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Register Sam's Club To Manage Your Consumer Credit Account Online

Sam's Club is one of the American chains of retail warehouse clubs founded in 1983. It is owned and operated by Walmart and now it is the 8th largest U.S. retailer in the United States with more than 600 locations serving 47 million members and still growing. How Can You Register For Sam's Club To Manage Your Consumer Credit Account Online?

  • Requirements
    1. A device with Internet access.
    2. A valid email address.
    3. You account number.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the Sam's Club Registering page at related link 1 below.
    2. Select the type of your credit card (Consumer or Business), and click on the orange button marked "Login" to continue.
    3. If you are a first time user, please click the link marked "Register here" in the middle of the page.
    4. Enter your account number in the required field and click the blue button marked "Next".
    5. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the registration.
    6. If you have any questions, please refer to the Sam's Club Contact Us at related link 2 below.
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sam's club manage account

Sam's club manage account

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Sam's club manage account

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Sam's Club layoffs hit 2,300 workers. Why?

Sam's Club layoffs are the biggest since 2010. Wal-Mart officials say the Sam's Club layoffs will hit hourly workers and assistant manager positions.

By Staff , Reuters January 25, 2014

  • Sam's club manage account

Sam's club manage account

Wal-Mart Stores Inc said on Friday it had cut 2,300 jobs, or roughly 2 percent of the total workforce at its Sam's Club retail warehouse chain, its biggest round of layoffs since 2010.

The action follows a lackluster U.S. holiday season and layoffs announced earlier this month from U.S. retailers Macy's Inc, J.C. Penney Co Inc and Target Corp.

Wal-Mart company spokesman Bill Durling said in a telephone interview that the cuts will include hourly workers and assistant manager positions.

"We're trying to rebalance our resources," Durling said.

Affected employees who are unable to find new positions at Sam's Club or Walmart will be eligible for severance, Durling said. Sam's Club has about 116,000 US employees.

Wal-Mart is scheduled to report results from its holiday quarter on Feb. 20. Shares in the world's biggest retailer closed down 0.7 percent at $74.42 on a day when concerns over emerging markets prompted a broad Wall Street sell-off.

Sam’s Club Merchant Account Services – Buyer Beware!

Sam's club manage account

Not too long ago, CardFellow posted an evaluation of Costco merchant accounts that found Costco's service to be very disappointing. Undeterred, I decided to take a look at the merchant services offered by Sam's Club to see if Costco's big-box competitor fares any better. As it turns out, Sam's Club uses the same bait-and-switch tactics and opaque pricing as its rival Costco.

Sam's Club has partnered with First Data to offer credit card processing services. There is nothing wrong with that, especially since First Data is the largest processor in the United States, and many companies resell First Data's services. As I've outlined below, the problem is with virtually every other aspect of Sam's Club merchant services.

The first downfall of Sam's Club small business credit card processing service is that it uses tiered pricing. Below is a screen shot taken from the Sam's Club Web site, where the company claims to offer "an exclusive low rate" to its members.

Sam's club manage account

There are three problems with this offer: the rate isn't exclusive, the rate isn't fully-disclosed, and the rate is too good to be true.

Tiered pricing allows processors to circumvent interchange fees to offer whatever rates they choose. For example Costco, the closest competitor of Sam's Club, is offering its members a slightly lower rate of 1.48%, but both of these rates are misleading.

Bait-and-Switch: Rates Too Good to Be True

Sam's Club is luring customers to its merchant services by offering a 1.49% processing rate that is too good to be true. As we can see from the following screen shot taken from a Sam's Club Merchant Payment Processing flyer, the 1.49% rate only applies to certain transactions. We must contact a representative to learn about additional undisclosed rates.

Sam's club manage account

As directed by the fine print, I contacted Sam's Club via live chat to inquire about additional rates and fees. A transcript of the conversation is below. The content of the conversation has not been edited, and only the representative's name has been changed.

Sam's club manage accountWhere can I find information regarding non-qualified rates?

Sam's club manage accountHi Ben

Sam's club manage accountHi

Sam's club manage accountqualified and unqualified on specifics factors

Sam's club manage accountplease tell me about your business

Sam's club manage accountand I can provide that info

Sam's club manage accountthere is no specific place you can veiw rates and fees aside from here on on an application

Sam's club manage accountI manage an auto parts store.

Sam's club manage account. generally used parts.

Sam's club manage accountok so you will be doing face to face processing w/ avg ticket below $340 correct?

Sam's club manage accountYes

Sam's club manage accountok just a sec for the pricing info

Sam's club manage accountBy the way, my name is (snip). You may want to jot down my contact info for future reference. I will be your Account Executive going forward: (snip).

I will be your Account Executive (responsible for saving our conversation and future questions and setup needs). Please provide your business name and a contact number so that I can save a record of your discussion for your reference so that you don't have to start over with a new rep. (and your sams club membership# if handy)

Sam's club manage accountI'd rather just learn about your rates.

Sam's club manage accountno prob, in order to create a record and obtain those rates, I have to save our conversation for future reference. can you atleast provide a business name to save things under?

Sam's club manage accountRCS

Sam's club manage account


Visa/MC/Discover Credit Rate & Transaction Fee: 1.49% + $0.20

American Express (Amex) Rate & Transaction Fee: 2.89% + $0.15 (Optional)

Batch Settlement Fee: $0.00 per batch (regular price $.39)

Yearly PCI compliance Fee: $39.95 (regular price $94.75)

Monthly Service Fee: Waived (regular price $7.95)

Statement Fee: Waived (regular price $5.95)

Application Fee: Waived (regular price $99)

Plus Membership Fee: Waived (regular price $100 + free annual renewals)

Sam's club manage accountnon qual (rewards, corporate, keyed) surcharge 1.49%

To be continued in a moment.

According to the Sam's Club representative, the surcharge for non-qualified transactions is 1.49%. That means that any credit card transaction that Sam's Club considers non-qualified will be charged at a rate of 2.98% (1.49% qualified + 1.49% non-qualified).

There is a big difference between the 1.49% rate that Sam's Club advertises, and the 2.98% rate that they actually charge on many transactions.

The absolute lowest traditional interchange rate that Visa currently charges is 1.51% for basic consumer credit card transactions. Sam's Club has no choice but to consider the majority of transactions non-qualified or the company stands to lose money on every merchant account it issues.

Sam's Club and First Data are making quite a bit of money at the expense of small businesses by leasing credit card processing equipment.

Leases are frowned upon here at CardFellow because they are expensive and offer little benefit to businesses. In fact, processors in our marketplace are required to sign a legal agreement that specifically bans the practice of leasing equipment.

My conversation with the Sam's Club sales representative proves that leasing is not in a business's best interest. Sam's Club would be providing a much better service for its members by advising them to purchase equipment rather than leasing.

My live chat with the Sam's Club representative picks back up with equipment information.

Sam's club manage accountterminal info

Sam's club manage accountThe machine and pin pad can be leased for $33.79/month. When leasing, the equipment is under full warranty for 48 months and tax deductible annually.

Sam's club manage accountThe package includes:

FD-100 Terminal with 4 year warranty

FD-30 Debit PIN Pad (with stand) with counter stand and contactless payment ability with 4 year warranty

Priority Customer Service Line for Payment Essential Customers including a Personal Chargeback Concierge

Online reporting for credit/debit and gift cards

Access to online community

Free Overnight shipping.

There are two very big problems with Sam's Club pushing equipment leases. The first and most obvious issue is cost. The representative said the cost to lease a machine and PIN pad is $33.79 a month for 48-months. That's a total cost $1,621.92 for equipment that processors regularly offer in CardFellow's marketplace for just $195 (terminal & PIN pad). That's a difference of $1,426.92!

The second problem with Sam's Club lease is that the company is offering proprietary equipment that only operates on First Data's network. Any business that leases equipment from Sam's Club will be stuck processing with First Data for the duration of the four-year lease term. The only other option is to buy new equipment that is compatible with another processor while still paying Sam's Club and First Data a monthly lease payment of $33.79 for equipment that is not being used.

The final downfall to Sam's Club merchant services is the three-year contract term and $90 cancellation. Sam's Club does not disclose the cancellation fee on its Web site. It wasn't until I specifically asked about a merchant account cancellation fee in the following conversation via live chat that I was told about the $90 penalty.

Sam's club manage accountWhat is the contract term and early termination penalty?

Sam's club manage accountThe agreement 36 months, $90 cancellation fee. The trail (supposed to read: trial) lets you cancel under 90 days without the cancellation fee. I didn't get a chance to ask, how soon are you looking to be up and running?

Sam's Club is a great place to buy bulk groceries, but the company offers poor credit card processing services. You will be much better off using a service like CardFellow to get instant, competitive quotes that are based on interchange plus pricing, and that don't have cancellation fees or equipment leases.

Sams club, first data global leasing is a scam. Nightmare experience! When shopping for a credit card processor be sure they loan you the terminal at no extra expense. Also demand $0 Cancelation Fees. We currently proccess through Evo for less than half of Sams club, first data.


I’ve spent over 5 hours on 12 different phone calls trying to get the unauthorized charges returned to my corp checking account…. and still no refund.. I was charged $99 for the POS equipment that they agree they never sent me. (Since we don’t accept credit cards directly from clients there is no need for equipment) I was also charged a $25 monthly service fee even though in every emailed communication from them it states no monthly fees and in a couple of emails from me to them, I confirm that there will be no monthly fees.

As a last resort, I contacted the sales representative that set up our account and he accused me of altering his emails that confirm that there would be no monthly charges or fees.

One of the worst “vendor” situations I’ve been involved in in many years.

I didn’t see the horrible reviews of First Data until after I submitted the application, but as soon as I did see them, I cancelled the service without processing a single transaction with them.

I recenlty had a conversation with one First Data representative and Im glad i asked plenty of question similar to the questions displayed in the conversation above. I came across many complaints about this company and its leasing protocols. They fit every aspect of a scam by definition. They encourage you to do the leasing rather than purchasing the equipment–That is because if you do the lease they make you subject of a non-cancellable 48 month lease. Should you decide to break the agreement they will harass you and make non-stop calls to obtain their part of the agreement. I am lucky i did my research as well as having had close friends who experienced such unfortunate situations with this company. I should add that most numbers or representatives put you on hold for the many times you try to reach a person to speak to. I personally wouldnt encourage to submit any applications for their services. Look for other reputable credit card processing companies.

It’s always a good idea to do research! Another thing you can do if you’re looking for a processor is sign up for a free account here at CardFellow to get quotes that are subject to our terms. (For example, we don’t permit leasing equipment in our marketplace!)

I contacted Sams Club Merchant services after purchasing a Royal cash register at Sams Club. I applied and had an account set up thru First Data and the sales rep told me I could purchase a Data Cap processing machine on Ebay. I found one and purchased the unit for $365 used. Once I received the unit in the mail and called to have it activated I was informed it could not be activated, that I had to rent a unit.

After repeated calls to that Sales Rep he eventually just stopped returning my calls. I never received a unit to process card payments rent, used or new. My Merchant account was activated and I was charged monthly for an account I had no way of using. My Bank statement will normally have a number to call the company making the charge to my account. These charges had no phone number to call and the only contact number I had was the Sales Rep that was no longer returning my calls.

When I finally found the correct number to call, which the internet had many that were no longer in service, my account was finally closed today I hope. I was informed I could not be reimbursed for the monthly charges for an account I had no access to. I was told I had not called before the day I actually had someone on the phone and for the third time today I was disconnected.

I do not know if they intend to charge my account again but at this time I am out $500 and never , not one time had a processing unit to use the account.

Sams First Data merchant services seems to fit every description of a SCAM.

I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. If you’re still looking for a merchant account and equipment to allow you to process credit cards, I highly recommend signing up for our free service here at CardFellow. The processors we work with sign legal agreements that stipulate what they can and can’t do, which helps us advocate for and protect businesses like yours. Additionally, we stick around as another level of customer service in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your processor. You’ll find the process of accepting cards much less stressful if you go through an unbiased service like ours. Let me know if you have any questions or would like more information.

I am the same bad situation with Sam Club…when I try to get information from them…and they put me on lease for 3 years even I already have a contact with another bank .I try to contact Sam

club and they gave me so many department to talk with and no one take responsibility at be careful for anything to deal with San Club…..

I no longer process with Sam’s having ended two months ago and now they want to charge me $200.00 in processing fees for a month that we did no processing with them and their machine was sent back to their smuck FDGL leasing company to boot and the account was supposed to have been closed and the salelady promised no early termination fees. She lied. Not only that we found out she signed us up for a four year contract with First Data Global Leasing for the machine. We had no idea. Not only that they took money from an account they were not authorized to do so. The FTC has been contacted. Go to! !

If I could give a lower rating than 1star, I would. I applied for a Sam’s club personal Credit Card.I spoke with a Sam’s Club employee who called me to verify my identity, and next thing I knew I received a letter denying me of a credit card for being “unable to verify my identity.” So I called the customer service hotline they have on Sam’s Club website, to find out what I can do about this. And I spoke with a female customer representative. This employee kept saying “I dont know” and kept interrupting me, I felt myself getting frustrated with her and the situation, but note that I wasn’t getting belligerent or yelling or being condescending or cursing at her (I work in a customer-service-realated field as well, so I empathize with her). But I was getting irate. At the end I told her that I dont appreciate her interrupting me all the time and if I can get her name and employee number and talk to her manager. Again, she interrupted me and transferred me to her supposedly manager without giving me her name and employee number. So, I spoke with the manager, and he said he has no way of finding out who this employee is and that he does not know how to help me except to reapply. I told him that he is telling me to do exactly the same thing I did on my first application, and I was afraid I was going to get denied again plus lowering my credit score (700+) due to repeated inquiries. He could not give me any way of trying to prove my “identity,” but to keep reapplying. He told me that what the former employee advised me (write a letter to General Inquiry with my forms of identification) was not correct, as the account has been closed. This manager’s name is Demitri #5007.

I have an established credit history and credit score of 700+ with several well-maintained credit cards, never once even missing a full monthly payment on my credit cards and loans.

These employees are incompetent and have no idea how to help customers, which further infuriates customers over the phone. I work in a customer service-related kind of job, and how they handled the situation was unacceptable! If you are reading this, are an administrator at Sam’s Club and in a position to make changes in customer service being rendered by your company, please feel free to use my phone conversation for training purposes. Or if you have anyway of assisting me on this matter, you may contact me at my email: [email protected] .

Maybe I should just apply for costco credit card.