We are aware of other websites bearing our company name. These are entirely false and carry no foundation as to the services offered by Suisse Credit Capital (2009) Limited.

This is the only site owned and managed by Suisse Credit Capital (2009) Limited.

The principal contact number(s) can be verified via the undernoted financial services authority link.

Suisse Credit Capital (2009) Limited is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with Reference number: 506421.

A unique number given to a UK company or limited liability partnership. Companies House Number: 06962855.

Suisse Credit Capital (2009) Limited will not accept liability for representations made via any other website.

A Letter of Credit is a payment term mostly used for long-distance and international commercial transactions. We particularly recommend Letters of Credit (LC) in untested business relationships where you want to avoid advance payment, where you want to get credit from the supplier or when you order custom-made equipment.


Letters of Credit

An Export Letter of Credit is a commercial letter of credit where the importer?s bank irrevocably commits to payment provided that the exporter complies with the terms and specifications of the letter of credit.


Export Letters of Credit

A guarantee is a written undertaking by the financial institution that in the event the customer does not meet a certain obligation the financial institution will pay the amount of money to the party in question in the name of the customer.


Letters of Guarantee

We can help you design a business plan incorporating financial forecasts for presentation to lending authorities or just as an aide memoire to assist development of your business.


Using our extensive network of clients and partners it is possible to provide advisory services to enable capital projects to be financed.


6. Securities and Bonds Consultancy

Securities and Bonds Consultancy

Suisse Credit Capital (2009) Limited is a cutting-edge international consultancy engaged in financial services in support of trade, investment, and development.

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