Tfcu rates

Tfcu rates

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    You can contact the Long Island Council directly below:

    114 Old Country Rd. Ste 114 Mineola NY 11501

    1-800-585-5422 or 1-516-747-2606

    2805 Veterans Memorial Highway Ste 26 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

    Also in Riverhead, NY 631-979-1700

    Get more info specific information on how Union Plus helps UFCW Local 1500 members with mortgages and more here:

    Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) welcomes all members of UFCW Local 1500 and members of RCU-1500 Federal Credit Union. The two credit unions merged on December 27, 2006 and all existing RCU-1500 accounts have been automatically transferred to TFCU.

    Opening a TFCU Share Savings Account, with a minimum deposit of $1, is the key to many valuable financial services. As an added benefit, once you've joined TFCU, members of your immediate family become eligible for membership as well. We encourage you to make the benefits of credit union membership a family affair.

    No minimum balance, no per check charges and no monthly service fee.

    You don't have to visit a TFCU branch office to take advantage of our products and services. At, you can access your accounts online, apply for a loan, check out our new services and more.

    Make withdrawals, deposits, transfers and inquiries at ATMs. Your card can also be used for purchases just about anywhere Visa is accepted.

    • New and used auto, truck, motorcycle and boat loans.
    • Visa credit cards - no annual fee.
    • Mortgages - purchase or refinance
    • Home equity loans
    • Student loans

    FREE Automotive Buying Service

    As a TFCU member, you can use GrooveCar, our FREE automotive buying service for new and used vehicles. Call 1-866-476-6834 for details - a 3-minute call can save you time and money!

    Automatically deposit your paycheck into your TFCU account. Sign up for this convenient service with your employer. You'll just need your TFCU account number and TFCU's Routing number: 221475786.

    Branch & ATM Access: Local and Nationwide

    You can use TFCU's branches in Suffolk County and you can also bank at over 3,700 Credit Union Service Centers nationwide, including 60 on Long Island. Visit or call 1-888-287-9475 for a complete listing. You can also make cash withdrawals at just about any ATM worldwide.

    Correspondence: TFCU, P. O. Box 9029, Farmingville NY 11738-9029

    tfcu rates

    Tfcu rates

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