recommends Harzog. "A lot of cards come with extra extended-warranty protection, usually an extra year on the manufacturer warranty," she explains. Other cards offer price protection; if you find the same item cheaper somewhere else within a certain amount of time, you might be eligible for a partial refund. "There are all kinds of perks and benefits to credit cards that most people don't know about because it's kind of painful to sit down and read all of that stuff," says Harzog.

10. Help your college-age child build credit.

This one's tricky because it depends on the individual, but, if your kid's mature enough, you might consider adding him or her as an authorized signer on your card. Let them know you'll be monitoring their spending and also communicate the consequences they'll face if they don't stick to the budget you've set. When your young adult uses the card responsibly, Harzog says it's a win-win scenario for both parties: "Your child gets a credit boost and learns how to use credit while you're supervising them."

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