Zions bank visa card

Bank cards of Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay payment card organizations

Our portfolio ranges from classic magnetic strip cards for high volume market through smartcard products to card design innovations.

EMV is an industry standard by the largest payment card organizations in the world – MasterCard, Visa, Union Pay, Discover, JCB, and American Express. The EMV standard is used to implement secure chip-based payments for debit and credit cards.

Our EMV cards with the versatile Liger CPA chip platform meet the EMV CPA standard by EMV Co, that is supported by all members of the organization: VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, UnionPay, American Express, JCB.

It is highly flexible platform that provides customers with a reliable solution for migration to EMV chip technology.

We help you to create your unique distinctive designs to differentiate your cards from your competitors and captivate your customers.

  • Exclusive design: indulge your customer with the sensational feeling of exclusivity
  • Colored cores: With a coloured core, the edge of the card will differentiate this card from the rest of the cards in a wallet.
  • Metallic radiance: a shimmering metallic effect to enhance visual difference
  • Colored magnetic stripe: colored magnetic stripe options to help highlight the card artwork.
  • Hologram with a bank logo: differentiate your card with a stylish holographic artwork
  • Matt and gloss: parts of a card design will be highlighted with the selective varnishing, providing contrast between the varnished and non-varnished areas.
  • Texture and finish: matte or glossy lamination of cards surface.

Contact us to find a card that best fits your customer and make your card designs unique.

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zions bank visa card

Progress does not stand still, and our lives are increasingly include new technology.

The State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan as a modern credit institution aims at the introduction of progressive forms of service.

One such form is maintenance operations with the use of international credit cards VISA, as issued by the Bank and other foreign banks.

For individuals, the Bank issues cards VISA: VISA Electron, VISA Classic and Visa Gold.

VISA Electron - the most accessible and widespread international plastic card. Although Visa Electron card is an entry-level, it gives customers a number of advantages:

  • Security funds
  • To withdraw cash at any ATM Visa, including abroad (fee 2%)
  • Ability to pay in millions of outlets worldwide (1% commission)
  • High level of security and control
  • Possibility of payment card on the Internet (depending on the capabilities of payment system site)

VISA Classic - is universal payment instrument that is accepted all over the world at any point, the logo of Visa, including ATMs, real and virtual stores and shops offering goods and services by mail and telephone.

This card is designed for those who already have experience in the use of bank cards.

Visa Classic card gives the customer a number of advantages:

  • Accepted all over the world in all outlets Visa
  • You can withdraw cash from any ATM Visa, including overseas
  • High level of security and control
  • The use of the Internet, as well as pay for goods by phone
  • Can be used to book a room at the hotel and car rental
  • More special offers from shops

VISA Gold - in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan, the Bank launched a new bank card products and services - credit card Visa Gold Debit Card and Visa Gold.

To receive the card VISA You should contact the Department on work with bank cards (windows 29-33) of the Department of the bank payment transactions, provide the original passport and a copy of it, and fill out an application for opening a card account.