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Sam's club plus credit card login

Sam’s Club Credit Card facilitates its card owners with a secure web portal that allows then to log in, pay credit card bills and activate a card. The credit card is backed by the Synchrony Bank. It is a cash back rewards card that provides its owners with 5% cash back on gas, 3% on travel and 1% on all other purchases. Using the credit card at the Sam’s Club Stores you can enjoy plenty of privileges.

Synchrony Bank makes the online account management process easier for you. Once logged in you can gain access to your account information, set up email alerts, view transaction history, update personal information and much more. Scroll down to find guidelines to the login and payments process.

Step 1– If you are wishing to log into your credit card account then you must open the login homepage ( of the Sam’s Club. Once the web page opens you will find two section that read “Consumer Credit Account” and Business Credit Card Account” respectively.

Sam's club plus credit card login

Step 2– Select the one that applies to you and you will be directed to the login page. Provide your User ID and Password in the blank spaces and then hit “Secure Login”.

Sam's club plus credit card login

Step 1– If a customer loses his/ her user id then they must proceed to the login page and then click on the “Find User ID” link located at the bottom left of the login section, as shown in the picture below.

Sam's club plus credit card login

Step 2– Next you will be navigated to a new web page where you are required entering your Card Number and Zip Code.

Sam's club plus credit card login

Step 1– Lost your Password? No need to worry you just need to go ahead to the login page and then select the “Reset Password” link located just below the secure login button, as shown below.

Sam's club plus credit card login

Step 2– Provide your User ID and Zip Code and then press “Continue”. Once your account is validated you will be allowed to select a new password.

Sam's club plus credit card login

Step 1– To pay your credit card bills you are should first log into your account following the guidelines mentioned above. On the top of the account dashboard, you will find the “Payments” section.

Step 2– You can also authorize the credit card company to directly collect the bills from your bank account by setting up an auto debit.

To activate a Sam’s Club Credit Card call at 888-746-7726 and then provide the requested card details.

Sams Club Credit Card Payment Methods – How To Make Your Credit Card Payment

Sams, or better known as Sams Club is a chain that is owned by Walmart and are in short a membership only retail company and were founded in 1998 by the creater of Walmart himself. Their locations are pretty much a one stop shop for everything that you may need, for examples some of the things that they sell are; food, jewelry and designer products, they have pharmacy at most locations, a tire and battery shop, photo development, floral, glasses center among many others.

They also provide financial services that gives you the opportunity to apply for both a personal and a business credit card through their Sams Discover Card which is accpeted at any Sams Club location as well as anywhere in the world where Discover is accepted. Some of the main benefits of having a Sams credit card are:

  • You can receive up to 2 percent cash rewards on your purchases
  • Very low annual fees for your credit card.
  • Perscriptions are discounted when using the Sams credit card where you are able to get up to 40 percent off when buying perscriptions.
  • Extra savings are provided to card holders as soon as their card is swiped at the check out stand.

Sams Club Credit Card Payment Methods

By Mail – You can pay your Sams Club credit card payment by mail by sending it to one of the five mailing addresses that fits you particular card type, which the addresses include:

Orlando, FL 32896-0016

  • Consumer Credit

    Atlanta, GA 30353-0942

  • Consumer Discover

    Atlanta, GA 30353-0930

  • Business Credit

    In Store – You can also walk into any Sams Club locations and make your Sams Club card payment at the Sams Club Member Service Desk or at any register in the store. Same day payment processing applies.

    Walmart – You are also able to pay your Sams Club credit card payment at any register at any Walmart location as well. Same day payment processing applies with this method as well, which it should be known that both Direct Accounts as well as Premier Line of Credit Accounts cannot use this method of payment.

    Online – If you would like, you can pay your Sams credit card payment online through their Sams Club Credit Online Account Managment system, where you will visit the Sams Club online credit center, where you will be presented with two log in options, those being “Consumer Credit Account” as well as “Business Credit Account” where you will want to click log in for whichever one applies to you. You will then be redirected to a page where you can either log in if you have an account or create one, both of which are on the left hand side of the page. To create an account you will want to look for: First Time Users: Register Here, which you will then click “Register Here”. You will then be taken through a series of steps that walks you through the creation of your online account, which in the process you will then create and a User ID that you will then use to Log In, on the same page where you first clicked the registration button. Once you enter your User ID you will then be taken into the Sams Club credit card payment online page where you will be able to enter in the amount you wish to pay, which you will need to look for ” Make A Payment” or something similiar.

    More Information On Sams Club Credit Card Payment & Other Benefits

    There are many benefits that customers can enjoy when it comes to their Sams Club credit card payment each month, here is a small list of some of the great parts of the plan

    • The first great aspect of the credit card payment is that they provide a host of online services that make your credit card monthly payment simple an easy. All you have to do is create an account online and enter in some of your personal information like your name and address among others, then your account will be activated an you will be able to pay your bills everymonth. Whic means you will nver have to mail a payment ever again.
    • You can set you monthly payment on autopilot and have it come out of your bank account each month whether you remember it or not.
    • You can also request a higher limit in your credit line if you need to make a larger payment.
    • There is a zero fraud liability for your Sams Club credit card payment whether paying your monthly dues or dinner or gas, the payment software they employ is the best of the best and will keep your card 100 percent fraud free.
    • Your Sams Club credit card payment system will also allow you to view your financial history online at all times as well as 24/7 customer service in the event that you have a questions about anything. ∙ The Best Points & Mileage Credit Cards

    GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card | Even More Sam’s Savings?

    The GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card has a little brother, which isn’t really much of a credit card at all. If you are not approved for the Platinum version, you are automatically considered for the less attractive, more costly and less rewarding Sam’s Club Credit Card. This allows the issuing company to not only profit on those with excellent credit at lower rates, but also to extract the wealth from the less fortunate. This is a good way to maximize profits while offering just about as little as possible, especially to the less-credit-worthy crowds.

    Fees and APRs of the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card

    If you get approved for the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card, you will be classified as Account Type 1 or Account Type 2 (not very imaginative if you ask me). Account Type 1 cardholders have a general purchase APR of 19.99%. Account Type 2 cardholders will incur a 23.99% purchase APR. So far, so good. Even though I personally believe that all credit card issuing companies are thieves, these rates are acceptable in the modern credit card industry. If you instead receive the Sam’s Club Credit Card, then your APR for general purchases will be set at 26.99%. The same APRs apply to transfers of balances. With the Sam’s Club Credit Card, no balance transfers are possible and so there is no balance transfer APR.

    Now, with the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card, you will always incur a 26.99% APR. This is slightly higher than most other similarly-classified credit cards, just by a percent or so. Still though, think about how much profit can and is generated from the credit card issuer that tacks on that extra 1%, or so, for every transaction type initiated. The profit margins can be expanded exponentially – if a card issuer had a low enough score on their cardholder treatment karma history, and I assure you: most of them do. And once again, cardholders of the lowly Sam’s Club Credit Card will have no options to take any cash advances. Are you beginning to see why I initially stated that the Sam’s Club Credit Card really isn’t a credit card at all? It just doesn’t have anything to it; at least not that we have uncovered yet. Let’s dig on in a bit deeper then…

    Before I forget, thew issuers of the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card remind everyone, and rightfully so, that any and all interest charges can be forever and completely avoided simply by paying your monthly statement, in full, within the minimum of 23 days guaranteed to you from the close of the billing statement. Never incurring interest charges is the way to go. So, for instance, especially for you younger credit consumers,if you take a cash advance because you need it, and you know that you can pay it back with no issues, very soon, then do that: pay it back soon and avoid incurring interest charges. These hefty, yet legally allowed costs can destroy your credit, and thereby, at least to some serious degree, your entire financial future.

    The fees of the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card are, as I expected, higher than they should be. But they are like that with almost every credit card in existence. Now I believe in a free economy and the success of the consistent and innovative. However, in a struggling world economy, and with so many financial crises at hand, it would seem simple that corporate-level financial entities would “take a small hit” for the commoners by accepting less than roughly ¼ of the net purchase total in annual percentage rates of interest. To me, it’s a crime of the highest degree, but that doesn’t matter. The fact is that the schedule for transaction fees with this card is slightly more enticing than most.

    Balance transfers with the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card cost the greater between 4% of the transaction amount and $10. The fees for cash advances, to be fair, are a little lower than with most comparable credit cards. Foreign transaction fees are always 3% of the US-dollar amount of every transaction. If you make a late payment, or if you ever have a payment returned unpaid, then you will be charged $35 per incident.

    Rewards Program for the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card

    The issuer of the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card says that you are going to have the freedom to choose when and how you save the most by using the card. The following rewards apply only to cardholders of the Platinum MasterCard, not to the Sam’s Club Credit Card. In a nutshell, every time you rack up 1500 points, you get a Sam’s Club merchandise and apparel 15% discount coupon. You also receive a 5% discount coupon for health, beauty and grocery purchases. These discount coupons expire after 12 months of being issued.

    You earn points on everything you use the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card to purchase. Well, that is everything except a long list of fun purchase types like lottery tickets, alcohol, entertainment tickets and even online purchases. I personally think this is crap! It’s just another example of how credit card companies take advantage of the very consumers which make them super-rich. I mean, why should my beer be excluded from me earning a few measly bonus points – and just so I can get a discount on purchases from Sam’s Club stores. Talk about arrogant and patronizing. Geez! You can view all the details at the Sam’s Club website and see for yourself.

    The bottom line for me concerning the GE Capital Retail Bank Sam’s Club Credit Card is that it is just marginally OK. They’re certainly nothing so special as to mention to your Mother – but I guess it would do in a pinch.

    Sam’s Club Credit Card Payment and Login

    Looking to make your Sam’s Club credit card payment or login to manage your account online? Sam’s Club is a members-only wholesale store which provides a huge range of products at discount prices. Being one of the largest US retailers with millions of members, they offer products and services for almost anything at low prices, and for a small membership fee you can enjoy this range of exclusive products and services in-store and online. To make a payment online or manage your account, follow the link provided below on this page to the Sam’s Club credit card login. You will also find useful “pay my bill” information such as the credit card customer service number, payment mailing address, and billing phone number below.

    With a Sam’s Club Discover Credit Card, you can save even more on your purchases with cashback at Sam’s Club, or use the card anywhere where Discover is accepted. So if you are a member and make frequent purchases at Sam’s Club, you can gain rewards for your purchases quickly. This guide covers the details of this card, terms and conditions, and how to make payments to the Sam’s Club credit account.

    The Sam’s Club credit card is issued by Synchrony Financial.

    Pay Online: The easiest way to make payments and handle your account is with Sam’s Club Consumer Credit Online Account Management. With this online account you can pay your credit card bills by bank transfer, view all aspects of your account activity, manage your personal information and apply for a large spending limit. To make your Sam’s Club credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login or register.

    Pay by Phone: The Sam’s Club credit card payment phone number is 800-964-1917 for consumers, and for business customers is 800-203-5764.

    Pay in Store: Yes. Your credit account can be paid in any Sam’s Club store at the member services desk, and likewise payments can be made at Walmart.

    Sam’s Club Credit Card Customer Service: The Sam’s Club credit card customer service number is 800-964-1917 for consumers, and for business customers is 800-203-5764.

    Pay by Mail: The Sam’s Club credit card payment mailing address is:

    Mail Consumer Credit account payments to:

    Sam’s Club Credit Payment Processing

    Atlanta, GA 30353-0942

    Mail Consumer Discover Credit account payments to:

    Sam’s Club Discover

    Orlando, FL 32896-0013

    Mail Business Credit account payments to:

    Atlanta, GA 30353-0981

    Mail Business Discover Credit account payments to:

    Sam’s Club Discover

    Orlando, FL 32896-0016

    Mail Direct account payments to:

    Sam’s Club Direct Payment Processing

    Atlanta, GA 30353-0930

    Please include your Sam’s Club account number on your check. Your account number is located on your statement. To ensure your Sam’s Club payment is received on time it is recommended that you mail your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date shown on your monthly billing statement.

    Overview of Sam’s Club Credit Card

    The Sam’s Club Advantage Member Credit Card gives you better spending power and lots of convenience. The credit card also acts as your membership card so you only need to carry around one card. You get fraud protection with photo identification on the credit card, no annual fee, and special financing promotions that you will be notified of. This card does not offer points based or cashback rewards schemes, though the Sam’s Club Discover Credit Card does have a cashback scheme, and can be used in other stores. The Advantage card is a simple member credit card which gives you a good interest rate and more simplicity and convenience.

    Sam’s Club Credit Card Interest Rates and Terms

    The standard APR you will pay on purchases will depend on what you are assigned when your application is approved. You will need a good or a perfect credit history for you application to be successful. For standard members accounts the APR is 20.87% and for premier accounts the APR is 12.87%. These rates are variable and may change according to the Prime Rate, but the figure will not go below both mentioned rates. Late payment fees will depend on your account balance, and will vary between $15 and $39. Returned payment fee is $25. If you pay off the total outstanding balance up to 20 days after your previous bill, then no percentage will be applied.

    Visit Sam’s Club on Facebook and Google+.

    Sam’s Club card payment login, address and customer service availability make the process simple and easy to follow. – Sams Club Credit Card Login

    Read this review to learn more about the Sams Club Credit Card and how to manage your account online. If you shop at this discount retailer, then you may have accepted one of their consumer or business membership credit cards to better manage your finances and store shopping experience.

    A membership account for your store purchases may be a good idea for many customers.

    At their official club card website on, you can login to manage your membership credit card account online.

    Once you sign in to your internet account, you can pay your bill, make your card payment, see your account balance, review your card transactions, request a credit line increase and update your profile information.

    If you are trying to login and sign in to your card account online, you will need to visit their official website at for access.

    When you access their website to logon or signon to your account area, you will first need to look up your account type to ensure that you get to the right page.

    They provide a handy credit account lookup tool to assist their cardholders and members.

    If you have a ‘Consumer Credit Account’. You will be able to login and access your private online account area.

    Both Consumer Credit Accounts and Business Credit Accounts can logon and access their information online from the same starting point.

    SamsClubCredit Online Account Management

    The two main account types are:

    1. Consumer Credit Account – (the acct numbers will begin with 7714, 604599, 6032204 or 521333)
    2. Business Credit Account – ( the acct numbers will begin with 7715, 040, 604600, 6032205 or 556053)

    Sam’s Club Credit Member Services:

    To learn more about personal or business membership credit options, you can see the page at The have designed, and offer account benefits that many consumers are seeking.

    You can choose credit options that provide convenience and cash rewards. Your membership card is your credit card. Also, their website states that there is no annual fee.

    Two credit card options for members include:

    1. Sam’s Club Advantage Member Credit
    2. Sam’s Club Discover to earn cash back

    Not a member yet? You can also access and complete the application online or in-store.

    When perusing credit card minimum payment, and other various options that they can provide to their members, you may want to read specific details about the Discover cash rewards card, where cardholders earn up to 2% cash back on their purchases.

    Also read the specifics about their other personal and business credit options. If they appeal to your personal finance needs, you can complete the credit card application and apply online.

    This huge low cost retailer provides their customers access to thousands of products at discounted prices.

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