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AdsCash is the multifunctional next generation cryptocurrency for the Adworld based on Ethereum blockchain using cutting edge smart contract feature.This currency will be used for Online Advertising transactions worldwide, replacing the traditional values.

AdsCash uses ethereum blockchain to enable people to trade and do business with trust in the trustless world with immutable transactions.

Trade and exchange Adscash in a transparent, conflict-free way, while avoiding the services of intermediaries in the advertising world.

Advertiser can buy AdsCash to pay advertisement fee to the publisher and publisher can sell Adscash gained as advertisement fee in exchange market. Secure and condition based transactions using smart contract feature of ethereum.

Adscash a new way to monetize online advertising world through simplified frictionless micro-payments.Advertisers can use AdsCash as an incentivised and token based money to make loyal online customers.



Using the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction is cryptographically secured. "


Send money anywhere and it will arrive minutes later, as soon as it is processed by the network.Quick block execution time ensure unparalleled speed to conventional remittance and payment systems.



Issued without any central authority .We use decentralized blockchain transaction technology, Transactions are performed directly between the users.

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No borders. No imposed limits. Adscash allows its users to be in full control of their money.


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AdsCash cryptocurrency is mined on the same platform where Ethereum is mined.It is a programmable blockchain in which smart contract can be made and implemented.


Miners are rewarded with ether for each successful block they mine. Every 12 seconds, on average, a new block is added to the blockchain with the latest transactions processed by the network.Adscash uses Dagger-Hashimoto hashing algorithm using Proof Of Work.Reward for mining will become half in every 0.25 years that is 3 months.Estimated Total Adscash coin that will be mined is 168150937.5 coins in span of 3 years.3 million coins are premined and reserved for Adscash Foundation.

We have the highest quality of innovation in technology with systems that support you in your business to program, that run automatically

to make you money so you don’t even have to think about it!



Customised Charity Cards Direct To Your Door

It's simple - choose from our range of 30 designs, add a greeting, and choose a charity from our list, and order a minimum of 20 cards. We'll print the cards you'd like for each charity with their name, logo, website address and charity numbers. We'll also give 25% of the ex-VAT sales value to your chosen charity.


Read our FAQ for helpful info and a guide to Charity Cards.


We give 25% of the ex-VAT proceeds of the sale directly to your chosen charity.


We aim to print & deliver your Charity Cards within 5 working days in the UK.


As long as you order at least 20, you can choose as many charities and cards as you wish.

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