The american express centurion card

American Express Centurion Card: Who Qualifies?

The american express centurion cardThe American Express or Amex Company has been providing top-of-the-line financial products to consumers since the business opened in 1850. Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Warren Butterfield founded the company. Amex is most known for its credit cards although it offers a wide range of financial products to consumers. The American Express Centurion card is a high-end card that the company offers to consumers who meet certain strict criteria. One of the criteria that a person must meet to qualify for a Centurion card is that he or she is a previous holder of an American Express Platinum Card. The company used to call the Centurion card the Black Card because of its black color.

How to Apply for an American Express Centurion Card

No application process exists for the American Express Centurion cards. The company invites people who meet its criteria, and it does not directly disclose the criteria that one must meet to qualify for the card. American Express may issue a Centurion Card to either a person or a business entity. Once a person receives an invitation for the Centurion card, he or she must complete the elite initiation process.

Who Qualifies for the American Express Centurion Card?

To qualify for the American Express Centurion card, a consumer must meet four different standards. First, the person must be a previous Platinum cardholder. Next, the person must meet American Express’s annual income standards. Thirdly, the person must have a substantial net worth. The last qualification is the credit score qualification. A person would have to have a flawless credit score and credit report to qualify for the American Express Centurion card.

Although American Express does not disclose its criteria for the Centurion card, some consumers have shared their knowledge and posted about their experiences. The Centurion card seems to be geared toward persons who have an annual income of at least $1 million. Additionally, a qualified party’s spending habits must be high. For example, a person who spends approximately $250,000 per year may qualify for the Centurion card. American Express does not disclose its net worth requirements, but consumer’s rumor that it may be around $2 million to $16 million. The company states that it chooses its members one a per-case basis. The varied approvals support the company’s statement.

The Benefits of the American Express Centurion Card

Many benefits come with the American Express Centurion card. One benefit that many cardholders appreciate is the card’s texture. The Centurion card is crafted of black titanium, which is a strong and appealing material. Secondly, a Centurion cardholder can receive a complimentary airline ticket for a first-class ticket that he or she purchases at full price. Centurion cardholders can receive one free night at a Mandarin Hotel, as well. Furthermore, Centurion cardholders obtain automatic enrollment to Hertz’s Platinum rental car program and Avis’s President’s Club. Both programs give cardholders access to a fleet of featured business and personal vehicles.

The Down Side to the American Express Centurion Card

The downside to the American Express Centurion card may be in the associated fees and the fact that consumers cannot apply for it without an invitation. Some first-time Centurion cardholders will have to pay an initiation fee of $7,500. The card carries an annual fee of $2,500 as well. Additionally, the card charges a $37 late payment and returned payment fee, but it does not charge cardholders for foreign transactions.

The initiation fee and the annual fee may not seem high for a person who meets the qualifying criteria. Additionally, some of the card’s benefits are large, and they may be equal to a large portion of the annual fee. For example, a traveler can easily spend $2,500 on a plane ticket. The complimentary ticket that a cardholder receives could make up for one year of fees.

American express centurion card benefits 2015

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The Centurion: American Express Black Card and The Battle For The Big Spenders

Ever since the 1980s, there’s been a rumor that American Express has a special card for the elite members of society. Supposedly the ultra-rich use it to get into the secret floor at Macy’s or the unadvertised underground restaurants of New York. It was cool to think there’s a whole lifestyle that you could gain access to if only you had a special card. Unfortunately, it didn’t actually exist until 1999. That’s when American Express decided to capitalize on the urban legend and make it a reality.

Since then, the Black Card (real name: The Centurion Card) has worked its way into popular culture. Rappers rap about it, writers incorporate it into books and magazines, it’s mentioned on TV shows. It’s the mark of wealth. But how hard is it to get one?

The kicker is, it’s by invitation only. And to get invited, you have to have a minimum spending of $250,000 dollars a year, an exceptional credit rating, and already be an AmEx Platinum Card or Preferred Rewards Gold Card holder. For major celebrities and public figures, they may waive the credit rating.

If you meet all the criteria, the word on the street is they just send out a centurion card in a fancy box without much notification. Check out the unboxing video:

The card was originally just black plastic, but starting in 2006, American Express starting making the card out of anodized titanium. This gives it a substantial, heavy feel. That’s the feel of quality.

Ok, so you’re a big spender with crystal credit… why get one of these? What’s so great about the American Express Centurion? What could it possibly do for me?

A lot, actually; there are a massive amount of exclusive privileges you get access to as a cardholder. First off, you get a dedicated concierge and travel agent, which is cool enough on it’s own. The concierge services allows card holders to call or email requests for tickets, dinner reservations, and shopping research basically anywhere. Centurion card holders are given access to the higher paid concierges who are the top of the Platinum concierge employees. You need Arabian horses for your daughters wedding, call up your personal AmEx concierge, he’ll take care of it.

Plus, you get complimentary companion airline tickets on international flights, personal shoppers at high-end retailers, access to VIP airport clubs, first class flight upgrades, membership in Sony’s Cierge personal shopping program, and memberships in all the elite shopping clubs. There are special hotel benefits like free extra nights or upgrades, and sometimes, random gifts given throughout the year. Some members have received, out of the blue, Canon PowerShot SD850 digital cameras, $2000 Judith Ripka gift cards, $1000 Van Cleef & Arpels gift cards, tote bags, Gucci gift card, $1000 Mikimoto gift cards, etc. It’s nice to be rich.

The ultra-rich are a high-profit/low-risk group for credit card companies. They buy big ticket items that bring in high level processing fees from retailers. So companies fight hard to get high end members. Other companies started seeing the success American Express has with the Centurion, and the copycards began.

This is a fairly large market. Supposedly there are less than 20,000 black cards out there. There are a lot more people out there who want them, and a good amount who can actually afford them too. We’re a wealthy nation.

The Bank of America Accolades Card

- $500,000 Credit Limit

- $295 Annual Fee (Top customers receive the annual back)

- Includes Travel Discounts, Concierge, and Private Outings with Different Celebrities

- Access to private-jet programs

- Worldwide airport lounge access

- Upgrades and discounts at world-class hotels, cruises, spas and car rentals

- Access to a Personal Concierge service

- Open to Smith Barney and Citi Bank Private Clients

- Complimentary Companion Airfare

Stratus Rewards Visa (aka The White Card)

- Invitation Only or Nomination by Current Member

- $1,500 Annual Fee

- Private Jet Discounts

- Actually existed before the AmEx Centurion Card

- Must be a Client of this Private Bank with $1 million in Banked Assets

- UK Based, Queen Elizabeth is a Client

- $700 Annual Fee which is Waived for Spenders over $100,00/year

American Express: The Centurion Card

Whichever name you use,The Black Card , The Centurion Card? It is still the most exclusive credit card in the world. I am finding it more often than I used to, it might be the circle I travel in, it might be people are generating money, or even American Express is only inviting much more card members than in years past (even though American Express won’t disclose how many members already have Black Cards).

American Express Centurion Card

I see this incredibly heavy VIP card in restaurants, nightclubs and hotels all around the world, that is all very normal, however the other day I saw a girl use her Black Card to get a $2.00 espresso at Starbuck’s. So I have the Platinum Card ( I understand weird to love a credit card, however, I do have strong emotional feelings regarding my little platinum bit of plastic), and I am wondering, what does it take to obtain a Centurion Card Invite? Should I be an Academy Award winning celebrity, perhaps a politician having a very wealthy wife or an enterprise mogul buying twenty-five 1000 dollar dinners every week? Gets a Black Card Invite harder than engaging in A Little World ?

There’s a lot of news about what it takes to obtain this card. I needed to hear it straight from the source, so I approached American Express directly. This is what they are ready to disclose:

1. The Centurion Card is inviting Only . There is no online software and no, your friend that actually works for American Express probably cannot get you in. They’ve criteria (that they will not totally discuss) but it surely includes high investing. I asked them when the number was $250,000 a year and this was not verified nor denied. However, it was stated that they consider the card member overall, not only investing habits. It might be like dating where they only want somebody with a great character and enjoys long uses a beach (other than the beach will likely have to be in Bali if you are hoping to get the Centurion Card).

2. There’s a one-time initiation fee of $5,000 incurred to all new Centurion accounts. It is kind of like signing up for a very private club with wonderful benefits including access to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, unique cultural and culinary events around the world. You also excellent amazing customized service, superior than any you can imagine and help in making your wildest dreams (and many ridiculous demands) comes true!

3. Every year the annual fee is $2,500. Once again, you are paying for the benefits persons. If you are vacationing around the world, require super specific service and all the other amazing benefits, it is a small price to pay! And if you’re able to get this card, you are so loaded that you will never even feel the heat of $2,500 once a year!

So there, it’s The exclusive Black/Centurion Card. Right now, go out invest enough, travel a lot and perhaps some day this desired kit will show up in your mailbox!

American express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

This picture shows an American Express card, one of the first ever issued.

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The american express centurion card

The american express centurion card

What does this app do?

VIP Black is definitely the American Express Centurion (black card) of iOS apps. Users will be required to prove that they're high net worth individuals with assets and/or income in excess of £1 million.

VIP Black enables its members to find partner venues via geo-location and receive extra-special experiences through surprise gifts, welcome packages, complimentary room upgrades, exclusive rates, priority access, etc. Their VIP luxury partners include: Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Virgin Limited Edition (Necker Island, The Lodge Verbier, and more.), and Firmdale Hotels. The company claims that membership covers all aspects of the luxury lifestyle including butlers, theaters, personal trainers, private jets, a concierge, casinos, and personal styling.

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