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Welcome to Bavarian Motor Cars Grafenwoehr.

We are part of the Bavarian Motor Cars GmbH group in Germany, Europe where we are the official provider of the BMW Military Sales Program to the American Military serving overseas in Europe.

It is perhaps because of our strong affiliation to serving U.S. Military members and veterans alike, that we place particular emphasis on exceptional customer service, straight-forward business practices and no-nonsense plain talking.

The inventory at our used car dealership in Grafenwöhr changes daily but you can view what's available to drive away today on our website. In additional we can locate pretty much any Make, Model or Year, with Automatic Transmission or Manual Transmission in a wide range of Colors.

Trading in your old car with Bavarian Motor Cars is the simplest and most cost effective route to your next used car. We make the procedure as easy as possible and will guarantee you the best price for your trade-in.

Decide on your next used car and let us help you to find flexible financing to drive it home. We are not tied to any financial institution which means we will help you shop around to get the very best deal from an independent source. You might prefer to speak with your own bank, in which case we will provide you with everything they require to process your loan.

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Is there any information on trading in a car along with using your system to lease a new car?

We always treat a trade in as a separate transaction.

Because car dealerships will play games with our trade in and try to fool us into spending thousands of extra dollars.

Can you trade in a car that you still owe money on?

Tim Carpenter, Car Finance Expert

Hi, i have a car on finance. I have had the finance for just over 3 years into a 5 year finance deal. I am awaiting a settlement figure from my finance provider but i suspect it will be around £3,500 and having looked my car is valued from about £3,442 to £4,899.

Trade financed car

Rachel Wilson Underwriting Manager

Hi Gill, we'd love to be able to help and from the information you have provided we may be able to get you approved.

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