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Target prepaid red cardFor over 110 years, Target has provided customers a place to find almost anything they need at discounted prices. Their direct competition is Walmart but, where most people visit Walmart for the low prices, Target customers often mention that Target’s selection is of substantially higher quality than their Walmart counterparts. That being the case and although Target is considered to be a discount retail shop, Target’s prices are nominally higher than Walmarts, but the small increase is said to be “worth it.”

Due to the fact that almost anything that a home needs from groceries to furniture is available at Target, the Target REDcard has become a popular credit card for people who like shopping at the retail store, of which there are over 1,900 in the United States alone.

Target gives its REDcard users a handful of ways to pay their bills. To make a payment on your card, use one of the methods below:

Payments over the phone can be made through the phone number (888) 755-5856. You will need your debit or checking information to make a payment over the phone as well as the identifying information from your Target REDcard, so make sure to have them on hand.

  1. Go to the Target REDcard Login page in your browser
  2. Enter your Username and Password into the fields provided and click “Sign In”

Target prepaid red card

  1. Click the link to pay your bill
  2. Enter your payment information and, if you know you will be using it again, save the information to your account
  3. Submit your payment and the Target REDcard page will inform you if it was successful or not.

To make a payment in person, you can do so at any Target cashiers or at the customer service desk. Simply inform the clerk that you would like to make a payment and they will slide your card. From there, just give your preferred payment method and tell them how much you would like to pay. For the Target retail location nearest you, use their store locator and fill in this field and click the magnifying glass icon:

Target prepaid red card

REDcard Bill Pay by Mail

If, for whatever reason, you can’t make it into a store or you don’t want to use the Target REDcard website, you may send your payment, which should have a note telling your account number, to this address:

Target prepaid red card

  • card to activate
  • Red card account main
  • Target red card customer service

If you need any help, dont hesitate and contact the Target Red Card bill payment them at-

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Target prepaid red cardTarget is one of the largest discount store chains in the country. It is located all over the United States and the chain continues to grow every year. Even though it is a discount store, it did once offer another way for you to get a discount and that was with this Target Visa credit card.

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Unfortunately, the word “was” is used here because, in April of 2010, Target discontinued its Visa credit card option. All of its cardholders that had a Target Visa were offered a REDcard in its place. Even so, the REDcard is under the same restrictions for fees as its Visa card was, according to the Federal Reserve.

Target Visa Credit Card – The REDcard Alternative

The Target REDcard is the only credit card offered by Target at this time. You can also get a Target debit card, but this is very different from the REDcard as its use is based upon the deposits that you make to the debit card. The downside to the debit card is that you can only use it at Target and it isn’t a secured credit card, which means your use isn’t reported to creditors.

The REDcard is a retail store credit card option, which means that you will be paying a higher interest rate for this card, regardless of how good your credit might be. What’s more, the APR is tied in with the prime rate, which means that if the prime rate increases, so does your APR.

Target Visa Credit Card – The REDcard Rewards Program

Initially, both the Target Visa credit card and the REDcard offered a rewards program that allowed you to earn points for each $1 that you spent using your Target credit cards. However, at the end of 2010, Target discontinued that rewards program.

Now, Target offers a 5% discount on all purchases made at Target.

This applies to any purchase, including clearance items and medications. Additionally, when you purchase five medications using your Target REDcard, you will get an additional coupon for 5% your entire store purchase. You can use this coupon at your leisure; it doesn’t have to be used on the same day you receive the coupon.

Target Visa Credit Card – The REDcard Terms

The biggest downside to using this credit card is its 22.9% interest rate. In addition, the penalty fee will be up to $35 for a late payment and $25 for a returned payment. However, if you don’t plan on carrying a credit card balance, then you can benefit from the 5% discount that Target offers on this card.

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Target prepaid red card

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Target prepaid red card

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Target prepaid red card

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Target prepaid red card

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Target prepaid red card

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Target REDcard: Is It A Good Value?

Target prepaid red card

The Target REDcard is an excellent card that offers sizeable savings to customers who shop at its affiliated store. The card comes in two varieties - prepaid debit card and credit card. Both of these offer identical benefits, and have the same cost structure. Though this review will mostly focus around the prepaid debit card, we will also discuss the REDcard credit card as well.

  • Frequent Target customers, due to 5% discount
  • Those who want access to Amex Offers
  • Use abroad - the card has no FX fees
  • Anyone who wants savings on purchases outside of Target

Review: Is the Target REDcard Worth It?

The REDcard can provide tremendous savings on purchases with its affiliated store. Since it also doesn't have an annual fee, we believe it to be a good overall value. The most important consideration to make before signing up for this card is its opportunity cost. If you open a REDcard account, you cannot open a Wal-Mart Bluebird or Amex Serve account. If you're a frequent Target customer, this is most likely the best choice to make. However, if you rarely shop at Target, then you can potentially get greater savings by using the American Express Serve® Cash Back.

Out of the three American Express issued prepaid debit cards, the REDcard is the only one without access to Amex Offers - a service that provides discounts and statement credit when shopping at various partnered retailers. If this benefit is important to you, we recommend looking at the other cards instead.

When compared the savings of the REDcard against other cards for an individual with an average household budget, and discovered it performs decently - saving an estimated $279 annually. This is assuming that you spend $3,977 annually purchasing groceries for your home at Target, and buy all your apparel there. The less of these things you buy at Target, the less saving power the card will have.

Target prepaid red card

Target also gives customers the ability to sign up for a credit card version of the REDcard. There are no added benefits to the REDcard credit card, outside of the standard benefits that come from using any credit account - building up your credit history, and the added purchasing power. As with most retail credit cards, the REDcard has very high APR - 23.15%. If you get this card and carry a balance month-to-month, your interest fees will be high, and more than likely negate most of the positive effects of the Target discount.

Bottom Line: If you are a frequent Target shopper, the REDcard provides you with a fantastic offer that we highly recommend. You would be hard pressed to find better savings, even if using one of the top reward credit cards.

Target REDcard Benefits & Features

As mentioned above, the most noteworthy benefit of the REDcard is the 5% discount it provides on most purchases at the store and online at Unlike using a credit card, the REDcard discount is applied at the time of purchase, making the savings immediate. In most card reward programs, this type of benefit works more like a rebate, with the discount being applied after some period of time.

The 5% discount does not apply to:

  • Prescriptions, clinic services at Target and Target Optical™ eye exams
  • Target gift cards and prepaid cards
  • Previous purchases
  • Target credit account payments, Target Debit Card cash back and cash advances on the Target MasterCard
  • Gift wrap and shipping and handling charges on purchases
  • Wireless protection program purchases and deposits required by mobile carrier
  • Where otherwise prohibited by law

In addition to the discount, using the REDcard at also qualifies users to free standard shipping within the United States. Items purchased using the card also receive an extra 30 days for returns, on most items. The only exception to this promotion are items that are already non-refundable, have a fixed return date, or mobile purchases.

As a prepaid debit card, the REDcard is on the cheaper side of things - having less fees than most other cards like it. There are no foreign transaction fees, no monthly fee, and no fees on cash reloads at Target stores.

How Does The Target REDcard Compare To Other Prepaid Debit Cards?

In order to get a clear picture of the REDcard’s value, let's see how it compares to some other leading options.

Note: You may only have one account opened at any time – Amex Serve, REDcard, or Bluebird. It’s fairly easy to switch between the cards, though you will have to go through the application process each time, and therefore pay any applicable fees.

Target REDcard vs American Express Serve® Cash Back

The American Express Serve® Cash Back is one of the best prepaid debit cards available to consumers. Every time you shop using it, you receive 1% cash back – a benefit most prepaid debit cards don’t have. Unlike the REDcard, the American Express Serve® Cash Back comes with a monthly fee of $5.95. Therefore, you need to spend at least $595 per month for the card to become more worth it than the REDcard.

For the most part, as long as you do any shopping at Target, the REDcard's 5% discount is likely to trump the 1% cash back rate from the American Express Serve® Cash Back. The only exception to this rule is if you spend over $1,100 per month, and less than 10% is made up of Target purchases.

Target prepaid red card

This card is not available through ValuePenguin.

The key difference between the Bluebird and the REDcard is that the former is eligible for AMEX Offers, and the latter is not. This is a special program for eligible cardmembers, through which they can get access to special discounts on products and services that partner with American Express. The company claims that, to date, card members have collectively saved over $231M through the program.

The other more obvious difference between the REDcard and the Bluebird is their respective affiliations. The Blubird is partnered with Wal-Mart, and therefore offers occasional promotions and savings at Wal-Mart stores. The REDcard, on the other hand, has its special 5% discount towards Target purchases. There is no cross over between the two. Therefore, the store you shop at the most should be the one whose prepaid debit card you get. From a pure fee perspective, both cards are identical - so much so, that some people have affectionately called the REDcard the Redbird.

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