Us credit card without ssn

The Coopera Prepaid Reloadable Visa® Card

Us credit card without ssn

Less fees, less hassle, less risk.

No wonder they call it The Happiness Card.

Multiple uses - Use as you would cash, in person or online. Pay bills, make purchases, and withdraw cash.

Avoids costs - No risk of overspending, no overdraft fees, and no interest fees.

Convenient - Easily load money at an issuing financial institution, through direct deposit of your wages, online or at a Visa ReadyLink merchant.

Accessible - Obtain up to six secondary cards per account.

Accepted - Use wherever Visa debit cards are accepted, including internationally.

Practical - Makes a convenient budgeting tool.

How to Apply for a Corporate Credit Card Without Using Your Social Security Number

Corporate credit cards designed for business owners often offer significant perks, cash-back programs and rewards. These benefits are based on how sound a business's credit profile is. To obtain corporate credit without using your Social Security number, you'll need to own a business (not a sole proprietorship), have a Federal Tax ID and have already established credit history.

Apply for a Federal Tax ID, otherwise known as an Employer ID Number (EIN), if you do not currently have one. If you don't you'll be unable to apply for any corporate credit for a while. See Resources for the application process required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain this number.

Check your credit profile under your EIN. This will only be available if you've used your EIN to obtain credit in the past. Two of three credit bureaus--Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax and Experian--provide credit reports for businesses at a cost. See Resources for Experian's report.

Research different corporate credit card programs. One of the largest business lenders is American Express. They are not alone, though. Banks like Bank of America and CitiGroup offer business credit cards and business lines of credit. Make sure you know what type of credit card you are looking for.

Apply at two or three lenders. Excessive applications may damage your business's credit profile. Use only your EIN when applying for these loans. Lenders will pull a copy of your business credit report. So long as your business has a solid borrowing record, you should be approved for a corporate credit card.

Accept the card only if the terms are favorable--low interest rate, good reward program, no prepayment penalties. Fees are common on business accounts, but do not accept a program with excessive fees--especially if they are recurring fees.

How to Get a Credit Card Without a Social Security Number

Credit cards are a necessary modern convenience. You can't buy products over the Internet without a credit card most of the time. For those who want to be able to use a credit card without having it tied to their Social Security number, address, or even their name, there is an option available.

Go to a convenience or drug store. There will be pre-paid credit cards available at the counter or in the gift section of the store. Pick one of these and take it to the checkout.

Purchase the card. When you buy this credit card you can have the cashier put a certain amount of money on it. If you intend on using this card often or if you're going to make a large purchase with it, then pay enough money up front so that the credit card's balance is large enough to meet your needs.

Register your credit card online. This will require you to provide a name, but you aren't obligated to use your real name. Once that's done, your new credit card is ready to be used.

How can I run my store without a Social Security Number This post is outdated

Hi, I am an international student in the United States, I already opened a Shopify store but Shopify said I can not receive Credit Card Payment because I do not have a Social Security Number. What can I do please?

Koreen here from Shopify. Thanks for posting. :)

I'm afraid that in order to use Shopify Payments in the US, a SSN is a requirement for the set up process. This is for identity verification, and we have a little more info that goes into this in more detail here.

If this is not possible for you to obtain at this time, there are other payment solutions for you to choose from. We have a list of all those available here. These can allow you to accept payments on your store.

I hope this helps!

Koreen W | Shopify

Thank you for your reply to my question. I am not familiar with other payment options you listed, is there any of such option that accepts Credit / debit card payment? if there is non, which of the payment option do you suggest that will serve better. For some months now,I have stopped marketin my store yet i pay every month to retain the store.

I have a similar but different question.

I have setup a corporation in US. I have EIN number and bank account in US. But, the managing director is a foreigner who doesn't have a SSN. What is recommended solution for it? Is it also possible if I use my employee's SSN?

Thanks for reaching back out and apologies for my delayed reply!

Sorry to hear that things have been on hold for you as you get this sorted.

Generally speaking most payment solutions will accept both credit and debit card payments, though as these are third party it would be best to confirm this directly, along with the features and rates that they off too. This will allow you to secure the best payment solution to fit your own business needs.

On a side note, if you'd like to keep your store online, without the checkout function, we do have the option to Pause your account. This allows you to keep your info online at a reduced rate, until you are ready to start selling.

Thanks for joining in!

I've checked on this with our internal teams, and while SSN a requirement when operating from the US, as the account owner, you can enter an FEIN here. However in these cases it is likely that our internal team will reach out to you for some more information to fully verify the account. You will also need to make sure that you do have a legitimate US address and US bank account too.

H4 visa and Bank account / Credit card / Debit card

H-4 visa holders can’t get a social security number. They cannot open a separate bank account or get a credit card without Social Security Number. They can share a joint account with their spouse and also, a joint credit card/debit card.

A social security number is required to run a credit check. As H-4 visa holders do not have a financial presence in the U.S., they don’t have a credit history.

(09.25.07) An important correction: H4 Visa holders can open a bank account individually -it has to be a checking and not savings.

H4 Visa holders can open a bank account individually -it has to be a checking and not savings. I am a H4 visa holder and I opened an account within 1 month of landing here.

I am on H4 and I have been trying to open a bank account individually and didn’t suceed twice….So if ypu can tell me how did manage to get a bank account

I could not open an individual savings account, on H4 and I have no expierence of opening a checking account in USA. But as Kiah pointed out, I think H4s can open a checking account.

You need to open a bank account is –

1. your passport, another form of photo ID,

2. your US address (utility bills in your name, if any),

3. at least $50 (cash, checks, or traveler’s checks) to deposit.

The bank will ask for your social security number (SSN), but it is not required to open an account. If you are not eligible for an SSN please ask for an ITIN application or give them your ITIN, if you already have one.

PS: if you need some more documents or are denied the a/c… please let us know, we all will benefit from you expierence.

1. your passport, another form of photo ID,

I only have my passport. Where can I get the “another form of photo ID” I do not have a license.

1. your passport, another form of photo ID,

I only have my passport. Where can I get the “another form of photo ID” I do not have a drivers license.

You might want to get a driver’s license before you apply for a Checking account. To open a joint account you will not need photo ids and even if u do , your passport will serve the purpose.

If really have to get a checking account urgently, you can try with one photo id and if refused – you could get a driver’s license and try again ! other ids like marriage certificate and birth certificate dont not have photographs on them – atleast mine dont.

Many states provide state photo ID, you can apply for that, though very shortly you will need a license as well, as its just not possible to carry on without driving here!

Iam on H4 and want to study and work too( atleast part time) , how do I get my F1?

You CANNOT work on H4… working illegally is not advisable.

When you join schoool its upto you that you have to be on H4 or get converted to F1.

If you want to change your status from H4 to F1, school will provide you I-20, based on that you have to submit all the required information and documents to the INS or UCIS. A international student counsellor will work you. once approved you have two choices

1) Stay in this country without having visa stamping on your passport – this is legal when you have appropriate paperwork until the date specified on I-20.

2) Going for stamping either to Mexico, Canada, India or some other country.

I AM NOT A LAWYER, for any kind of legal work / change of visa, YOU MUST CONTACT A LAWYER before taking the plunge or sending any kind of paperwork to authorities.

hi, just moved to salt lake city, utah this january on H4. I checked with the local DMV for a state ID or driving license. They refused both and said we provide a “driving privlage card” to H4 holders and not a DL…is there any ID other than the passport that i cud apply for ? If wierd if each time i shop i have to carry a passport along!

I have never been to Utah. Not giving people driver’s license based on immigration status is unrealistic and unwise.

People need to drive, esp. in a country like america. DMV’s job is to ensure that they do so within the relevant laws, not according to immigration law. Well, I have heard of other state- issued ids. Give me some time, I will research it and post a blog on it.

Why are we treated like idiots here – not allowed to work, not allowed to drive …are we insane or dangerous that we are kept away from public? 16 year olds are allowed to drive but educated, resposible adults are not allowed…just because we are from another country !!

Meanwhile, Don’t lose hope…there must be some way you could obtain an american government issued photo id….afterall, it is not that we dont exist. They CANNOT wish us away….

hi, i have H4 can i get social security card? can i get it?can i work part time?i am student of 12 grade in high school.

– You CANNOT get a social security card on H4.

– You CANNOT work part time/full time/freelance. You can do volunteer work.

How long have you been on H4? Have your parents applied for green card?…You might get an EAD soon and then, you will be able to work.

Consult a lawyer and check if you can transfer to F1 visa…

Hope that helps.

You DO NOT need to have a driving license to open an account rather you can open an account and have the welcome letter as one of the 6 points to get a drivers license.

1) Tell your spouse to give you an extended credit card may be by depositing $300(it will be on your name from your spouse’s account).

2) Take your insurance card or any paper verifying that you have medical insurance.(All H1 people get it for their spouses as well).

3) take your passport with a valid visa.

4) If some bank aske for a utility bill then you can ask your hubby to add or change to your name any of the gas or electricity(they dont ask for social.)

5) Not important——-you can take your ITIN papers as well if you have.

You are good to open a checking account individually on your name. People on H4 cannot open savings account since they are not entitled to earn any interest from the sum.

im H4 visa holder too, moved here in California with my husband 3 months ago..last week we applied for medical insurance and today my husband told me that his insurance has approved but they have cancelled my medical insurnace coz i dont have SSN..

we ll get much information about it later .. but im very surprised how sad is that they cancelled this med. insurance just bcoz not having SSN, isnt it insane ..

plz suggest me what shuld i do..

i also want to study here, im a software engineer (BS), plz let me about fees , and part time study ??i heard that if i take admission in universty i would be able to work there on H4 visa too, is that true ??

Welcome to the blog ! This shouldn’t be happening …you should get a medical insurance as you are legally admitted to the United States.

there must be some knid of miscommunication here, please verify with the concerned authorities and you might need to consult a lawyer. You MUST have medical insurance and h4 visa does NOT stop you from getting one!

Well honey, just like you – dont now much about fees n’ all. it depends on thE college , the program…your residency status in the state.

You willl NOT be able to work on H4 under any circumstance but you must study if you have the time and economic stability. start with –

1.finding the course you wish to pursue …look out for various universities online, community, state univ. ;

2.negotiate your instate /out of state status with them… might need to take the GRE and GMAT. you will have to prepare for these tests.

4. get a driver’s license even if you dont plan to drive …as the license will serve as a photo id.

keep us updated… I’ll let you know if i find something useful.

Hi i am on h4 and was wondering if i can apply for a loan to do my studsies further? Since i do not have a ssn will i be apply to or atleast my husband can do it on my behalf? Or we do not even qualify for that either? Thank you all your helss

H4 visa holders eligible to take private loan without a SSN upto 150K. But you need an US Citizen sponser to co-sign the application.

You have to have valid I 94 and your school must participate in the Loan progam.

In order to qualify for Federal Student Aid (the FAFSA program) you need to be either:

b) a Legal Permanent Resident.

Most of grants and scholarships require you to be one or the other above. you could qualify for student loans through a bank, but your repayment options and interest rates are going to be different compared to Federal student loans.

The financial aid dept. at your college could have some leads for you.

Thanks for posting this query , I should post a write up on this aspect of h4 visa soon !

check this link – it has some vital information.

I am a h4 visa holder and i want in Ny and I want an ID card is it possible? I’m not driving so a do not have driving license card.

Even if you dont drive and dont wish to do so ever – having a driver’s license serves as an id. So, if i were you, i would get a drivers license.

There are other state issued ids. If you do not drive, you may qualify for a Non-Driver Photo Identification Card from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DMV Non-Driver ID Card has the same personal identification information, photo, signature and special safeguards against alterations as a driver license.

To apply for a learner permit, driver license, or non-driver ID card, you must complete an “Application For Driver License Or ID Card” (MV-44), available at any motor vehicle office, by request from a DMV Call Center, and from the DMV Internet Office.

You must present the required proof of name and date of birth, and pay the appropriate fee.

You also must prove your date of birth. Your document must be the original, or a certified photocopy from the issuing agency.

DMV will accept ANY ONE of these documents:

Birth certificate issued and certified by a Board of Health or Bureau of Vital Statistics in the U.S., its territories, or possessions. Foreign birth certificates are not acceptable.

NYS Photo License/Permit/Non-Driver ID Card

Military Photo ID Card

Foreign Passport (with USCIS documentation)

click on the following link for more information :

How does a H4 person get a drivers licence without a SSN. I enquired Secretary of State of Office if Tax Id Number is a valid form of identificaiton…and they denied accepting it. What is the other ways of getting drivers licence.

well, if the DMV is aking for SSN then, you need to get a letter of denial from SSA stating that you dont have a SSN because you cannot get one. they give an official denial letter, specifying as to why they can’t issue you an SSN card. You can show this denial letter in order to get your driving license….that usually works…!


I’ve been in the US for a year now and like everyone else, it has been a long and tiring struggle eversince. It’s really a frustrating situation to be on H4, it’s like having both your hands and feet tied up because you are actually limited to only a few options and opportunities here.

Just would like to share some of my experiences for the past year:


For H4, this is one of the most important things you have to consider getting first as this will establish your identity here.

Start this process by acquiring a LETTER OF DENIAL from Social Security Office Nearest you. Documents needed I guess varies from state to state but what they ask of me are Passport, Visa, I-94. Additionally, they also asked supporting documents coming from the primary visa holder (whom you are dependent with)….these documents include your spouse’s passport, visa, i-94, SSN and form I-797. As I have said documents needed might vary from state to state so call the SS Office first before going.

When you have the Letter of Denial you can now go to DMV to apply for either Driver’s License or State ID. These are the docs DMV asked of me:

1. Proof of Residence-this maybe any utility bill on your name, or if you are renting an apartment ask your land lord to add your name on the lease contract (this is what we did and i guess the easiest option).

2. Letter of Denial

3. Passport, Visa, I-94

4. Supporting Docs from primary visa holder: Passport, Visa, I-94, I-797, and SSN

5. Study or atleast brush trough the “Rules of the Road Booklet” (This is available at DMV office or the DMV webiste of your state), as you might take the written exam on the same day of your application (Don’t worry ! Most of these questions are purely common sense).

After sumbitting all of these documents at the DMV nearest you, the rest will just be procedural. Again documents to be presented might differ from state to state make sure to call DMV first.


-the best option is to apply for a joint checking account together with your spouse. Now from here on, if you decide to open a separate account for yourself and on the same bank, it will not post any problem anymore since you are already an account holder. Documents asked to open an account usually are 2 Valid IDs. Passport and Driver’s License or State ID will suffice.


Contrary to what others are saying and as per my experience it is possible to have your OWN CREDIT CARD and CREDIT HISTORY (Not a secure Card) even though you are on H4 status. At first I was also led into believing that this is not possible because I can’t establish a Credit History because I don’t have an SSN. Here is how I started:

1. Apply for Individual Tax Idendtification Number with the IRS. This is very easy just download the W-7 form from IRS website and follow the instruction given on the form. After mailing it to IRS you’ll have to wait like 3-6 weeks for them to process this and send your ITIN.

2. As soon as possible, ask your spouse to add you as an authorize user of his or her credit card. I think this is what made the difference, upon arriving to the US, my wife and I decided to include me as an authorize user of her credit card. As much as possible use your card in your purchases specially on big or frequent purchases. I believe (this is only my own speculation), in doing this you make your name known to the credit agencies. Very Important…..never miss a payment on your credit card, keep it on good standing.

After like 4-6 months, I started recieving pre-approve credit card application from different banks. I was skeptical at first in applying, thinking that it will not be approve precisely because I don’t have an SSN which is required when you apply. I did the application anyway using my ITIN in place of an SSN. And it worked, I was approved. Three months after I recieve my card, i was eligible for a credit line increase. Bottomline is, you must keep your credit record on good standing from the very beginning of the process.

Of course, I can not guarantee that you will have the same outcome as mine. Different factors might affect your application such as current credit standing of your spouse and the bank where you applied for a credit card. I’m just saying this to rectify the information given by others that you can’t have a credit card or credit history while on H4.


-It has already been established that there is no way an H4 can work. Coming from me who have tirelessly sought different avenues to circumbent this situation for the past year and for most i guess share this feeling, unless of course you do things illegally which I believe will do more harm than good for you specially now a days that immigration is being strick on their policy on illegal allien (Of course we are not illegal alliens here but when you start working as H4, then it is). However, there is one avenue you can look into. And that is INVESTING in stocks and forex, we are allowed to do this. I did some investing already in the past couple of months, drive by boredom I guess …. LOL. But of course, this is a very risky option specially now a days when the market is very unstable, however, on the upside, stocks right now are quite cheap to buy. I warn you though that investing in the market carries with it a great amount of risk….so before you dive into it….make sure, to make your own research on the risks involve. There are a tons of books you can read to atleast give you insight on this option. Again, investing carries with it some amount of risk make sure you do your homework even before contemplating on this option.


-If there is one option which will be beneficial to us on H4 here in the US is to continue our studies. At least, you are investing on something you can use in the future. At least it will make the wait worthwhile.

I would like to thank the moderator/Administrator of this site. You are really doing a good job in keeping this site going. I really applaud you for your efforts. Keep up the good work.

You might want to put this information about the licence stuff in your front page.

Story from Illinois

1. Requires Denial Letter from SSA

2. You HAVE to go to the DMV facility in Laramie off I-290 or Rockford, IL to get the written test. no other facility entertains H4.

3. Although, they serve written tests on saturday, they do not entertain denial of SSN letters on saturdays. Written test close at 4.30

4. Fortunately, the written test is the same for everyone. Simple, and common sense answerable by everyone

5. Learn to drive and go back to the same place, either Laramie or Rockford, IL and give the driving test.

Went to Bank of America (suburban Chicago IL) with wife today. I have H1B, wife has H4.

1. Was told that wife CANNOT become joint account holder of my currently-existing checking account. The reason stated is that a person with a SSN (me) cannot have a joint account with a person without a SSN (my wife). They can make a joint account for two people with SSNs, or two people without SSNs, but cannot mix a SSN holder with a non SSN holder. Has anyone heard this story too?

2. Wife CAN open her own account, both checking and savings. Showed passport, apt rental lease with her name on it, and her foreign credit card to open her own checking account.

Perhaps rules keep changing and are different from bank to bank (or even branch to branch?) and state to state?

I am a H1B visa holder and wife is on H4. My wife was added as Joint account holder with Bank of america last year March 2010. Initially the system was not accepting , but the representative checked with the manager and somehow added. You may need to try again. Good luck.

Does somebody know if an H1b can change into a L1 so his H4 spouse can become an L2 and then work?

My wife and I are moving from Illinois to CA. I noticed that in the front page, about drivers licence for H4, it is mentioned california offers state ID. I just wanted to confirm. Is that a correct statement? Illinois didnt offer state Id for H4s. Hence the question.

sonal apparently got one !

I am On H4 Visa and residing in Georgis.Can anyone suggests in which bank can i open my checking account individually?

any bank should be ok. You just need an ID.maybe your passport or foreign credit card

I am looking for a consultant to convert my H4 to H1.can anyone recommend one pls?

@ vatsala did u get ur license by now? if yes how…?

I just moved to SLC too… heard about the DL privilege card… but its of no use … we’ll be treated like illegal with such a card…

today i got my SSN denial letter and tomorrow i’m going for the DL test… hopefully they dont refuse me to get the DL . cause u cant even shop from cosco without the ID!

I also have question about ITIN no… I have no idea what it is and y do i need it apart from showing it as an ID… if I apply for ITIN does my spouse have to submit some form along with it too?> if yes which one and y?

I am on H4 and i got some freelance work from Indian well known company through one of my friend reference as my friend thinking that i am on H1, so i continued the same with the company like i am on H1. and their vendor called me and said that we are going to pay via cheaque as this is a freelance job will be 5-6 weeks. so, here i am thinking about the cheaque payment will be any problem if i deposit in to my bank a/c ? also that vendor said that there is a agreement between me & vendor which is for payment and till now i did not receive any agreement and said that after 45 days they release the payment.

1. Is there any way to get pay on my wife name as she is on H1 with SSN and currently working on contract project? or

2.that venor will accept if i say i am on H4 now?

3. vendor will accept deposit money to my indian bank a/c ?

4. if i ask to give cash , will vendor agree ?

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