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Progressive Snapshot Discount Review

Progressive’s Snapshot is the latest program to be unleashed from the insurance juggernaut's formidable discount arsenal. So let’s get to the

Gadget helps Progressive offer insurance discount. With Progressive's Snapshot mileage-based tracking device, not just how many miles you drive but also how you're .

April 19th, 2011. Review: Progressive Snapshot Discount Rewards You For Driving Less and Braking Softer. 80 Comments | | | Do you know Flo, the Progressive Insurance .

Nearly two years ago, I revisited my auto insurance premiums as I do every few years. I decided that switching to Progressive was the most logical and inexpensive .

Progressive Snapshot Discount Consumer Warning [My Review] Is the Snapshot Discount the biggest discount ever, or is it the biggest consumer scam ever?

Success stories from over 1 million drivers who've chosen Snapshot @Progressive is awesome! My policy just renewed and Snapshot Discount rawks!

The Progressive Snapshot discount, also called the Pay As You Drive program is now available in all US states except Alaska, California, Illinois, Indiana, North .

Thirty days have passed since we plugged a Progressive Snapshot device into the LR3 and the results are in. The initial discount came in at 23% with a projected .

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Progressive Snapshot Discount: Big Brother May Not Save You Money

The Progressive Snapshot discount, also called the Pay As You Drive program is now available in all US states except Alaska, California, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington state, & West Virginia. The Snapshot discount can provide a savings up to 30% for driving less miles, at safer times of the day, and in safer ways — avoiding sudden stops & hard braking. But not everyone will save money by participating in the Snapshot program, and at least in one state, you may receive up to a 9% surcharge.

My blog post today will tell you ten important things to know about the Snapshot program, so you understand when it may save you money, and when you may wish to avoid it, if it will cost you more. Signing up for a discount auto insurance program, then not saving any money from it, gives people another reason to feel ripped off by insurance companies

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Here are some things to consider before you choose to enroll in the Progressive Snapshot Program

1. Know the rules for the Snapshot program for the state in which you live.

Per the Progressive website, the Snapshot program will not result in higher rates for you in most states. However, in Rhode Island, you can receive up to a 9% price increase, due your driving habits as recorded by the Snapshot program.

According the Progressive website, Rhode Island is currently the only state where there is a surcharge. But articles on the web indicate a surcharge used to apply also in Alabama, and when I called last year about the Snapshot discount for my Progressive auto insurance policy in Oregon, I was told a surcharge could apply to my policy from the Snapshot program.

The terms & conditions of the Progressive Snapshot program state a surcharge may apply in some states. Which states having a surcharge are not specified as part of the terms & conditions. A surcharge may not apply in your state now, but Progressive can change the rules applying to your state, if it chooses to do so, and you are still bound to the agreement, if you choose to remain in the program.

Progressive states you can leave the Snapshot program, and go back to your old auto insurance rates, but the terms & conditions state in Alabama, up to 12 months of Snapshot information can be used to determine your renewal auto insurance rates, if you leave the program.

Progressive may change their terms and conditions any time they wish to change them, so read them, and be careful about agreeing to revised terms & conditions, if you choose to enroll in the Snapshot program.

Know the rules & fees in your state to make sure the Snapshot program is worth your time, and will save you enough money.

2. Does your state have a technology expense fee for the Snapshot device & transmission of data?

Georgia & Rhode Island have a $30 Technology expense fee you pay each policy period you are in the program. Ask if a Technology Expense currently applies in your state.

3. If you lose the Snapshot device, or it is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, or it is stolen, you can be charged up to $75 for it.

To record your driving habits, Progressive sends you a device to install in your car. Your car needs to be a 1996 or later model to have the diagnostic port used by the device Progressive sends you to monitor your driving. In most cases, you send the device back after 6 months, when Progressive requests it back.

I can’t imagine the device has any value to thieves, but that does not mean the device won’t be damaged or stolen if a thief or vandal breaks into your car.

4. The Snapshot device puts a drain on your car battery.

If you have a weak or old battery, or electrical problems with your car, you will want to address these issues before enrolling in the Snapshot program, to avoid disablement or problems starting your car.

5. If you receive a Pay in Full discount or EFT (electronic funds transfer from your bank account) discount, your savings with the Snapshot program may be minimal.

This is from the Progressive website FAQ/ Terms & Conditions.

6. The more you drive, the less you save through Snapshot.

Average mileage for a car is about 15,000 miles a year for most drivers, although many drivers do not realize they drive that much. The closer you get to the average, a long with other factors, like the time of day you drive, and how hard you stop, will reduce your discount. Driving much more than the average miles may mean no discount at all.

7. Hard braking or sudden stops can mean reduced or no savings under the snapshot program.

The device measures hard braking, which is considered 7MPH per second or faster. This seems to be one of the biggest adjustments drivers need to make to their driving habits to try to maximize the Snapshot discount, with people trying to learn to coast to a stop.

If you drive on congested roads, with lots of stop signs, traffic lights, or stop-and-go traffic, having a low number of hard breaking incidents may be hard to achieve.

Also, do you want to have second thoughts about jamming on your brakes if you need to stop suddenly, when another driver, cyclist, or pedestrian does something stupid? Worrying about higher car insurance rates due to hard stops may lead to the higher rates — and trauma — of a car accident which could have been avoided.

8. Driving between Midnight and 4 am, or during rush hour traffic will reduce or eliminate the Snapshot discount.

If these are the times when you drive most, the Snapshot discount may not save you any money.

9. The Snapshot discount & your privacy.

Per the Progressive website, the Snapshot monitoring device measures your speed, the time, g-force, and when the device is installed & removed from your car. There is no GPS, but if you have one of the devices sending information to Progressive wirelessly, Progressive can locate your vehicle, through cellular technology, and by your request only, to locate your car if it is stolen.

Information collected by the device can be used to help settle a claim, but only if you request it. However, Progressive will provide this information if required by law, which could occur during claims settlement, without your permission.

Progressive will know how fast you are driving through the Snapshot program, but it currently uses only hard braking (deceleration) and not speed (acceleration), to determine your auto insurance rates. This could change in the future.

I recommend reading the current privacy statement for the Snapshot program from Progressive, before enrolling in the program.

10. Days you don’t drive don’t count toward your Snapshot discount.

Progressive determines your annual mileage by measuring the time and speed when you are driving. If you are lucky like me, and you sometimes don’t drive for days at a time, these days won’t count toward the needed number of days (a minimum of 75 days)to calculate your Snapshot discount at renewal.

The Snapshot discount is a huge innovation and it is most likely the shape of things to come for auto insurance rating plans. Many people are seeing significant savings, and Progressive allows you access to your driving information through its website, to help you know how much, if any, discount you will receive.

However, if you drive a lot, drive mainly during rush hour, and/or endure stop-and-go traffic on a regular basis, Snapshot may not save you money. Or, maybe you don’t trust an insurance company with monitoring your driving habits.

It’s okay. Regardless of what type of driver you may be, you can save a lot of money by shopping your auto & home insurance each year with all the leading insurance companies. Be smart and find the insurance company saving you hundreds of dollars.

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What do you think of the Progressive Snapshot Discount program? Tell me about it. Please leave a comment on my facebook page. Follow me on Twitter for important insurance consumer news and new blog entries at CarInsWatch.

Snapshot Discount with Progressive

Now the company has come up with something else they consider to be innovative, something called Snapshot.

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Basically, Progressive sends you a device that you plug in below your steering column, and this device which looks like a larger version of a thumb drive records a few of your driving habits.

Before you worry about the idea of someone watching where you drive, you should know that this is not a GPS device. This device does not look at where you are going or where you have been.

The device is designed to record the things that affect your driving risks such as:

  • How hard you brake
  • How many miles you drive
  • The time of the day you drive

This device does not record your speed or location while driving or compare your driving to the traffic laws in your area.

If you fall into the category of a safer driver, you will receive a discount on your auto insurance.

Only current policyholders with Progressive can use the Snapshot program.

The company does not allow you to use it to determine the possibility of a lower rate if you switch to their company.

The possible savings for people who use this device to monitor their driving is up to 30 percent off your current policy total.

This discount does not apply to your policy until it is time to renew your policy with Progressive, and Progressive wants you to use the device for at least 30 days before a discount is calculated.

The benefit to this program is that, if you are a great driver but you seem to have hit a stalemate on getting discounts on your auto insurance, you may have the opportunity to actually get a lower rate.

If you turn out to be a terrible driver, Progressive does not increase your rates and will not increase your rates when it comes time to renew your policy with the company.

According to the company, it is not their intention to punish drivers who have a poor driving record.

However, in Rhode Island, the information from Snapshot is used to increase the rates of drivers who prove to be high risk in their driving habits.

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Possible Downsides of Snapshot

A major downside to using this device is if you turn out to be someone who the company considers to be an unsafe driver. As mentioned above, the company isn’t going to increase your rates when you renew your policy.

However, if you want to add another car to your policy, that’s a different scenario altogether.

In addition, if you switch from Progressive and then decide to come back to the company, the data it collected while you were using Snapshot is used to determine your rates.

Perhaps you were getting great rates before, but if your Snapshot shows you to be a high-risk driver, your new rates are going to reflect that.

Another possible downside is simple technology failure.

Many people who use Snapshot claim that it recorded hard braking during times they weren’t driving. Someone else plugged in the device and their vehicle stopped working.

It turned out that the device triggered a failure in their computer.

Some people complained that they didn’t receive the discount offered in their Snapshot, although they may not have realized that the discount does not apply until after they renewed their policy.

Because Snapshot is available in so many states, it would be much easier to list the states in which Snapshot is not available.

These states include:

For many, the idea of a company monitoring your driving is a revolting one, even in this small degree. The good news is that it isn’t mandatory, although some experts speculate that it will be one day.

If you are a great driver, this could equate to a deeper discount for you. The worst case scenario is that you don’t get the discount you are looking for.

You can find car insurance companies that offer you great discounts by comparing car insurance rates. All you have to do is enter your ZIP code below!

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Sign Up. Get a quote and then choose the Snapshot mobile app or plug-in device. Drive. Drive with Snapshot for your first policy period (usually about six months).

Questions about the Snapshot mobile app only Can I switch to a plug-in device? Absolutely! The app may not work for everyone, so you can call 877-329-7283 to switch .

progressive Find where your Snapshot ® device fits in your vehicle. Need Help? Contact Progressive at 877-329-7283

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