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Unclaimed Properties, Cash & More!

1. Neverclaimed.com Searches for accounts in financial institutions and companies that have had no activity generated or contact with the owner for one year or a longer period.

2. Our System locates unclaimed property include savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed dividends or payroll checks, refunds, traveler's checks, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders or gift certificates (in some states), insurance payments or refunds and life insurance policies, annuities, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, mineral royalty payments, and contents of safe deposit boxes.

3. Neverclaimed.com provides you with all of the necessary forms and instructions so you can claim your lost money.

After you locate your unclaimed money using our search. We'll provide you with instructions on how to get your money back from your local, state, or federal office.

Generally you'll send in an official form, that we provide you, that you have to sign and send it. Once the governmental office receives your paperwork, they'll send you a check in the mail. Just like this one recently received by one of our members!

Unclaimed money ga

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Unclaimed Money Owed To Texans

Indiana Unclaimed Money Search

Indiana unclaimed money now totals over $350 million

According to the State office, “we have millions of dollars in lost or forgotten assets from dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, valuables left in safe deposit boxes and stock certificates. Because these properties were considered abandoned and unclaimed by the bank or company entrusted with them, they are turned over to the state, as required by law. The Michigan Department of Treasury is the custodian of these assets and returns them to their owners (or the owners’ heirs) when they are rightfully claimed. ”

There is nothing quite like finding money you didn’t know existed.

Maybe your deceased family member had a deposit box the rest of the family didn’t know about. Maybe they had some stocks or bonds. It is absolutely amazing how we have allowed nearly 40 Billion dollars to become lost nationwide and unbelievably, this number just keeps rising.

It is important you search for your Michigan unclaimed money and property at least once per year. Do not make the mistake of searching only once and forgetting about your Michigan unclaimed assets. Millions are added year round, so jump to it and search.

Also, be sure to search for living and deceased family members unclaimed money list. Yes, you can make a claim on deceased relatives if you are the next rightful heir.

Lastly, do NOT buy into the hype of there being a central database for you to find your lost money. The fact is, it simply does not exist. In fact, the one website the media keeps directing users to DOES NOT list all possible claims. I will show you how to find every stinking penny owed to you whether the government wants you to find it or not.

I will wrap this post up by saying…don;t you find it interesting when we owe the government, they have no trouble finding us, but when they owe us money, they can’t seem to locate us?

How To Search For Unclaimed Money

One of my biggest gripes concerning unclaimed money is the way the popular media tells us to search for unclaimed money. They have listened to the “so called” experts and government officials who have been misleading the public for many many years.

From my 17 years experience helping people search and find money owed to them, I read multiple websites directing people to a certain website which is suppose to be the end all for free unclaimed money searches. The truth is, if you buy into this inaccurate information, you may be leaving thousands on the table. If the media would simply read their FAQ, they would know all claims are not listed in these online unclaimed money databases. In fact, certain dollar amounts are never listed on this site, and for this reason, I will not even dignify the site with a link. I DO NOT want anyone to waste their time if they cannot find every dime owed to them.

Worse than this are the dozens of unclaimed money search sites which buy lists from the government and place them in their databases for a monthly subscription fee or per search charge. These sites are a joke and you should absolutely stay away from them. Just keep in mind there is only one official site for each state which has all claims listed.

Even worse than worse, some sites offer initially free unclaimed money search results just to lure you into their sites only to find out the claim is not your and only someone with the same name.

I hate this stuff and will show you the absolute correct way to search for your lost money and property.

When you conduct a government unclaimed property search, you must know the official website to search. You must know how to search correctly, and you must know how to find the claims many states appear to be hiding from you. Listen, many states have good reason not to list certain claims online. They are balancing their state budgets with our money and they do not want us to find. For this reason, there are certain steps you must to when searching to ensure you are finding every penny.

Luckily, there are people like myself who are spilling the beans and opening the doors so you can rest 100% knowing you have searched for all of your unclaimed property and money.

If you have questions about how to find your money, please call first. My phone number is located at UnclaimedMoney.net

How To Find and Search Unclaimed Money

Have you heard about unclaimed money?

Did I hear you say yes?

It is amazing to me how many people have heard of unclaimed money but have NEVER searched.

Today is your opportunity to find your money, but you must do what the average person will not do, and this is to TAKE ACTION NOW. Do not put it off! It is important to not get distracted! Simply, imagine how happy your family will be when you find money owed to you!

My best guess is most people believe good things never happen to them. The truth regarding how to find unclaimed money is the odds are better than any table in Vegas you will find something owed to you or your family in just a few short minutes of searching.

For a complete guide on How To Find Unclaimed Money, there is a new release on Amazon.com which shows you how to find every penny of the billions of dollars waiting to be claimed nationwide.

Go to How-To-Find-Unclaimed-Money.com to grab your copy of the newly released books from Amazon on how to find unclaimed money in your state.

From how to find unclaimed money to how to find unclaimed money for free, people want to know how to claim their cash being held by the government. The steps for how to find unclaimed money in your name are as simple as one two, three and you can have a check in the mail within 6-12 weeks.

When I am asked how to find unclaimed funds, some want to know how to find unclaimed savings bonds and how to find unclaimed money free. That’s where my specialty jumps into the Frey. I have been assisting Americans in finding their unclaimed cash since 1997, and my expertise will help you avoid getting scammed and show you the absolute AND FINAL way to search and find every penny due your family and friends.

How to find unclaimed property is the same as how to find out if you have unclaimed to money. The process is the same, you simply need to know how and where to search.

Find out if I have unclaimed money, run a search for me, Russ Johnson, if you find something, I will pay you a 10% finders fee. Chances are you will not find any money for me, as I search at least every other month. You should too, as millions are added year round. Even if you do not find a claim today, you could literally come back tomorrow and a claim be listed.

Unclaimed Money Information: Amazon.com


Though I will be introducing each book separately, I wanted to go ahead and release all 50 books just released on Amazon.com

Be sure to read your states description for important information.

Did You Find Your Unclaimed Money?

Well, We Found It!

Unclaimed property still sits in depositories all over the United States waiting for the rightful owners to claim it. Believe it or not but you probably have some unclaimed property in your name that you don't even know about. yet. Now, even if you have tried other sources to try to find unclaimed funds in the past and came up empty handed, you can change all of that in an instant by searching our FREE unclaimed property lists. This is one of the least known unclaimed money database in America and has recently grown to 500,000 unclaimed property accounts with over $200 Million dollars that has yet to be claimed . These specific unclaimed money accounts have a very dismal 5% return rate. In other words, 95% of these accounts and respective funds will most likely stay unclaimed. Don't let them keep you or families money!

We have recently made our latest updates to these already growing unclaimed property list and now it has topped an amazing HALF MILLION accounts. We have separated, sorted and compiled this entire unclaimed property database and made list for every State in the United States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and even the United States Virgin Islands . With these last updates included we now made a miscellaneous list where the exact location is not known, only the names.

Recovering Your Funds Is The Easy Part

Claiming your money is actually the easy part. Finding the money is the hardest part of it. The hard part will actually be over for many because they have found this unclaimed property website. Now make sure that you take the time to bookmark this page so that you can return back when we update the lists again. Now get busy and start searching for everyone.

With this information its easy to see why there is a very good chance that you may find unclaimed property for someone that you know. When you do find it, you have two ways to get the necessary information so that you can claim these funds. The first option is obtaining the "Refund Resource Manual" which will explain exactly where this unclaimed property is being held and will guide you through the Recovery Process. These unclaimed funds can be back in your pockets in a very short 6 to 8 weeks time. The other option is to obtain the "Unclaimed Money Home Business" ebook. This ebook will give you the information necessary to claim these funds, but will also give you links to over 75 more free online unclaimed property databases. These databases are used by professionals everyday. Plus it will show you how to join the lucrative unclaimed property locator business. Which is one of the best home business opportunities available today. What could be easier than helping people to claim their own money. and getting paid to do it.

Unclaimed money ga

There is over $120 Million Dollars still unclaimed in this agency alone!

Get yours back now with

this easy to follow "Refund Resource

* ONLY for accounts listed below on our different lists.

Claim it yourself and forget about paying fee's to anyone!

Unclaimed money ga

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Unclaimed Money Ebook

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Start your lucrative home business today.

DIRECT links to Federal , State , Local and Private databases.

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Cover letter and Letter of Inquiry included!

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Step by Step instructions!

Sample forms, letters and customer agreements!

Over 75 FREE unclaimed money database links!!

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The most thorough and complete unclaimed

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Searching Our FREE Unclaimed Funds Lists

Now that you are ready to search the different unclaimed money lists below take into consideration that some State and non-State lists were so large that we had to split it up into smaller lists. Make sure that you have taken the time to bookmark our site so that you can come back in the future as we update these lists on a regular basis. To conduct a search, simply enter identifying information into to Google search form below. You can search names, addresses or even certain towns in specific States. Keep in mind that some of these names and addresses have misspellings and errors, so be sure to at least check for the most common errors when you look over the lists. A simple spelling error is sometimes the actual reason why most of the claimants who are due these funds were never actually notified about their unclaimed money. Some of the most common mistakes are placing the first name last and the last name first simply by forgetting the comma: "Smith Joe" instead of "Smith, Joe". And some common address variations are: West 38th St, W. 38th St, 38th W., etc. Good Luck.

Don't forget to search for deceased relatives as many have assets that they did not know about themselves or they didn't tell anyone about it before passing away. Take the time to ask family members about other relatives full names and previous addresses, you may have great news for them after conducting your search. By purchasing the Unclaimed Money Home Business Ebook (above), you are virtually GUARANTEED to find money for several people you know. because everyone that takes the time to do it always find unclaimed money (and they tell us about it).

Get Your Unclaimed Money Advantage

We're glad you're here and believe that once you've toured our site, you'll be confident that you've arrived in the right place, at the right time, with the right company. So take your time, look around, and ask us questions if you have them. The Unclaimed Advantage team wants to be your advocate, in your corner, working on your behalf, to help you get what is rightfully yours. That is our goal and intention. And if graced with that privilege, be assured that we will work diligently to deliver the end result you not only deserve, but to which you are legally entitled.

Unclaimed money ga

Unclaimed money ga

Unclaimed Advantage is an Asset Recovery Organization with expertise in locating and securing the release of dormant, abandoned, financial assets and/or unclaimed money held by private and public trust accounts. We assist estate heirs, private parties and organizations of various sizes, to successfully reclaim missing money they were unaware existed. Funds may have become “lost” as a result of the entity issuing the funds, maintaining an inaccurate, outdated or incomplete mailing address for you. If you changed your name, relocated to another state or simply experienced other distracting factors, these could be reasons you have not been contacted about your unclaimed property.

Unclaimed Advantage works with select individuals we believe are due significant outstanding funds that have already been identified. Being the asset has remained unclaimed, you are most likely unaware of your entitlement. Unfortunately, there is no requirement for the entity holding the funds to make any additional effort to return these monies to you; therefore, it is not likely that you would locate or recover this asset without the assistance of a recovery professional. If you were able to determine where the payment was originating, most people do not have the time, resources and/or the understanding of the intricate procedures required to claim their funds without professional assistance.

Unclaimed money ga

Unclaimed money ga

The Best Step to Get Your Check

Claims can be complex and asset holders and/or government agencies can raise stumbling blocks which can impede successful asset recovery. Claims may require probate of an estate or a judicial determination to secure orders from courts or local governments for release of these funds. Or documents, required to prove ownership, may need to be located. We understand the nuances of the asset recovery process and have the knowledge, expertise and professional staff to handle each step. Our solutions streamline and expedite the process essential to reuniting you with your lost monies. To that end we encourage you or a trusted adviser to contact us today.

Unclaimed money ga

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