Shell credit card phone number

Shell Credit Card Account Online Login

i just wanted online bill paying but this is no spot for a beginning computer user. could not get past all the google ads - you wasted my time

What a mess, will just put the @#$payment in the mail! -

your web site may save trees but sure does waste time i will pay my bill and use another credit card - terry oconnor

all I want to do is pay my bill. Why don't you make your site accessible to make your payment easy instead of having to waste 30 minutes trying to find where you can pay. You look like your trying to have your customer come up with late payments so you can milk more money out of everyone. What a mess. Hire a different tech team to make it better for your customer chump. - JD

Your are "supposed to be" a large international (Dutch) corporation. Today I attempted to use my credit card for gas and was rejected twice. My account balance was paid in full (within three days of receiving the statement, not 30)and is as current as current can be.

I contacted your so-called Customer Service Office in Ohio to trouble-shoot the reason for your shutting down my account while travelling on the weekend; and I was told to call back during business hours - only available Monday through Friday in the US midwest time zone! What kind of BS company are you? - David Raymond

Your web site is a total waste of time. I called customer service they said would have to call and give them ss3 & birthdate. I would think you would have to have this on file in order to get credit card. Have had ours since 1982 - Dennis Fink

I am trying to change my mailing address. I have sent it in four times but my statment is still going to my old address. - Robert M. Mahoney, Sr.

i did'nt have a problem paying my bill when it was national city. come on what a pain - lori bochenek

Simplify make it computer friendly! Paying online is supposed to be easy i know i do it all the time! I hate your site, please fix it! - Veronica Owens

I have spent 30 minutes trying to get into my account to check my balance, and still have not succeeded. In June I paid my bill, and had a confirmation #, But was informed that it did not go through. I paid via phone, and was instructed that I would not owe anything until August, but wanted to check my account. Now that you have received complaints from many other people, when are you going to fix your system. - Sharon Jenkins

I very much aagree with the above comments. I just had one question and never got past all the ads and come ons. Why is there a $2.00 dollar fee added on to my bill. It has always been paid on time in full. This is why I don't use my computer. Why put your telephone number on the bill and then stress using the internet. - velmahengst

i thought this was suppose to be easier. i hate this - delia jaramillo

What a joke! This is way to time consuming I will call my bill in from now on! - cindy oleary

tried to do online payment,go paperless,but you make it too hard.Will just pay bill the old way. - marvin hodge

This site is a nightmare! - Judy

I asked for a paper bill but never got one. Then I get a past due bill with the amount not on it. I agree with all of you, this site is a nightmare!

This web site if a big joke, mail is faster than this. -

I agree with all of the above. Every month when I want to

make a payment, it takes me a half hour to find out which

website you are using today. Security is one thing but this

is rediculous every month. - Jeannette K Hetzler

Shell Personal Credit Card Online Account Management

Want to get access to your Shell Card and Shell MasterCard? You can check account activity, account profile, pay and bills, view payments history on Shell individual credit card online account management site. Of course, you can use online help center to get answers to your credit card questions when you need them. The site supports both English and Spanish. You can choose the language you choose with the link at the top right of the page.

Shell Personal Credit Card Online Account Management Instructions

Frequently asked questions and answers is the best place to check whether your problem has been raised by other Shell Card holders. Account Online is the site managed by Citigroup, there are 4 card you can choose here: Shell Card, Shell MasterCard from Citi Cards, Shell Gold MasterCard from Citi Cards and Shell Platinum Select MasterCard from Citi Cards.

Except the online help center, also listed customer support phone numbers for Shell MarsterCard clients:

  1. Shell Card Technical Assistance: 800-664-3051
  2. About Your Credit Card Account: 800-664-3051
  3. TDD/TTY for the Hearing Impaired: 800-527-2071

If you are already a Shell card member, login your online account with your user ID, password. You can also customize your online account login landing page with account home account activity, make a payment, credit limit increase and online statements. Those options also explains what you can do with your Shell card online.

Manage your Shell card account online–whenever it suits you. Securely view your balance, statement, payment due date and latest transactions. It’s already available to you, and it’s free. Once you sign up for your Shell card, register for Account Online With Account Online, you have all the contraptions you need to:

  1. Check your balance or available credit
  2. See when a payment is due or posted
  3. View unbilled activity and statements
  4. Make your Shell card bill payment online
  5. Email Customer Service with secure messaging

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The new app for your Shell Credit Card bill

Shell credit card phone number

Shell credit card phone number

Shell credit card phone number

Prism has literally changed my life. I’m no longer out of money at inconvenient times of the month. And my credit score is up over 40 points. Get this app. Use it. Make your life better.

- Allison M., New York, NY

Get the app now:

Shell credit card phone number

Shell credit card phone number

Keeping up with all your bills shouldn’t be a chore. Prism does all the hard work so you barely need to lift a finger.

Shell credit card phone number

Prism connects with all of your billers and automatically notifies you when it discovers a new bill.

Shell credit card phone number

When you pay your bills in Prism, you pay your biller directly. There are no delays, no fees, and no strings attached.

Here's what other customers are saying

Shell credit card phone number

If you are serious about keeping up with your budget, monthly bills, recurring payments . Prism is hands down the holy grail of budgeting apps. It's efficient without all the fluff.

- Shaun D., Los Angeles, CA

Shell credit card phone number

Prism has been invaluable in helping us coordinate our finances. My spouse and I are logged in on our phones so we can both see what bills are due, what bills are paid, and our account balance. No more bounced checks or duplicate payments!!

- Daniel O., Dallas, TX

Shell credit card phone number

I really love this app! Very convenient. I've used other bill pay and I love the option to pay with a credit card instead of a bank account. Love it!

Shell credit card phone number Shell credit card phone number Shell credit card phone number Shell credit card phone number Shell credit card phone number Shell credit card phone number

What are the options to view and pay my Shell Credit Card bill?

There are several options to pay your Shell Credit Card bills. You can either pay online at Shell Credit Card's website, or you can use Prism's mobile app to pay all your bills.

Can I check my Shell Credit Card bill from my mobile phone?

Yes, Shell Credit Card's website can be viewed from your phone. In addition to that, you can also use Prism to see not only your Shell Credit Card bill, but also all the rest of your monthly bills in one app.

How do I pay my Shell Credit Card bill online?

In order to pay online, you must create an account on the Shell Credit Card online website. Please visit Shell Credit Card's website for more details on how to register.

What forms of payment does Shell Credit Card accept?

Shell Credit Card accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Let us know how your Shell Credit Card bill paying experiences have been!

Shell Credit Card Login To Access Your Card

It is very important to pick a company that you can trust with your vehicle’s fueling facilities. If the automobile doesn’t get the right kind of fuel for itself, we all know that how badly this bad fuel effects the engine and you will be facing severe issues regarding the engine of the automobile that may turn out to be fatal for itself. However, Shell is a United Kingdom fuel, mainly consisting of oil and gas facilities, company that is providing their customers with best of the oil and gas for their vehicles. Shell was founded in February 1907 and is more than a 100-year old. Royal Dutch Shell is the original name for the company. The Shell headquarter is located in Hague, Netherland. Shell is the second largest Oil and Gas Company of the world as it is providing services all around the world to its customers. They mainly provide lubricants for the automobiles which include petroleum, gas, oil etc. It is also providing customers with their own credit cards so that people may avail multiple services from them by having their credit card and can check their card and money details online through Shell credit card login page available on their website.

As people like to buy different types of lubricants from the shell for their automobiles because of the marvelous and outstanding kind of quality they provide on their products, people often tend to visit the Shell frequently. To deal with the customers with more efficient way, Shell has also started its services for the people to own their Shell credit cards to pay cash for the products they bought from them. This may give them discount on some services as well.

To Access The Shell Credit Card Login Page

If you already have the Shell credit card an you have already activated It and using it for the billing and stuff than you easily access the details of your money present on your credit card by just accessing the Shell Credit Card Login page. If you are still not having an idea, you can just follow these simple steps.

  • To access the website you can use the following link:
  • Once you have accessed the online website of the Shell and the Shell credit card login page, you need to enter the User ID.
  • Once you have input the valid user ID you need to enter the password of your online account as that you set while making the online account.
  • You have now accessed your online account successfully.

If you haven’t registered your credit card, it is not such a big issue. You can get it registered and activate it in no time to avail all the online services that the Shell is providing to the rest of its customers who have online accessed to their website. One of their best service is the Shell credit card login facility that they are providing. To register yourself and activate your credit card you need to access the online Shell credit card login page. You can follow the steps mentioned below.