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Its wonderful. It works best when I do not get redirected to ad sites I don't want to be bothered with! - Thomas A Whitcomb


please i just want to pay my bill -

All I'm trying to do is get my statement. Why is this so hard. Help. - Carole Siegel

I must agree with the above comments. Target wants their money on time but their website is THE WORST. Cut your customers a break and ease the pain of getting to the "pay bill on line" portion of the website. I'll be waiting. - sharon dunn

i want to pay my billllllllllllllllllllll - john

i just want to go where it says. pay my bill. ok how hard can that be.

Wher can I call you to get an operator to change our mailing list. All I get are recorded voices that don't have any way to talk to a REAL person.

I need to tell you our new billing address. - Ronald R. & Jo E Carpenter

I had to call for informatiom to know how to make a payment.It should be much easier to find the informaton by oneself. Thank-you. It seems I am not the only one that feels this way. in this day and age it should nat be thi difficult. clinda - clindafairow

Way can't you just make it easy to pay my bill,if I want to look for Target buyS I will go to you main site.How do I click on this site to pay my bill? (MAKE EASY) - Sharon Moore

This is absolutely the worst web site I have ever visisted. What is so hard about letting me make a payment??

Just want to look at my account. why the hassle? Sometimes it works and others all I get is a "round a round" - Lona

I was so glad to see all these other complaints. I thought I must be getting pretty stupid. Shouldn't be so hard to give them some money. - verna

Absolutely ridiculous. can't even get to your website to pay a bill. Target should be ashamed for having such a shabby system. - Karen

Why can't I look at my account. What is wrong with trying to make a payment. Make it easy to go right to my account.

When I first signed up, you guys were waiting and ready for me to a payment. Must not want me to make a payment now, just charge, charge, charge. - Jeanine Goodman

Just want to pay my billllllll like the 100's before me just go to target - make payment button - why can't target set this up right. 3rd day I am trying to pay me bill ugh - JULIE

Your website irritates me to no end. Can never get in just to see statement. most difficult bill paying EVER - saheisdorf

I think it's funny, and probably part of some devious plan to save the postal service by making you fork out 42 cents on a postage stamp every time you need to mail a check. And frankly, I don't mind wasting my precious time and gas driving to the nearest TARGET to pay my bill in person, since their lines are so small and my time is so invaluable and gas is so cheap and I can always skip out the door and spend my money at WALGREENS on the way home. SMILE:) - Mark Hentchel

42 cents is a small price to pay for the lack of frustration posed by the internet-- plus you are doing our country a service by supporting our ex-military and the postal service that supports them. I would ride my bike or walk to the nearest TARGET to pay my bill just to let them know you appreciate their cost-saving philosophy! Besides, gas is way too expensive! - Mark Hentchel

For those who don't know, this is not Target's website. Go to and look for a link to pay your "Redcard" or "Redcard Visa". Do not link to anythingon this website. This might even be a phishing site to get you to pay to them. - King George

I just spent twenty minutes trying to activate my new Target credit card using the link you provided. That link took me nowhere that would help me do what I wanted to do. It would have been most helpful if you had provided the correct link. I finally found it on my own. Come on. really?? - Marge

All I want to do is pay my bill ! This is the only store that is NOT USER FRIENDLY . Cannot get throught on the phone and it's impossible to pay a bill on this site!! If this continues I'll cancel my card! I can spend my $$$$ anywhere!! And not get this run around. - Emily Compito

This is the worst website I've ever used. FIX IT so we can pay bills, check balances, etc. This is terrible.

Not only can't get through on the website but when I got someone on the phone to complain I was treated rudely. My late charge I got because I can never get through to the site was removed but only as a one time curtesy. I then complained that that would not be fair if they made it impossible to pay on time. I agree, they suck big time! - Pat

please i need to log in to pay my bill. what is the deal - Dolly Gorczycki

I am also trying to get to my account all I get is the run around - bonnie geier

every f------- month have fight this site to pay my bill .i think it time to cut this card up and move on - debbie

What's the story? How come I cannot simply go to log in and pull up my acct? - Winifred Horowitz

wow! something wrong with me or target website all i wanted to do pay on line . call an complain,but i pay by phone an was given a website still did not work,

again wow. i wonder if the first lady have the same problem with target on-line account

Which one. It looks like I posted the 1st comment here 2 years ago, I just noticed ALL the followers. I am here again. still having same problem. CAN"T FIGURE OUT WHERE TO PAY MY BILL. It looks like some still had a problem a few days ago. Sometimes I go right to it. Come back the next month and it is all changed again and impossible.

THANKS EVERYONE. doesn't make me feel stupid anymore - verna

this is got to be the worst site ever to try to pay a bill. every month i go thru the same thing

target why dont you get off your ass and make your bill paying alot easier. how many people does it take to conplain about it before you do something about it. really -

Is the legitimate site OR The link at the official Target site is and not the other way around. It seems to be fishing email, but if so, where did they get customer information from that's included in the email? - Jayne

Damn! Why is it soooooooooooooo freaking hard to pay my bill

at Target! - Dawne

agree with all above. 11

why do you make it so difficult to make a payment. I don't have this hard time with any other website - Lorraine Sabato

I can NOT get access to my account - I am constantly advised that neither my I.D.nor my password is correct. They have not changed. HELP! - Virginia M. Russell

Personally I think we all should drop the card and get one that saves us 5% no matter where we shop and save interest at the same time. You can not even make a phone payment without getting charged. No wonder why companies are getting as we actually pay double for our great deals. -

no access to account - can't "manage crap" on this site - I could have walked the payment to china in the time i've spent trying to manage my red card ! Thanks target - i'm off to walmart - judy – Login & Manage Your Target REDcard Online

If you’re a cardholder of a Target Credit Card, Target Visa Credit Card or Target Debit Card and want to track your card account easily, just go to the website, the exclusive online place for Target REDcard application, management and customer support. With the system, you can check your card balance, make a payment, view your transaction history, review your card statements and update your personal information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to manage your Target REDcard online:

When open the above mentioned website, click on the “ Manage My REDcard ” button. Then you need to sign in your account with your registered username and password. If you don;t have one, just click on the “First Time Here? Enroll” link and follow the on-screen instructions to register your card and create your own account. Once you registered, you can sign in to manage your account anytime you want.

If you have just received a new REDcard, visit the website to activate your card first before you start using it.

Need more help, call Target REDcard Customer Service number at 1.888.729.7331 (for debit card) or 1.888.755.5856 (for credit card).

Benefits of Target REDcard:

Save 5% on your already low prices on every Target store or shopping when you use your card. Enjoy free shipping and 30 extra days for returns.

Use your REDcard to fill five prescriptions at Target Pharmacy, and earn a 5% off day of shopping.

Receive member exclusive coupons, promotions and special offers.

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Please tell me how to designate Samuel Wolfson High School to receive Take Charge of Education reward points. I formerly had points going to Alfred I. DuPont MIddle School. However, my son is at Wolfson High School. I tried to change designation by phone but could not get through earlier.

reply to Janet Dickey: Please call: 1.888.755.5856 to solve your problem!

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