Travel cards with no annual fee

travel cards with no annual fee

Travel cards with no annual fee

Travel cards with no annual fee

Travel cards with no annual fee

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travel cards with no annual fee

Travel cards with no annual fee

Getting into this hobby can be intimidating, especially when taking into account the number of credit cards many frugal travelers have, keeping track of which card earns what bonus, when an annual fee is due and how much it is. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of rewards credit cards and are not interested in travel perks, applying for a cash-back card without an annual fee might be the way to go.

This card is perfect for somebody looking for a no-annual fee credit card with a decent return on everyday purchases. Released by JPMorgan earlier this year, this card has gained popularity among Chase customers for its customer-friendly reward structure. All purchases earn 1.5 points, thus eliminating the need to keep track of different quarter bonuses, enrollment deadlines and spending caps. Cash back accrues automatically after every purchase, does not expire (as long as the card is open) and can be applied toward any statement any time. Chase Freedom Unlimited comes with a $150 sign-up bonus after spending $500 in the first three months of opening an account. The card offers 0 percent APR for the first 15 months on balance transfers, which is an enticing feature for those who carry a balance on a different credit card but would like to pay it off over time without accruing much in interest changes.

This no-annual fee credit card from Chase also offers generous rewards. The key difference between this card and the Chase Freedom Unlimited is, the Chase Freedom Card offers 5x points per dollar spent on a quarterly bonus category, limited to $1,500 per quarter. After that, all spending earns one point per dollar. Categories are rather common and can range from gas stations and restaurants to grocery stores and department stores – all places where it’s possible to rack up many points. Customers have to enroll online every three months to ensure the cash back accumulates, so it requires a little bit more maintenance than the Freedom Unlimited. Chase Freedom also comes with a $150 sign-up bonus after spending $500 in the first three months of opening an account.

Perhaps, offering one of the highest rewards rates on the market (as far as credit cards with zero annual fees go), this credit card issued by Citibank does exactly what its name suggests – it offers double cash back on all spend! Similar to Chase Freedom Unlimited, there are no bonus categories to remember, no annual fee and no cap on rewards, making the earning potential rather good even for an average monthly budget. The cash back is posted twice per month: once when a statement closes and then again when the balance is paid off. This card is appealing to those who prefer consistent cash back on everything, without limits, including utility bills, car insurance and cell phone bills. The only drawback of this card is it charges foreign transaction fees, so keep that in mind when you travel outside of the United States. The card does not come with a sign-up bonus.

This card is incredibly similar to Chase Freedom. It earns 5 percent back on rotating categories, which must be activated every quarter, plus 1 percent cash back on all other purchases. Cash back never expires, as long as the card is active, and can be redeemed for cash in any amount any time. One feature that makes this card stand out is the dollar-for-dollar match by Discover on all the points earned during the first year of membership. New cardholders essentially double their rewards, which is something competing credit cards do not offer. Chase checking customers used to earn a 10-percent annual bonus on Freedom rewards, but the benefit was nixed a couple of years ago. Another plus of this card is no foreign transaction fees. However, not many overseas merchants accept Discover credit cards, so this feature isn’t as beneficial. The card does not offer a sign-up bonus to new customers.

This credit card is a no-brainer for somebody who spends a lot on groceries and makes frequent transactions. Issued by American Express, the card earns 2x points per dollar spent at supermarkets (capped at $6,000 annually, then you earn 1x points after that) plus 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. Additionally, an extra 20-percent bonus applies to rewards if a card is used 20 or more times in a billing period, which presents an opportunity to earn a large number of points. The card comes with a sign-up bonus of 10,000 Membership Rewards Points (after spending $1,000 in the first three months) that can be used as cash back or transferred to various frequent-traveler programs – something no-annual fee Chase cards do not allow. Whereas previously mentioned cards’ points are valued at 1 cent each when redeemed for cash back, Amex EveryDay Credit Card can increase that value exponentially. Depending on the transfer, the potential of those points can reach 2 to 5 cents in return when converted to frequent-flyer miles or hotel points.

Although this isn’t a true no-annual fee credit card because it has to be used in conjunction with a Costco membership ($55 per year), it’s a fantastic rewards card for customers who regularly shop at Costco and already pay membership fees. Citi has revamped the wholesale retailer’s credit card, put a Visa logo on it and is now offering a number of cash-back opportunities. The card earns a whopping 4 percent back on gas purchases (anywhere, not just at Costco), 3 percent back on restaurant and travel purchases, 2 percent back on Costco purchases (both in store and online) and 1 percent back on everything else. That’s quite a return on investment! Cash back is issued as an annual credit to be used at Costco, which is somewhat limited, but again, it’s a great option for those who shop at Costco anyway.

Reaping credit-card rewards doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, the perks and benefits are better on many travel cards with annual fees, but sometimes a no-annual fee credit card is all you need to earn a substantial amount of cash back on purchases made every day.

What’s your favorite cash-back credit card?

Your No Annual Fee Credit card search results

Credit cards are ranked below so you can find the best credit cards for you

" class="results-nav__link">Sign-up Bonus Points The amount of money charged to you each year to use the card

" class="results-nav__link">Annual Fees The annualized interest rate your credit card balance will be charged for purchases made with your card

" class="results-nav__link">Purchase Interest Rate Interest rate charged when taking out cash with your credit card

" class="results-nav__link">Cash Advance Interest Rate Minimum personal income required to be eligible for approval for the card when you apply.

" class="results-nav__link">Min Personal Income Required Excellent Credit: have credit for at least 3+years, no bankruptcies, defaults and always make your payments on time.

Good Credit: have credit for at least 3+years, no bankruptcies, defaults and missed no more than two payments in last 6 months.

Poor Credit: have no credit history, declared bankruptcy or defaulted, and/or missed more than two payments in last 6 months.

  • The NEW SimplyCash Card from American Express

With this new market leading flat rate cash back Card with no annual fee:

  • New SimplyCash TM Card from American Express Cardmembers can earn 5% cash back on all eligible purchases at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants in Canada (up to $250 cash back) for the first 6 months of Cardmembership 1
  • Earn 1.25% cash back on all other purchases and when your Welcome Rate ends 3
  • No limit to the amount of cash back you can earn
  • No annual fee for Supplementary Cards 2
  • Refer a friend and you 9 could earn a bonus of $100 cash back for each approved referral up to a maximum annual referral bonus of $1,500 Cash Back 10 .
  • Optional Balance Transfer Offer for new Cardmembers - Enjoy a 1.99% interest in first 6 months** if you choose to transfer your other credit card balances to this American Express card at time of online application. There is no balance transfer fee at time of application.
  • Access to memorable experiences with American Express Invites ®
  • Insurance coverage and 24/7 Customer Service
  • You can use Apple Pay on your eligible device to pay for goods and services at participating American Express contactless merchants
  • American Express is not responsible for maintaining or monitoring the accuracy of information on this website. For full details and current product information click the Apply now link.
  • Conditions apply

  • Sign-up Bonus Points: 0
  • Annual Fees: $0
  • Purchase Interest Rate: 19.99%
  • Cash Advance Interest Rate: 21.99%
  • Min Personal Income Required: $0
  • Credit Required: Average
  • Sign-up bonus annual average $0
  • Annual incentive bonus $0
  • Rewards from spending $340
  • Average annual fee ($0)
  • Your annual rewards earnings $ 340

No annual fee. Earn 5% cash back on gas, grocery and restaurant purchases in first 6 months! 1.25% thereafter. 1.99% interest rate on balance transfers for 6 months, with no transfer fee!

Researching No Annual Fee Credit Cards

It wasn’t always the case, but today many credit card companies offer no annual fee credit cards. Now consumers can find no annual fee credit cards that reward you with exclusive benefits and services—or cash back, points, travel credit, merchandise and more.

Earn big‑time cash back that never expires.

Travel cards with no annual fee

Here are some basics about fee vs. no annual fee credit cards.

Balance the annual fee with the benefits

Should you always go with a no annual fee card? Not necessarily. Compare the benefits you derive from all the cards you’re considering.

When looking at fee vs. no annual fee credit cards, check out any additional fees they may charge. What does the card charge for late fees? Are there fees for making purchases when you travel abroad (foreign currency transaction fees)? Do you have fees for making payments by phone or for redeeming rewards? Are there any overlimit fees?

Since any fees you pay can reduce the credit card’s overall value to you, check the card terms and conditions before you apply for a card.

You’ve compared card annual fees, other fees and benefits—now what’s the APR? The APR is another way you can get the best deal from a credit card. Many credit cards offer a 0% or low APR for an introductory time period.

Ideally you will want to find a low intro APR offer on purchases and balance transfers—plus a low standard APR after the intro offer ends (also called the “go to rate”).

Earn big‑time cash back that never expires with Discover it ® .

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