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Sam's Club, the eighth largest retailer in the United States, is a leading membership club which offers superior goods and services to over 47 million Sam's Club members. You only need to pay little membership fees to join in the Club, but can benefit from exclusive savings on its merchandise and services. Sam's Club Credit Card is one of the easiest ways to pay for your purchases at Sam's Club. Since Sam's Club is a membership club, Sam's Club Credit Card is the only type of credit card that can be accepted at Sam's Club. There are Sam's Club Credit Cards with different reward options. You can earn up to 2% cash back for Sam's Club Discover Earn Cash Back card holders. There are many extra benefits, you can visit Sam's Club Credit Card website via the first link in Related Links below to learn more. How To Apply For Sam's Club Credit Card?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to register your Sam's Club membership before your application.
    2. You need to provide necessary personal information for application.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Decide which type of Sam's Club credit account your want to apply, personal or business.
    2. Pick the type of credit card with the rewards options that suits your needs best. For personal, you can choose between Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit and Sam's Club Discover Earn Cash Back. For business, Sam's Club Business Credit and Sam's Club Discover Earn Cash Back are available for you to choose.
    3. Go to Sam's Club Credit Card website via the first link in Related Links below to fill out an online application. Or, go to any of Sam's Club warehouses to fill out a paper-form application.
    4. Submit your application online or at a Sam's Club warehouse, and wait for approval.
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How to Pay Sam’s Club Credit Card Bill mastercardWhen it comes to membership only retail chain in US, Sam’s Club should turn out to be the conversation starter every time. With more than 47 million members and over 600 warehouses for the club members, it is the largest membership-only retail chain in the United States. Named after Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton, and a subsidiary of Walmart itself, its warehouses are large and replete with all the products you can ever imagine to buy. It has over 25 international warehouses as well including at Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and China.

Sam’s Club offers Sam’s Club Credit Card and Sam’s Club MasterCard. Both the cards comes across two categories – consumer and business. This categorization is not only symbolic but functional. Credit cards’ feature is different for consumers and businesses to address the varied needs of both the platforms. For each of the card, you can create an online account for pay bill. The purpose of this tutorial is the same – to help you in pay bill.

Getting Started with Sam’s Club Credit Cards *

Type “” in your web browser and press “Enter”. This link would redirect you to the Sam’s Club Credit webpage containing all the details about your Sam’s Club Credit Card. mastercard

You can also access this website through the online store – However, for pay bill, I would recommend using the direct link mentioned above.

In the area on the right titled “Current Cardholders” click “Pay my Bill”. This link will take you to a new page asking you to select the credit card for which you wish to make the payment. For our purposes, click “Login” button under “Consumer Credit Account” area. mastercard

Then you will be taken to the login area. Enter your user ID and click “Secure login”. It is only on the new page, which will also show your profile picture, you will be asked to enter your secure password. This two step login process avoids phishing. If you don’t have an account yet, click “Register here” to create an online account. mastercard

Go to the bill payment section once you have reached your account dashboard. Enter the amount you wish to pay followed by selecting a payment mode of your choice. Enter the payment information for the payment mode you selected. For example, if you selected credit card as your payment mode, enter card number, expiry date, CVV, etc to proceed for payment. Now, verify your payment information and submit your Sam’s Club Credit Card bill.

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